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Exclusive Dining With Manutti

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

As leaders in luxurious outdoor furniture, Manutti present an exclusive choice for exclusive al fresco dining. 

Overlooking the Dubai skyline, upscale Italian eatery Roberto's features three minimalist seating areas including the Cortina Rooftop Terrace. Embracing Manutti's refined lounge essence, this unique venue has opted for the timeless Liner Chair to enhance its impressive cosmopolitan setting. 

As Pictured Above: The Manutti Liner Collection at Roberto's, Dubai

The Liner collection features clean lines and an anodised aluminium frame.  Each of the cushions and scatter cushions feature a vent within the cover for easy drainage and ventilation.  The foam within the chair is a honeycomb structure allowing it to dry three times faster than most outdoor materials.  The detail within the craftsmanship and materials used make the Manutti range functionally suitable to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Middle East.

When visiting Dubai, award winning Roberto's proves a popular setting to enjoy one the regions renowned brunch experiences. Fusing iconic views with Manutti's relaxing high-end style, this makes for the perfect setting to exchange the hustle of the city for an afternoon of abundant authentic Italian food and contemporary Milanese ambience.

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Foscarini: Creative Craftmanship

Monday, 21 August 2017

Originality derived from high-level craftsmanship is truly in demand.  In an era of fast paced mass consumption, a celebration of unrefined materials and skilled artisans can make for a truly unique home.

Renowned for engaging traditional techniques with conceptual design, this short film from Italian lighting designers Foscarini introduces the audience to the talented creators of their concrete based Aplomb Suspension Light. Through a range of beautiful shots, we observe the unique attention to detail and highly personal touch that goes into this brand's valued designs.

Made to be admired.


Foscarini Presents: The Aplomb

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Manutti Visit 2017: Air Collection

Monday, 24 July 2017

Our recent visit to Manutti's hub in Belgian offered a great appreciation of the raw materials used to create this exclusive outdoor range.

Air is a sleek and minimalist collection of Coffee Tables, Modular Sofas, Day Beds and Dining Table options. Exotic Iroko Wood becomes a key characteristic in the form of the stylish frame base feature on this collection. Derived from a range of wood finishes which also features Teak and Aged Teak, Manutti is part of a non-profit organisation called Trees4Trees which sources timber from ecological plantations using environmentally friendly forest management. 


As Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Manutti Air Outdoor Dining Table and Sofa with LED Lighting

Available in two sizes, the Air Dining Table is a relaxed design. We particularly like the earthy 340cm Quartz Ceramic top table option. Manutti ceramics are composed of a mixture of sand, clay and natural stone that have been rinsed, mixed and atomised into tiny particles.

These particles form a plate which is laid out in a 3mm layer and pressed with 180-ton pressure.  This is then backed in a tunnel oven at an extreme temperature and finally cooled for a few minutes with cold air turbines. To produce the end result, two of these plates are glued together forming a light and practically imperishable 7mm tabletop. Stylish for both indoors and outdoors.

Manutti's hard-wearing and sustainable materials create a deluxe range that merges harmoniously into any contemporary outdoor setting. 

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Manutti Visit 2017: Luxurious Outdoor Sofas

Monday, 17 July 2017

Our sales and logistics teams recently visited Manutti's headquarters in Belgium.

Renowned for transposing luxurious indoor living outdoors, the team thoroughly enjoyed trialling contemporary statement pieces such as The Kumo and Zendo Modular Sofas alongside learning the more in-depth technical aspects of this luxury outdoor brand.

Presenting a relaxed al-fresco lounge experience, Manutti's tranquil designs feature sumptuous 'Quick Dry' foam filled cushions, composed of a special honeycomb structure designed to dry quicker than high resilience foam by allowing water to run through three times faster.

Specifically developed for outdoor usage, Manutti's broad range of all-weather fabrics offer an extra protective barrier. Each cushion is lined with a synthetic technical material similar to that of wet-suits. Such fabrics are principally water-repellent and  UV-resistant, ensuring they will not fade under sunlight.

As Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Manutti Kumo Sofa and Mood Coffee Table

A hidden section of the outer fabric is finished with Batyline, a loosely woven netting made of UV-resistant, mass-coloured PVC fibre. This section is nestled either underneath or behind the cushion, enabling the foam inside to breath and any water absorbed by the furniture to drain out of the bottom. 

Like all Manutti designs, the stylish angular anodised aluminium frame of the Zendo Collection is composed to withstand extreme temperatures of 30-70 degrees Celsius and is highly durable when situated near the sea, swimming pools or highly industrial areas.

Inspired by the Japanese word for cloud, Kumo's striking looping aluminium arms and backrests are made in keeping with its comforting and soft appeal; reinforced with steel which enables the sitter to perch with ease. The Powder Coated Aluminium finish is also a key material used on the exterior of high-end sports cards such as Jaguar and Porsche, proving easy to clean and maintain.

This commitment to technically advanced, high-quality finishes demonstrate why Manutti's luxurious outdoor concepts are guaranteed to be appreciated for years to come.


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