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Curl Up and Get Cosy with an Armchair

Sunday, 9 January 2022

As winter is now upon us, and the days are getting colder, there’s nothing many of us look forward to more than cosying up in our favourite armchair with a good book, a warm blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa. The comfort level of an armchair can make or break this experience, so it’s important to seek designs that give you enough support and cushioning for true relaxation. 

Sits Oliver Armchair   Bontempi Casa Long Island Armchair
Pictured above:  Oliver by Sits and Long Island by Bontempi Casa 

The Oliver Armchair by Sits has a welcoming shape with a simple and retro metal frame. The wide seat allows you to curl up with ease and the cushioned arms offer just as much support as the backrest. The sleek Long Island Armchair Wood Legs by Bontempi gives you a sense of being cocooned with its high back and deep rounded armrests, with a stylish angled wood base.

Sits Softbird Armchair   Porada Softbay Armchair
Pictured above: Softbird by Sits and Softbay by Porada

For a modern twist, the Stefani Armchair by Sits has an inviting scoop seat complete with a rounded back and curved arms, and comes with either fixed wood legs or with a chrome swivel base and reclining backrest. The Softbird Armchair by Sits also features a swivel base, but the upholstered seat is padded for extra cushioning and its bold contemporary shape resembles the open wings of a bird. 

Exploring more statement design, the Softbay Armchair by Porada takes centre stage. With its stylised curved lines complemented by shaped canaletto walnut feet, this design takes comfort and elegance and roots them deeply into your space. 

So whether you’re reading an intense novel or flipping through shopping pages on your tablet, make sure your seating is warm, cosy, comfortable and inviting — you’ll be thankful that you did.

Colour Blocking

Friday, 26 November 2021

Nothing livens up a space more than colour, and you can create different dimensions and layers through intelligent use of 'blocking' colours. An example of this would be layering brighter tones above darker tones to create the effect of elongation and weight distribution, or even adding larger blocks of colour in monochrome spaces to draw focus and create a pivot point in the room. 

We’ve selected some of our top designs to help you bring your room to life. 

Connubia Academy Chair   Connubia Tuka Fabric Chair
Pictured above:  Academy Chair and Tuka Fabric Chair by Connubia Calligaris

The Academy Chair and the Tuka Fabric Chair by Connubia Calligaris both offer a wide variety of colour options that allow you to match or contrast the frame and the seat depending on what your space needs. From lemon yellows, to oxide reds, you can select complementary tones to really highlight a colour in a space, or try pairing contrasting colours to give that eye-catching pop. If you want your dining space to zing beyond just seating options, then the Dorian Table by Connubia Calligaris can feature legs in bold saffron lacquer, contrasted with an extending table top in a variety of ceramics or melamines. 

Connubia Kangoo Side Tab;e   Bontempi Casa Alga Coat Stand
Pictured above: Kangoo Side Table by Connubia Calligaris and Alga Coat Stand by Bontempi Casa

Continuing this colour blocking theme into the living area, we think the Kangoo Side Table by Connubia Calligaris is a great option as its lacquered metal frame comes in a range of bold and bright colours. The table features a round base with a slightly smaller round top joined by a slender stem, allowing your colour choices to draw focus but not overpower your space. 

Finally, if you want to make an impact from the moment someone steps through your front door, then the Alga Coat Stand by Bontempi Casa is an innovative design featuring 12 adjustable hooks, available in a wide selection of vibrant colours. 

So if you want to experiment and showcase your space in a bright and bold way, then explore these design options and bring a little colour blocking into your space. 

Bedside Harmony

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Harmony or balance are important goals to achieve within any room, creating a space that flows and allows those entering to feel at ease. This is of extra importance in a bedroom where our ultimate aim is to relax and recharge.
All too often our bedroom spaces can become visually heavy with the use of solid bed frames paired with similarly heavy framed bedside tables. Instead, we’ve selected some of our favourite bedside tables with lighter frames and legs for balance.

Porada Baby Bedside Table   Cattelan Italia Dante Bedside Table
Pictured above:  Baby by Porada and Dante by Cattelan Italia

The Baby Bedside Table by Porada is a minimalist design, featuring a simple rectangular chrome or lacquered metal frame which supports a top and drawer available in a range of Canaletto walnut finishes. Cattelan Italia’s Dante employs a pleasing sliding door for covered storage, with a criss-cross base.

Porada Regent Wood Bedside Table   Porada Bayus Bedside Table
Pictured above: Regent Wood and Bayus by Porada

For a modern take on a classic look, the Regent Wood Bedside Table by Porada has a distinctive wood frame with smooth cylindrical legs that join with crosses to support a soft closing drawer and a handy glass shelf. For added colour, the Regent Leather Bedside Table by Porada sees the drawer in a range of leather coverings, and the wood frame in a choice of lacquers.

Finally, for an elegant statement, the Bayus Bedside Table by Porada features two simple compartments which can remain open or house drawers. The solid walnut frame is supported by four stylish slim legs in a trapezoid layout,  finished off with brushed brass feet. 

These selections allow you to complement any heavier furniture with a lighter feel,  providing that all-important visual weight distribution for a flowing space.

New Calligaris and Connubia Collections

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Renowned brand Calligaris continue to experiment with new materials, finishes, and designs, and their latest collection showcases the innovation and stylish aesthetic that has become their signature. Younger sibling Connubia add a touch of playfulness with pastel colours and unexpected shapes. Here are a few of our favourites.

Calligaris Universal Sideboard   Connubia Calligaris Ens Desk
Pictured above: Universal Sideboard by Calligaris and Ens Desk by Connubia

The Universal range of sideboards from Calligaris allow you to customise almost all of the elements, from the tops, legs, and doors, making your very own unique design to suit your aesthetic and interior needs. To simplify the choosing process we’ve separated the range into the Stripe Sideboard which has a patterned ‘Ebony’ veneer or textured walnut striped doors, the Inlay Sideboard with ornate inlayed veneer doors in herringbone or square patterns, and the Universal Sideboard featuring a simple lacquered wood.  

Connubia's Ens Desk starts with a simple base and lets you add colourful storage pieces — hooking them on to the back, side and front — to create a unique workspace bespoke to your needs. 

Calligaris Oleandro Bar Stool Wood Legs   Connubia Calligaris-Tuka Chair Wood Legs
Pictured above: Oleandro Bar Stool Wood Legs by Calligaris and Tuka Chair Wood Legs by Connubia

The Calligaris Oleandro Bar Stool with Wood Legs adds instant style with its solid wood frame, upholstered seat, and curved backrest. The footrest features a chrome insert for durability, and the entire stool is available in a selection of different finishes. Connubia's Tuka Chair and Tuka Chair Wood Legs both bring out bold design possibilities. Featuring a statement C shaped back and seat moulded in sleek recycled polypropylene material, all supported by slender lacquered metal or wood legs. The metal-legged chairs are available in stacking and non stacking styles, and all can be customised in a range of finishes. 

Connubia Calligaris Peeno Round Table   Calligaris Abrey Table
Pictured above: Peeno Round Table by Connubia and Abrey Table by Calligaris 

Tables in the collections span playfulness and practicality. The Peeno Round Table by Connubia has a striking wood frame made up of four round-ended angular legs supported by two V-shaped structures. The frame is complimented by a circular transparent glass top that allows the frame to become the focal point of the entire design. Calligaris' Abrey Table is a contemporary take on a classic staple, resulting in a fresh but warm look. The simple ash wood base features  up-to-date tapered legs with a cross bar detail, and supports a statement ceramic top — in a selection of fixed and extendable sizes. 

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