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Pleated Lampshades Are Back

Sunday, 27 September 2020

A popular trend late 20th century, pleated lampshades are back - and they will bring all the retro nostalgia you need whilst also giving your space a fresh and updated feel.

Foscarini Plass Suspension Light   Foscarini Rituals Suspension Light
Pictured above:  Plass Suspension Light and Rituals Suspension Light by Foscarini

Take the Plass Media range of lamps by Foscarini - their stained glass colouring paired with soft pleats allows you to add depth to your space, whilst giving off a soft glow. The collection of suspension lights and table lamps give you the opportunity to display this style across your space, without having to hunt around for matching styles.

Foscarini Rituals Table Lamp   Foscarini Gem Table Lamp
Pictured above: Rituals and Gem Table Lamps by Foscarini

For something more minimal, why not explore the Rituals range by Foscarini which offers more linear soft pleats showcased in a choice of organic shapes in blown glass. The soft white of the glass allows for a gentle glow but also provides enough vibrancy to light up your space, and the soft pleats give it depth and detail. Or consider the Gem Table Lamp by Foscarini which gives you graphic detailing and engraving in the pleasingly round glass diffuser, all supported by a stylish gold-toned satin aluminium base.

Leather Armchairs, Sleek and Comfy

Sunday, 20 September 2020

For an elegant and sophisticated style choice, a leather armchair can really develop your space. Armchairs are a brilliant way of adding a homely feel while creating more personal breakout spaces to allow people to relax and unwind, and opting for a leather finish is a contemporary route. Not only is leather easy to clean, but it's durable and can last a long time if well cared for.

Take the Isa Relax Armchair by Sits, its bold wraparound tilting design and slimline backrest offers great functionality and style innovation, and the leather option takes it up a level. Or look at the Charlotte Armchair by Porada for a timeless look, with slender curves and a deep set seat edged stylishly with its surrounding wooden frame.

Sits Isa Relax Armchair   Calligaris Alma Armchair
Pictured above:  Isa Relax by Sits and Alma by Calligaris

For the minimalists amongst us, the Louis Armchair by Porada has a slender wood frame which houses a padded seat available in leather. The contrast of the natural wood against the leather offers a contemporary style fusion that compliments a wide range of themes and spaces. Or to fully embrace leather, the Alma Armchair by Calligaris is built for statement comfort. With a hidden swivel base and an optional ottoman, this design gives you all the functionality you need, whilst delivering a luxurious style. 

However you decide to introduce a leather armchair, we know it can elevate your space and give you that sleek and sophisticated look and feel, with all the comfort you need.

Natural Wood Finishes

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Wood has always been a staple in interior design. It's durable, functional, and can naturalise a room with ease, but we’ve become so accustomed to treated and polished woods that a new space is emerging for natural wood finishes.

Calligaris Vela Chair   Bontempi Casa Polo Chair
Pictured above:  Vela Chair by Calligaris and Polo Chair by Bontempi Casa

Take the Vela Chair by Calligaris or the Polo Chair by Bontempi Casa, both featuring beautiful stained solid wood legs. From 'Natural Oak' to 'Walnut', these chairs allow you to fully embrace the beauty of natural wood, whilst retaining an element of contemporary design in the seat and back. Or if you want to opt for a more focal natural wood finish, the Polo Spider Leg Chair has some great wood seat finishes to really highlight the style choice.

Pacini Cappellini Millerighe Coffee Table   Calligaris Palette Coffee Table
Pictured above: Millerighe Coffee Table by Pacini Cappellini and Palette Coffee Table by Calligaris

The Millerighe Coffee Table by Pacini Cappellini showcases natural wood in a stylish way, with a clever curved design featuring carefully placed slats. This table would work well in a more bold and design led space. For something more understated, consider the Palette Coffee Table by Calligaris. This simple retro design looks great in natural wood finishes with its tabletop set into the frame, allowing the finish to become the focal point. 

Whatever your design choices, why not opt for a natural wood finish and showcase this beautiful material in its true form.

Open Shelving

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Gone are the days when we used shelves solely for housing our possessions - we are now seeing open shelving used as an extension of our decor details and embellishments. There’s a golden rule with visual appeal that if you create space around something, it makes it seem more important and of greater value. With this rule in mind, it’s not surprising that we find open shelving becoming a firm favourite for interior designers across the globe.

Calligaris Hangar Bookcase   Pacini Cappellini Babele Bookcase
Pictured above:  Hangar Bookcase by Calligaris and Babele Bookcase by Pacini Cappellini

The Hangar Bookcase by Calligaris is a contemporary design which highlights how far shelving has come with its designs. Although the design is minimalistic, it creates enough space to carve out your wall and section it off to create great focal features with the ability to safely store your personal possessions. Another great example of this is the Babele Bookcase by Pacini Cappellini which has the same minimalistic feel but has the option of adding in drawers to hide away clutter. The shelving in various sizes also allows you to play with depths and dimensions to really create a unique space for your items.

If you prefer a more classic look and feel, the Biblo Bookcase by Porada has a simple design elevated with a smooth rounded-off frame finish. Its mid-century styling allows you to play with composition within a traditional bookcase shape, while you effortlessly dress your wall space. 

Porada Biblo Bookcase   Lime Label Creativ Edge Shelf
Pictured above: Biblo Bookcase by Porada and Edge Shelf by Lime Label Creativ

If you are looking for something a little bolder in style, the Edge Shelf by Lime Label Creativ sits comfortably among unique and contemporary decor. The stylish design in a choice of sizes to mix and match has one end open and one enclosed, creating great display storage for statement objects.

The next time you consider your storage, take a look at open shelving as a great way of maintaining wall space, whilst creating dimensions and depth with compositions of feature items and personal effects.

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