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Cane-line 2024 Outdoor Collection

30 March 2024

As the warmer months are fast approaching, outdoor living spaces will start to take centre stage, and Cane-line's new outdoor collection offers a perfect blend of natural aesthetics and cutting-edge design.

Cane-line Sticks Lounge Chair and Sticks Sofa      
Pictured: Sticks Lounge Chair, Sticks Sofa and Glaze Coffee Tables

The Sticks Family is a highlight of the new collection, showcasing pieces that artfully mimic the appearance of sticks. From lounge chairs to dining tables and in coated aluminium or solid teak, everything in this family exudes a natural charm while maintaining the durability and functionality expected from Cane-line outdoor furniture. The intricate detailing makes the Sticks Family a visually captivating addition to any outdoor setting.

Cane-line Glaze Table with Sticks Chairs   
Pictured: Glaze Table with Sticks Chairs

Updates to the Glaze Family introduce a new level of sophistication. The Glaze round coffee table now features semi-gloss aluminium and wood top options, providing versatility and elegance in equal measure. The new Glaze dining table offers even more variety combining a stylised organic-shaped base with a patterned ceramic top, a glazed stone top or traditional wood slats — allowing homeowners to customise their outdoor dining experience according to their style preferences.

Cane-line Define Dining Table      
Pictured: Define Table with Choice Chairs

The Define dining table stands out with its geometrically-laid wood top, adding warmth and texture to outdoor dining areas. This table combines sleek design with natural elements, creating a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and organic beauty.

Cane-line Illusion Glow solar powered lamps   
Pictured: Illusion Glow Solar Powered Table Lamp

For ambience and functionality, the Illusion Glow solar powered table lamps are a game-changer. These lamps harness solar energy to provide soft, glowing illumination wrapped in a raffia-look Cane-line weave, perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere during outdoor gatherings or relaxing evenings under the stars

Cane-line Siesta Teak Sunbed   
Pictured: Siesta Teak Sunbed

Lastly, the Siesta Teak Sunbed offers the ultimate relaxation experience. Crafted from high-quality teak wood, this sunbed combines comfort and durability, making it a luxurious addition to any outdoor space.

Cane-line’s outdoor collection embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation, longevity and timeless design. With a focus on natural elements, versatile options and functional features, these pieces elevate outdoor living to new heights.

Cattelan Italia's Masterwood Dining Tables

29 February 2024

The Masterwood tables by Cattelan Italia are a perfect example of the brand’s insistence on taking contemporary furniture design that bit further. The unique wood top is an intriguing blend of quirk and craftsmanship, comprising strips of assorted lengths arranged diagonally, with distinctive cut-off corners and gracefully bevelled sides. Now with several varied base designs to choose from, each available in two sizes and two rich wood finishes, the Masterwood Tables offer a wealth of options to lift any space.

Cattelan Italia Masterwood Table Top   Cattelan Italia Tyron Masterwood Table   
Pictured: Tyron Masterwood Table 

Among the standout designs within the collection is the Tyron Masterwood table, which boasts clean lines and a sleek, minimalist silhouette. Perfect for modern dining rooms or stylish office spaces, the Tyron table exudes understated luxury.

Cattelan Italia Lancer Masterwood Table    
Pictured: Lancer Masterwood Table

For those with a penchant for statement pieces, the Lancer Masterwood table is sure to captivate. With its striking angular base and bold, geometric design, the Lancer table commands attention and adds a touch of drama to any room.

Cattelan Italia Skorpio Masterwood Table    Cattelan Italia Masterwood Table Top   
Pictured: Skorpio Masterwood Table

Meanwhile, the Skorpio Masterwood table embodies timeless style with its sculptural angles and refined detailing. Ideal for intimate dinners or grand gatherings, the Skorpio table effortlessly combines form and function to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Cattelan Italia Atrium Masterwood Table   
Pictured: Atrium Masterwood Table

Last but not least, the Atrium Masterwood table offers a contemporary twist on simple form. Featuring a distinctive pedestal base of dimpled mirrored glass, the Atrium table is bold and delightful, making it the perfect focal and talking point for a living or dining area.

With their impeccable craftsmanship and timeless appeal, these tables are sure to elevate any interior space to new heights of refinement. View the entire collection here.

Sculptural Simple White Lamps

23 January 2024

Lighting has taken on new forms in recent years, at times moving away from colour to focus on shapes and silhouettes. With the addition of this trend, many lighting designs have become more like sculptures and works of art for our spaces, allowing for a visual appeal that contributes to the composition of a room whether on or off.

Here are some of our favourite sculptural, yet simple white lamps all from design house Foscarini that will bring this trend into your own space.    

Foscarini Kurage Table Lamp   Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp   
Pictured: Kurage and Gregg

The Kurage Table Lamp is an innovative design with a story of its own. Kurage is actually Japanese for Jellyfish and this design resembles its namesake well, being inspired by the rhythmic nature of this sea creature. Combining lightweight legs with a dome white natural-edge paper diffuser, allowing for a soft glow with a brilliantly authentic hand-crafted aesthetic. 

In comparison, the Gregg Table Lamp is an organic and free-flowing formed shape made of acid etched blown glass. The diffuser sits on top of a discreet coated metal base and can act brilliantly as a standalone centrepiece or cleverly incorporated into an already established collection of sculptures.

Foscarini Buds Table Lamp   Foscarini Rituals Table Lamp
Pictured: Buds and Rituals

More classic in aesthetic is the Buds Table Lamp which features a satin blown glass diffuser on top of a transparent acrylic base, its minimalist glow allowing you to create your very own art installation. 

Lastly are the Rituals Table Lamps, a collection of lightweight lantern-inspired designs featuring an engraved blown glass diffuser with a textured, 'pleated' surface, which stands on a three legged metal base. The variety of shapes available allows you to cluster them together for added flair.

Taking these lighting designs and working them into your spaces as installations in their own right allows you to enjoy both their function and their simple beauty; why not play with some new designs and see what works in your space. 

Captivating LED Lighting by Cattelan Italia

9 December 2023

In the realm of contemporary interior design, lighting can go beyond function and elevate spaces to new heights. Cattelan Italia, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, takes centre stage with its mesmerising strip LED suspension lights.

Cattelan Italia Magellano Magnum Suspension Light    Cattelan Italia Magellano Magnum Suspension Light
Pictured above: Magellano Magnum suspension light

The Magellano Magnum's sleek, otherworldly form and cascading LED strips create a stunning visual impact. The interplay of light and shadow, combined with its minimalist design, adds a sculptural statement to any space.

Cattelan Italia Nahun Suspension Light    Cattelan Italia Nahun Suspension Light
Pictured above: Nahun suspension light

The curvy Nahun suspension light resembles a constellation of stars suspended in mid-air. The delicate LED clusters radiate a soft, ethereal glow, casting a captivating ambience. Its organic, futuristic design makes the Nahun a versatile addition to various interior styles, from modern chic to avant-garde.

Cattelan Italia Katana Suspension Cluster    Cattelan Italia Katana Suspension Cluster
Pictured above: Katana Magnum suspension cluster

Inspired by the lines of a curving Samurai sword, the Katana Magnum Suspension Cluster can be customised with its sweeping long lengths appearing to point in different directions — bringing a dynamic sense of movement into a space.

Cattelan Italia Heaven Suspension Light    Cattelan Italia Heaven Suspension Light
Pictured above: Heaven suspension light 

True to its name, the Heaven suspension light evokes a sense of celestial beauty. Its twisting arrangement of LED lights creates a cascading visual symphony. This adds a poetic touch to dining areas or entryways, brightening the atmosphere with its charm.

More than just sources of light, Cattelan Italia's LED suspension designs redefine the concept of illumination, transcending mere functionality to become works of art. 

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