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The Cycling Revolution

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Whether it’s to reduce carbon footprint, avoid potentially crowded public transport, or just for  soaking up the scenery, cycling really has risen in popularity this year. A lot can be said for swapping your horsepower for leg power — it’s better for the planet, great for your health, and allows you to roam off the beaten track —but there can be lots of things to consider before you buy, so we’ve sought out some hints and tips.

Connubia Baik Bike Hook   Connubia Baik Bike hook with bike
Pictured above:  Baik Bicycle Hook by Connubia

Are you cycling for leisure or sport?
There are a great many different styles of bicycle out there so it’s worth thinking about what you want it for, how it will be used, and your budget. You can opt for super lightweight frames that fold up for commuting, or better suspension and thicker tyres for more off road exploring.

Comfort is key
Make sure you play with the adjustment of your handlebars and seat to get it at the right height to suit you, this will make your riding experience much more enjoyable and ensure you don’t cause yourself any injuries. You should also consider your seat saddle, gel or not you’re going to need some padding on it if you’re anticipating a long ride.

Storage, storage, storage
eeping your bicycle safe is important as they can make easy targets for thieves. Make sure you invest in a good bike chain and lock for when out and about, and when your bike is at home, consider bringing it inside, perhaps in a garage or a locked shed. If you want to keep it tidy, consider wall storage —the BAIK Bicycle Hook by Connubia is an innovative and simple solution for a hallway space.

Plan your route
f you’re planning to head out and about on your bike, make sure you know where you’re going. If you'll cycle on roads then be sure to wear appropriate safety gear and observe the Highway Code at all times. Seeking more off-road routes? There are brilliant bike trails all around the country; have a look at the National Cycle Network for some ideas. 

Have fun!
to any great bike ride is to have fun, enjoy the scenery, the wind on your face, and getting your heart rate up — it’s all part of the experience. 

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Holidaying at Home

Saturday, 14 November 2020

If you’re looking for an escape while the current national lockdown situation won’t allow it - then why not look at holidaying within your own four walls? It’s risk free and you won’t need to wear a mask the entire time. We’ve put together some suggestions to help make your staycation one to remember:

Towel on edge of bath with bathbomb and candle

Therapeutic Craft - Think of all those creative projects you intend to do but just keep putting off, such as scrapbooking previous family holiday photos or painting a new feature ceiling in the living room — whatever the project, why not schedule out a whole day to complete it and get the whole family involved on their own things too!

At-Home Spa Day - All you need are a few scented candles, some relaxing music, a nourishing face mask and a lovely bath, and suddenly you have a relaxation station in your very own home.

Dens aren’t just for children - We many of us loved building a blanket or box fort when we were younger — well why not recreate those memories and make an adult sized one? Throw in some cushions and a good book and suddenly you have your very own escape space, perfect for when the weather outside is getting you down.

Nostalgia is the key - Get into those attics or cellars and dig out any old VHS tapes and cassettes — you can still grab players for them online if you need them — and look back fondly over all the old programmes you used to record, or watch family movies over a big bowl of popcorn and plenty of laughs. 

Romantic Night In - If you’re looking for a romantic night in, why not light the fireplace (alternatively, YouTube and Netflix have some great videos of fireplaces), turn down the lights, grab a bottle of wine, and just indulge in a good meal. 

It all sounds so simple, but trust us; make the time for these thoughts to come to fruition and you’ll soon be creating your own space to unwind — without having to get out the suitcases. 

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The Japandi Trend

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

With our day to day lives being so busy and often filled with noise, more of us are turning to our homes for some peace and tranquility to truly unwind and relax. Not surprising then that interior designers have been placing more Scandi and Japanese inspired designs into clients' homes. 

Foscarini Buds Table Lamp   Foscarini Behive Table Lamp
Pictured above:  Buds and Behive Table Lamps by Foscarini

The clean lines and structure of these designs are perfect for introducing simplicity and harmony within your home. Take the Buds Table Lamp by Foscarini, its soft glow diffuser casts a warm light around your space, and sits on a smooth transparent acrylic glass base which allows the design to seamlessly integrate into any space without drawing too much attention. For a more Scandi inspired lamp, their Behive Table Lamp emits soft luminous rings of light through its unique overlaid design. The structure diffuses light not only through its design but also upwards as the design widens at the top. 

Cane-line Nest Sofa   Cane-line Indoor Spin Rattan Chair
Pictured above: Nest Sofa and Spin Rattan Chair by Cane-line Indoor 

Extending the structured trend, the Nest Range by Cane-line Indoor offers a wide selection of nature-inspired designs. From the footstool and lounge chair to the 2 seater sofa, they all offer rounded edges and curved lines that encourage a relaxing environment. Not to mention they are made with a natural rattan frame for a classic look. 

For those spaces that require a slightly bolder statement, the Area Table and Spin Rattan Chair by Cane-line Indoor are elegant yet simple, offering themselves to smooth rounded lines. The blend between contemporary design and simple classic components allows them to fit easily within a range of spaces and decors.

However you introduce these designs, their clean lines and minimalist approaches will give a room the opportunity to breathe — allowing you to sit back, and enjoy the space.

Soft Edged Sofas

Friday, 6 November 2020

Soft edges and smooth curves reign supreme this season as we embrace sofas that feature sleek and natural formed shapes and lines. We still want all the support and function from a secure base and frame, but we're opting for more of a soft hug with our arms and backrests. 

Sits Karin Sofa   Sits Jenny Chaise Longue
Pictured above:  Karin Sofa and Jenny Chaise Longue by Sits

Take the Karin Sofa by Sits, its broad padded seat compliments a rounded backrest and arms that softly hug the frame shape, resembling a cloud with its shape and design. Or the Jenny Chaise Longue by Sits, again featuring that all important broad seat, but with a side backrest and arm that slopes gently away from you and appears to fall into the seat itself. 

Sits Maja Sofa   Porada Argo Sofa
Pictured above: Maja Sofa by Sits and Argo Sofa by Porada

For a bolder shape, the Maja Sofa by Sits offers all the functionality you need, with smooth edges around the padded seat and curving backrest that caress and enhance the frame shape. Or for those seeking more structure with hints of tradition, the Arena Sofa and the Argo Sofa by Porada both feature rounded padded seats, arms and backrests that are supported by an exposed wood frame. The Argo sofa even has an option to include storage into the design.

Whatever your style preferences, find room for soft lines and rounded edges and make your sofa stand out as the ultimate, welcoming, home comfort.

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