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Making the Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Seeping in contemporary elegance and style, after only two years the Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia has become something of a signature design for the brand. The form showcases an infinity loop inspired base which harmoniously supports a large table top. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   
Pictured above: Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia

The process of creation of this design showcases the pure craftsmanship and skill that still exists within the interiors world today, and allows you to share this celebration of craft and design within your own home. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - steel base being moved through rollers   

The infinity loop base is made of steel which is carefully rolled out and manipulated into shape using large rollers.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - centre section being fused together   

The centre section is then fused together for added stability and the entire steel frame is set into shape.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - Base being polished by hand   

This is then subject to a series of etches and polishes that prepare the steel for the next stage. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - Brushed base being hand finished   

The base is lacquered through embossing or airbrushing, allowing you to decide on the finish you prefer.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   
Pictured above: Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia

Once these processes are completed, final touches by the way of protecting feet are added and of course the table top, in transparent glass or ceramic (in a multitude of designs) is then connected to the base frame. The refinement and overall skill involved with the making of this stunning design is a reminder of the passion that Cattelan Italia have for interiors and how they lend themselves to enhancing and adding to our own spaces and passions. You can watch Cattelan Italia's 'making of' video here.

Multiple Pendant Lights

Monday, 20 June 2022

Overhead lighting has become more than just a way to light up a space; it is now being used to draw the focus upwards and to utilise the entire room. Pendant lighting is a great way of drawing the gaze of the room whilst also allowing a style-signature to sit within the rest of the space, and this can be enhanced even further when you solidify the statement with multiple pendants.

Here we have selected our top lighting solutions that all have multiple pendant options, allowing you to create a lighting installation that could be mistaken for art.

Bontempi Casa Blow Suspension Light   Bontempi Casa Blow Suspension Light
Pictured above: Blow by Bontempi Casa

Take the Blow Suspension Light by Bontempi Casa it’s delicate borosilicate glass pendant complete with opaque binder glass diffuser references the act of the glass being blown and forms a bubble of glass that gives the illusion of floating. Available in various sizes allowing you to really customise a setup that best elevates your space.

Cattelan Italia Melody Suspension Cluster   Cattelan Italia Melody Suspension Cluster
Pictured above:  Melody by Cattelan Italia 

Similarly, the Melody Suspension Cluster by Cattelan Italia feature a variety of shaped Fume Smoke Glass diffusers that when clustered together can create a bold and unique installation.

Foscarini Aplomb Suspension Light   Foscarini Aplomb Suspension Light
Pictured above: Aplomb by Foscarini

For those contemporary spaces that need a little uniform, the Aplomb Suspension Light by Foscarini is a design worth looking at. The inverted cone shape is made of concrete giving it that raw texture and feel, which works great as both a contrasting industrial element and as a complementary pairing. Available in several colour options allowing great customisation of your cluster for added design suitability. 

Cattelan Italia Bamboo Suspension LIght   Cattelan Italia Bamboo Suspension LIght
Pictured above: Bamboo by Cattelan Italia

Another great contemporary solution is the Bamboo Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia with an opulent LED light split into two halves of smoked and satin white glass, all encased in a burnished steel frame. This design when clustered together can create a real statement within a space whilst also casting a lot of light. 

Foscarini Tress Stilo Suspension LIght   Foscarini Tress Stilo Suspension LIght
Pictured above: Tress Stilo by Foscarini


Lastly, if you’re looking for a design a little bolder, then the retro Tress Stilo Suspension Light by Foscarini is a great choice. Featuring a woven composite material diffuser in black or white lacquered fibreglass finishes. The length of these pendants allow for a dramatic draw of the eye and cast light in interesting ways around the room due to their unique pattern.

So if height in your space is something you want to utilise, then adding a multiple pendant lighting design is not just a ‘bright idea’ — but a stylish one too. 

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Linear Details

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Straight lines and linear forms create unity or contrast depending on how you utilise them, so for many of us, bringing these into our spaces allows us to add depth and dimension, whilst also giving us the ability to expand or create height by ‘tricking’ the eye — using vertical lines to create a feeling of height and elongation, and horizontal lines to expand and widen the space.

Here we’ve gathered together some of our top storage units that showcase linear details, and give you the freedom to play with this clever visual aide. 

Pacini e Cappellini Line Sideboard   Flamingo by Cattelan Italia
Pictured above: Line by Pacini Cappellini 

The Line Sideboard by Pacini Cappellini is a contemporary wood veneer design featuring solid wood vertical strips as door detailing which create contrast and height. The sideboard houses transparent glass interior shelves, and comes in 2 or 3 door styles.

Calligaris Universal TV Unit   Calligaris Universal TV Unit
Pictured above:  Universal by Calligaris

Similarly, the Universal TV Unit by Calligaris is a contemporary low profile design available in a walnut striped wood. Here the linear element is comprised of smooth inverted fluting to the veneer surface. 

Pacini Cappellini Fabulus TV Unit   Pacini Cappellini Fabulus TV Unit
Pictured above: Fabulus by Pacini Cappellini

In contrast, the Fabulus TV Unit by Pacini Cappellini is a swivelling design featuring a protruding offset drawer with a recessed open storage compartment. The design has a solid wood frame with horizontal wood slat details creating the illusion of width and space.

Porada Riga Sideboard   Porada Riga Sideboard
Pictured above:  Riga by Porada

Also giving you the illusion of length is the Riga Sideboard by Porada with its distinctive lateral design in solid wood following the front and sides. The sideboard includes internal glass shelving and handles that are concealed by the lateral bar design. 

With these designs in mind, perhaps try sketching out your space and adding in some drawings of linear patterns to see where your space could make use of some height or expansion; you’ll be surprised at how this simple trick can really draw the eye around your room in an entirely new way. 

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Work-Friendly Side Tables

Thursday, 2 June 2022

The function of a side table has changed in recent years with the rise in home working. Many of us like to explore the various areas of our homes we can now work from, be it for 9-5 or household admin. Exploring different comfort levels and listening to what we need and when, allows us to boost productivity. As such, many sidetables have become mini work-hubs, doubling up as laptop desks or even just housing notepads and paperwork.

Cattelan Italia Yago Side Table   Hip Hop side tables by Bontempi Casa
Pictured above:  Yago by Cattelan Italia and Hip Hop by Bontempi Casa

The stylish Yago Side Table by Cattelan Italia features an arc-inspired frame that extends over your sofa to bring you the ultimate comfort experience and bring the work-surface to you. You can also find this helpful detail with the Hip Hop Side Table by Bontempi Casa which comes in individual sizes or as a trio of nesting tables, with a glass top and steel frame in a open-sided box design giving you the power to bring the table over your lap with ease. 

Cattelan Italia Step Side Tables   Sting Side Tables by Cattelan Italia
Pictured above:  Step and Sting by Cattelan Italia

For more traditional side table designs but with all the space you need, then look at the Step Side Table by Cattelan Italia available in either a square or round top shape, and can be extended in height. The Sting Side Table by Cattelan Italia also comes in different heights which allow you to cluster them together for various compositions and also features an offset stem to the base which gives you the flexibility to place over the sofa or table area. 

Cattelan Italia Spillo Trio Tables   Alfred Side Table by Bontempi Casa
Pictured above: Spillo by Cattelan Italia and Alfred by Bontempi Casa

The Spillo Trio Tables by Cattelan Italia is a sleek set of three heights, and when nested together there’s enough space between each surface to tuck a tablet or small laptop away — great for a quick tidy up when unexpected guests drop in. And lastly, the Alfred Side Table by Bontempi Casa is a simple round design complete with a stylish integrated magazine rack which is extremely useful for all that paperwork that you need to hand but don’t want cluttering up your work space. 

These side table designs go far beyond fitting next to the sofa for cups of coffee — they can become a dual-function part of our space, ready to give us what we need as and when required. 

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