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Making Scents: Oil Diffusers for the Home

Friday, 21 September 2018

A simple and safe solution, essential oil diffusers have gained popularity as a quick method for scenting the home, with added health benefits that connect us to the healing potential of plants.

Creating a cool, odourless water vapour, diffusers can be easily infused with a few drops of your desired oil. By triggering our sense of smell, studies have shown that essential oils ignite the most primitive area of the brain - the amygdala - which directly connects to our deepest feelings, affecting both our health and mood.

neom organics wellbeing pod neom organics wellbeing pod

As pictured above: The Neom Organics Essential Oils and Wellbeing Pod

Using diffusers in the bedroom creates a relaxed ambience, and ultrasonic designs available from John Lewis have a timer and an automatic turn-off feature so you can drift off to sleep with ease. Choose single note essential oils such as lavender, lemon and rosemary to increase serotonin levels and promote a utopian environment to help you calm and de-stress.

Replace chemical air fresheners with high-quality oils that offer antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus, peppermint and oregano have cleansing and purifying elements that will stimulate the immune system, remedying infections and respiratory concerns throughout the winter months ahead.

Social living rooms and studious home offices require optimal energy and creativity. Expert blends from Neom Organics fuse lemon and neroli oils, which will encourage the production of endorphins, perfect for maintaining focus and uplifting the mind for an overall sense of wellbeing at home.

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Make an Entrance

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Throughout the 17th and 18th century, the console table was considered a must-have item among the elite. Disregarding functionality, this luxurious feature piece was designed instead to be admired with intricate carvings and theatrical designs.

Preserving these decorative characteristics, everyday consoles have been transformed into both beautiful and practical features in the modern home. Typically occupying void spaces in hallways, an array of shapes, sizes and styles can be found to accommodate your space and needs.

calligaris westin console table cattelan italia convivium table

As pictured above from left to right: The Cattelan Italia Westin console table and Cattelan Italia Convivium table

Instantly amplifying an entranceway, the Blush Console by Porada features a luxurious marble finish and a slim frame with discreet drawers that serve as storage for essential items, including keys and letters. Visually harmonise the area and create a preliminary place to refresh before leaving the house by hanging a stylish oversized mirror above.

Celebrate the consoles theatrical roots, by making it a theme throughout your home. Bontempi has introduced console variations of its most popular designs. Take the Artistico collection - its signature curved feature base can occupy multiple spaces in a coffee table, dining table and console form.

Alternatively, explore extendable consoles for smaller spaces. The Cattelan Italia Convivium merges a beautiful base with a multifunctional extending top. Complete the look by introducing footstools and feature chairs to create an impromptu desk or a sizable dining table when required.

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Cattelan Italia: The Wow Factor

Friday, 14 September 2018

Milton Glaser, the American designer, once said, ‘there are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and wow’. The latter was certainly the response when Cattelan Italia presented its new collection during the 2018 Milan Design Week.

One of the most memorable pieces from the 2018 collection, is the Skorpio Round Ker-Wood table. It echoes the Skorpio dining table, but instead of a crystal-clear glass top, gracefully balanced on an abstract, geometric steel base, this work of art features a circular Canaletto Walnut or Burnt Oak top with a ceramic insert for a contrasting finish.

cattelan italia skorpio round ker-wood table cattelan italia cloudine ceiling lamp

As pictured above from left to right: The Cattelan Italia Skorpio Round Ker-Wood Table and Cattelan Italia Cloudine Suspension Light

Another unforgettable highlight is the Cloudine suspension light. While maintaining the unchanged structure of the central rosette of the Cloud table lamp, the suspension light is suspended by fine cables and resembles surreal, distorted bubbles in iridescent or smoked glass, each with their own unique character. 

Also featured in the new collection is the Planer Keramik table – a dining table with a strong personality, created by the acclaimed designer Paolo Cattelan. Its symmetrical steel base and luxurious top in ceramic Marmi make the perfect combination and give a sophisticated balance between the different materials. 

Something to look out for this autumn is the new selection of dark, moody finishes that dominate the Cattelan Italia range. Marmi Portoro ceramic and Brushed Bronze metal are just two of the striking new colourways that are not to be missed.

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Colour Up Your Kitchen

Monday, 13 August 2018

Neutral finishes guarantee eternal style and longevity when designing your dream kitchen. Should you want to tantalise and refresh your space, a bolder approach to your accessories can be a cost-efficient solution that will satisfy your urge.

Celebrating colour as a theme in the kitchen, this year iconic brand KitchenAid launched their first ‘Colour of the year.’ An ideal blend of creamy coral and tropical salmon, ‘Birds Of Paradise’ is a summer colour that ‘embodies the lush, tropical paradise and an escape from the everyday.’

tropical salmon  counter top appliances

As Pictured Above From Left to Right: KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer and LeCrueset Cookware

With over 70 colours available, introducing a vivid collection of beautiful countertop appliances will act as an energizer for your kitchen. Accentuate artisanal appeal by honing this distinct seventies aesthetic alongside contemporary industrial kitchen finishes such as concrete and stone.

Admired for their vast colour collection, Le Creuset features an on-trend Pink and Sherbet range. Display on stylish open shelving celebrate the practical yet ornate quality of this long-lasting cookware.

Mugs and dinnerware are a truly tangible way to express your adventurous side further. Impress with colourful variations that will prove to be a real talking point next time friends pop over for a cup of tea.


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