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Contemporary Furniture

How To Personalise Your Rental Property

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The number of people renting in the UK has doubled in the last 20 years. Rising house prices and minimal wage growth are cited as contributing factors that have led to a growing demographic of middle ages renters and a forecast that one third of Millennial’s will continue to rent into retirement.

For the design conscious, the stigma associated with not being able to get on the property ladder often coincides with the frustration of not being able to make a rental property feel like your own without compromising your deposit. With renting set to become the norm, consider alternative landlord-friendly decorating hacks that can help build a contemporary personalised space in a stress-free manner.


As pictured above: The Porada Giove Mirror from Lime

Unfixed hanging methods will nourish your expressive side without the need to drill holes in fresh walls. Texture and depth can be achieved by propping frames and accessories on existing shelving or against walls. Make a style statement with oversize designs, the Giove Mirror by Porada features a soft round form and a classic Canaletto Walnut frame that complements neutral colour schemes while making smaller spaces appear larger.

High-quality furniture with character and colour can be a long-term investment for those in the transitional period of saving for a deposit. From opulence to relaxation, a stylish sofa such as the Calligaris Mies, customisable in on-trend fabrics or hues will distinguish and add aesthetic value to your rental home. Determine a colour you admire so that it moves effortlessly with you if you choose to relocate.

Set your desired mood with personalised lighting, too. Mount fixtures can often be replaced without rewiring to make way for artistic designs. Explore contemporary artisanal brands such as  Foscarini for elaborate diffusers with modern energy efficient LED technology that will also encourage small extra savings towards next months' rent or that deposit for your own purchase.

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How to Holiday at Home

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Holidays are essential for our wellbeing, referred to as a ‘vacation’ in North America, the fundamental notion of a holiday is to ‘vacate’ the routine of normal life in order to reset. By breaking any underlying stress cycles this allows us to re-emerge into life recharged with a fresh perspective.

Instantly accessible technology has significantly blurred the boundary between work and play, suggesting the consistency at which we take breaks and switch off should be a consideration. With Pinterest searches for ’24-hour travel’ increasing, weeks in an exotic destination are finally becoming less of a priority in favour of regular, shorter breaks that promote relaxation.


As pictured above: The Cane-Line Edge Highback Lounge Chair and Divine Footstool from Lime

Avoid high costs and crowds during the British summertime by enjoying a staycation instead. Appreciate your home by cultivating an outdoor oasis that forces you to unwind with holiday-inspired outdoor lounge furniture. Switch up your routine by planning ahead and officially establishing a start and end to your break. Completing all chores as you would prior to a trip away will give you freedom to immerse in a new book, dine alfresco and enjoy quality time with family without distraction.

Big cities are taking a back seat in favour of small town travel. Across the UK, explore little towns and pretty villages that can be planned and visited spontaneously, yet offer enough charm with picturesque scenery to feed your cultural cravings in just a one night stay.

Less than 24-hours can be sufficient to recharge. Visit a day spa or take up an active leisure pursuit such as golf that will encourage time off as you find necessary. Engaging frequently in such hobbies has been associated with lower blood pressure and lower levels of depression, indicating a key one-day method that will help maintain your physical and mental health in the long term.

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Euroluce at Milan: A Lighting Spectacle

Friday, 5 July 2019

The international stage for new lighting trends, Euroluce, runs every two years as part of Milan’s annual furniture fair, Salone Del Mobile, so it’s not to be missed when it does come about.

This year saw the most innovative solutions meeting high-end design culture, with eco-sustainability and energy-saving a key topic of discussion. The most notable exhibitions came from Italian brands Foscarini and Flos, and Brooklyn-based brand Roll & Hill.

As well as presenting its new Milanese Headquarters, Foscarini took to the stage to unveil MyLight – a highly intelligent system that combines today’s technology with Foscarini’s well-loved design flair. Activated via Bluetooth on smartphones or tablets, MyLight allows you to control and personalise your lighting to suit your needs and moods.

A simple swipe on your tablet will turn your lamp on and off or adjust the brightness or colour according to your preference. You can even set up timers that work when the tablet is switched off – the possibilities are endless. The Twiggy Floor Lamp is just one of the lights offering this new technology.

twiggy-floor-lamp   john-hogan-coax-lamp

As pictured above from left to right: The Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini and the Coax Lamp by John Hogan for Roll & Hill

New York-based brand Roll & Hill met creative expectations and excelled at the opportunity to showcase its traditional pared-back craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. Highlights from the collection include the Arbor by Karl Zahn and the Coax lamp by John Hogan, which features concentric cylinders made almost entirely from etched glass that appear to float effortlessly alongside one another - a truly showstopping piece.

For 2019, Euroluce not only provided the perfect platform to exhibit a wide array of designer lighting brands, but it once again encouraged discussions to explore the possibilities for eco-sustainable and energy-saving lighting solutions, with the latest LED and OLED technologies and intelligent lighting systems paving the way forward.


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Let There Be Light

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Summer highlights the unique correlation between light and mood. Scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing, longer hours in the day and increased periods of light can naturally increase levels of serotonin, which help to elevate spirit and re-energise our body.

Demonstrating the psychological reactions that varying light fixtures in a room elicit, at the 2019 Milan Design festival Google emphasised how particular methods of illumination also create a temporary state of mind or feeling. Taking into consideration the function of each room, at home there are three layers of lighting that can be considered in order to maximise our potential in each space.

Foscarini-Big-Bang-Suspension-Light    Foscarini-big-bang-suspension-light

As Pictured Above: Foscarini Big Bang Suspension Light from Lime

Ambient Lighting
Delivering overall illumination, ambient lighting sets the tone of a space and is the first base layer of home lighting. Distinctively soft or diffused, ambient lighting creates a general and uniform level of lighting that bounces off walls in the form of ceiling or wall mounts, floor and table lamps, as well as pendants and recessed fixtures or down lights. Dimmable versions can be softened as required to help alleviate stress and generate the relaxed environment typical of ambient lighting.

Task Lighting
Focused on a particular area, task lighting provides intense illumination that will naturally stimulate your brain. Particularly important in kitchens and offices, it is brighter and more focused making it appropriate for activities that need to be performed such as cooking, reading or computer work. Effective options that make you more alert, promote concentration and are glare-free yet strong enough to prevent eye-strain include pendants, recessed fixtures with down lights, desk, floor or table lamps.

Accent Lighting
Offering a purely aesthetic purpose, accent lighting is used to highlight a specific area, object or architectural feature and often helps to give the impression of a larger room. Recessed lighting, track lights or wall-mounted options are most effective and for maximum impact are typically three times as bright as ambient lights to place importance on a particular area.


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