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Milan 2018: A Sustainable Design Week

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Now in its 57th year, Salone Del Mobile Milan is considered one of the design industries most significant annual events, attracting in excess of 3,000 visitors. Recognised as more than just a trade show, this leader in design issued its first-ever Manifesto in 2018 that invited a new way of thinking.

A key theme of sustainability was established across this years April event as the Manifesto encouraged designers to ‘look beyond what has already been achieved and aim for sustainable quality, collaboration, inclusion and sharing, valorising young talent and the cultural heritage.’

As Pictured Above: Foscarini ‘Reverse Room’ By James and Susan Wines

Art installations inspired by the values and deeper roots connected to the creative process included ‘Waste No More’ by fashion designer Eileen Fisher, highlighting the staggering amount of waste produced from textiles.

A Lime favourite included Foscarini’s ‘Reverse Room’ installation by James and Susan Wine. A monochromatic, overturned and angled room set presented an exploration of the classic light bulb.

Suspension lamps sprouting from the floor and table lamps looking down from the ceiling, embraced the brands conceptual and artistic ethos by encouraging the viewer to think about the world of design and the endless possibilities it presents.

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Working From Home: The Ideal Office Chair

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

UK self-employment soared from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 Million in 2015 according to the National Office of Statistics, signalling that a rising number of people are working from home without the benefits of a health and safety wellness plan at work.

Long hours spent at an uncomfortable desk can trigger back problems, neck pain, headaches and decreased productivity. Investing in the right seat for your home office will help you avoid the harmful health effects that arise from bad habits such as sitting on the sofa or working at kitchen counters.


As Pictured Above: The Calligaris Basil Office Chair from Lime

Derived from the Greek word ‘Work Science,’ ergonomics is essential when considering which chair will work best for you. Fulfilling key requirements, the Academy Office Chair from Calligaris features an ergonomic seat with a front edge which deliberately curves towards the floor.

A five-point base with height adjustability and controls that are easy to access will encourage your feet to sit correctly on the ground with the upper body aligned correctly to your desk. An incorporated 360-degree swivelling mechanism enhances ease of movement for your entire body, whilst preventing strain as you manoeuvre around the workspace.

Customise your seat finish to foster a positive colour scheme in your working environment. The Academy and Basil Office Chairs features an extensive collection of maintainable and easy to clean polypropylene or stylish leathers to add a touch of style to brighten your workload.

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Lazy Susan: A Contemporary Spin On Dining

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Despite revolutionising American homes and Chinese restaurants in the 60s and 70s, the Lazy Susan is often initially considered to be a kitsch and gimmicky dining accessory. However, 2018 as seen contemporary brands recognise the modern appeal of this nostalgic table centrepiece.

The social elements of a Lazy Susan can be particularly satisfying for those who enjoy entertaining, introducing an interactive element to dinner parties. For families or friends, this can present a fun, unconventional and accessible way to share platters of food whilst maintaining a social element to create a sense of connection.


Picture Above:  The Porada Fuji Table and Bontempi Casa Lazy Susan Rotating Tray from Lime Modern Living.

Pictured above, the Lazy Susan Rotating Tray from the 2018 Bontempi Casa collection features a range of glamorous finishes. Create a sophisticated, art deco look by contrasting an on-trend Ceramic Tray against contemporary glass table tops.

Alternatively, the new Fuji Table (coming soon to Lime) by Porada features an impressive Canaletto Walnut frame which intentionally cascades towards an open central element.

This notable central holder can also accompany the Fuji Turntable Tray. When not in use, such spinning central components are perfect for a stylish composition of candle-holders and foliage which can further flatter the conventional dining area.

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A Modern Approach To Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Before the age of electricity and central heating, a spring clean was performed in the home to rid a build up of soot, oil and dust which had accumulated from candles and fireplaces throughout the winter months.

As we are inherently conditioned to assess our surroundings for hazards, this culturally ingrained, annual purge can deliver a sense of restoration from the visual and emotional disorder which can accumulate from negative and unnecessary modern clutter.

Picture Above: The Lime Living Linear Wall System – Composition 001 

Inspiring a perfectly organised living space, our exclusive Linear Wall Systems feature a collection of functional cupboards and shelving which can hide our everyday clutter. For a truly clean space, spend time tackling clutter as well as the emotional connection to items you may be tempted to hide behind closed doors.

Best selling author and founder of the KonMari philosophy, Marie Kondo encourages Feng Shui principles which master the art of de-cluttering and storing. This Japanese approach suggests taking the time to go through individual possessions and if it doesn’t ‘spark joy,’ discard it.

Find a designated home for every item, this is key to effortlessly resisting future build up and promoting positive associations around the home.

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