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Unique Storage Designs

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Storage. It’s the one challenge every home faces because you want to find the right balance between whats on display, and what you put away, without your home being filled with drawers and cupboards — but all is not lost. Recently, we have seen a rise in unique and adaptive solutions that give everyone the opportunity to hide, disguise, expand, or highlight their storage.

Pacini Capellini Welcome Mirrored Cupboard   Pacini Capellini Welcome Mirrored Cupboard
Pictured above:  Welcome by Pacini Capellini

Take the Welcome Mirrored Cupboard by Pacini Cappellini, its clever design features a sliding mirror that conceals or reveals either its hanging wardrobe space or 3 cubed storage boxes, an ideal solution for finding that balance between deciding what to display and what to hide away.

If you do want to hide everything away, then the Pocket Coffee Table by Pacini Cappellini is just for you. This elegant wood and glass coffee table has a secret; pull apart the 2 halves of the table to reveal 2 hidden storage compartments, big enough to tuck away your remote controls, magazines, even bowls and plates. If you’re one for minimalism, then this table will give you everything you need for a tidy and clutter free lounge area. 

Pacini Capellini Pocket Coffee Table   Cattelan Italia Trap Bookcase
Pictured above:  Pocket by Pacini Capellini and Trap by Cattelan Italia

For those who prefer a more artistic way of storing their items, the Trap Bookcase by Cattelan Italia will give you a bold way to display. The unique trapezoid shelving cut outs offer an abstract shelving solution, making your ornaments and display pieces really stand out — or to give the illusion that the shelves have disappeared, stack the shelves with books and magazines. 

Porada Drift Sideboard   Porada Drift Sideboard
Pictured above:  Drift by Porada

Finally, if you want a solution that can adapt on demand, then the Drift Extending Sideboard by Porada is what you need. This stylish design features 2 door units, 2 drawers and an open shelf, and can be extended to add 2 more shelving areas, providing just that little bit more room. This is an ideal option for those who have seasonal items that aren’t always in use. 

However you decide to create storage in your spaces, give it some thought — why not employ new and exciting solutions to meet your functional, and aesthetic, requirements. 

Pantone's Colours of the Year

Friday, 19 February 2021

With the world still in the middle of a challenging time, we find ourselves drawn to anything that will brighten up our days — so it’s not surprising that this year Pantone have decided to give us not just one, but two ‘Colours of the Year’ that they believe will help people as they seek ways to "fortify themselves with energy, clarity and hope".

Pantone Colors of the Year 2021   Pantone Colors of the Year 2021   

‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’, a bright and optimistic hue of yellow, have been announced and they are certainly bringing a lot to the table this year. ‘Illuminating’ is a bold and bright yellow tone that is meant to evoke ‘the optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day’, whilst ‘Ultimate Gray’ is much quieter and is said to signify ‘composure, steadiness, and resilience’. They are natural tones that Pantone says can be compared to a scene such as time-weathered pebbles on a beach, which is honing back to bringing the outside in, a trend we have seen really grow into its own of late. 

For designers everywhere, the two tones contrast and compliment so have a multitude of uses, and that’s especially exciting for interiors as it brings new ways to innovate and inspire. For example, you could use a yellow tone as your core colour on the walls, and accent with grey furniture and fabrics, or for a more contemporary twist, try it the other way around and really make your sophisticated grey space pop with touches of bold and brilliant yellow. 

However you decide to introduce these Colours of the Year, we would encourage you to experiment, and enjoy Pantones intentions of allowing them to bring you energy, clarity, and hope.

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Floor to Ceiling Shelving

Saturday, 13 February 2021

We all want our spaces to showcase our personalities from floor to ceiling, and many of us of us are turning to suspended shelving units that do just that. Not only do these units give us even more functional storage and display space, with wall mounted or ceiling-hung 'room divider' options, but they also ensure that your focus spans upwards, taking in the entire space available. 

Cattelan Italia Freeway Bookcase   Cattelan Italia Airport Bookcase
Pictured above:  Freeway (Composition 254)  and Airport by Cattelan Italia

The Freeway Bookcase by Cattelan Italia is a great example of a simple design that effectively draws focus upwards, meaning you’ve more room to explore your interior design ideas. The lacquered steel design gives it an industrial look, working well in minimalist interiors, and it comes in a choice of sizes.

The Airport Bookcase by Cattelan Italia is a versatile design that allows various sized shelves to be placed in a number of compositions meaning you have even more freedom over how this unit works for you and your space. The pillars, brackets and shelving come in a range of finishes including brushed bronze steel and canaletto walnut wood. 

Porada Aria Bookcase   
Pictured above: Aria (Composition G) by Porada 

For a contemporary take on a classic design, the Aria Bookcase by Porada features solid wood columns and can have a mixture of shelves, doors, and drawers giving you great functional control. The range of available finishes means that you can easily integrate this into your space and allow it to either blend in, or really stand out. 


Cattelan Italia Spinnaker Bookcase   
Pictured above: Spinnaker by Cattelan Italia

If you want something that really makes a statement, then The Spinnaker Bookcase by Cattelian Italia has a unique embossed lacquered steel triangular shelving design. This innovative bookcase will really highlight and showcase the items within it, whilst also looking like a design installation of its own. 

Whatever design works best for you, why not utilise all the space you have available and start exploring with floor to ceiling interiors to lengthen your decor and storage possibilities. 

Minimalist Chandeliers

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Chandeliers have been used for years to showcase the beauty of glass and crystal, playing with light to create that main centrepiece and focal point within a room. These suspension lights (as they're also known) have adapted over the years, from ornate candelabra designs to contemporary art-style pieces with LED lights, but they are as popular as ever today.

More of us are looking for a pared-back aesthetic in suspension lights for our spaces, so we’ve curated a few of our favourites. 

Cattelan Italia Circuit Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Planeta Suspension Light
Pictured above:  Circuit and Planeta by Cattelan Italia

The Circuit Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia is a contemporary design with a nod to retro elements. The lacquered steel and satin nickel frame supports eight lampshades that branch off the main central rod. The bowl inspired lamp shades give off a soft glow and are made of borosilicate transparent and smoked glass. If this style is something that appeals to you then you can also look at the Planeta Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia which features handblown bulbs in a satin white finish branching off a central frame in burnished steel. The frame also has brushed brass detailing for a sophisticated finish.

Porada Astra Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Heaven Suspension Light
Pictured above: Astra by Porada and Heaven by Cattelan Italia

If you’re looking for a design that echoes the original outline of a Chandelier, then the Astra Suspension Light by Porada does exactly that. Available in two, four, or six lamp options, the opal-white glass diffusers suspend from a smooth crossbar frame made of solid canaletto walnut. The varying heights of the lamps give it an elongated effect, and cast light around the space much like that of an original Chandelier. 

For more of a minimalist statement, we recommend either the Heaven or the Magellano suspension lights by Cattelan Italia both of which have innovative designs. These ‘floating’ organic shaped suspension lights both feature internal LED strips giving them a ‘halo’ effect. 

All of these designs explore how contemporary style is inspired by traditional shapes and elements, and give our spaces some stylish talking points — and that’s exactly what a good chandelier should do. 

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