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Contemporary Furniture

On Trend Tiling

Monday, 19 June 2017

Quintessential for Kitchens and Bathrooms, the practicality of tiling has been displaced in favour of the creative possibilities it can present around the home. 

Geometric tiles in the form of hexagonal and triangular shapes are hugely popular right now alongside current colour trends such as rustic terracotta hues. With texture set to remain a key theme this year, tiling can be an alternative solution for innovative wall and floor applications across the home.

Leaders in the production of glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles, Italian Iris Ceramica's collaboration with the Diesel Living presents an edgy collection of fashionable tiling options inspired by varying textures such as leather, concrete and glass.


As Picture Above From Left to Right: Diesel Iris Ceramica Camp & Grunge Concrete Collection, Diesel Foscarini Metafisica Table Lamp

Transposing textile elements such as Gloss, Tarpaulin and Canvas the Camp Collection deploys classic metro style tiling. These variations of texture and rich dark colours can be combined effectively in a 'Split Face' style to create an architectural feature wall which promotes depth and tactility. 

Enigmatic and raw, concrete tiling naturally blurs the lines between the indoors and outdoors. Large scale dark grey tiles from the Grunge Concrete Collection offer a unique alternative to painted walls, creating an industrial feel such finishes will work well in rooms where natural light is plentiful.

Contrast with glossy off white tiles as flooring and stylish accessories such as the Diesel Foscarini Metafisica Table Lamp to create a glamorous urban sanctuary.

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Lime Loves: The Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017

Currently in full swing, the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017  is renowned for focusing on artistically influenced and current garden trends. This year has seen a strong emphasis on small contemporary outdoor spaces. 

We particularly loved flamboyant Japanese designer Kazuyuki Ishihara who,  from ultra-urbanised Tokyo is only too familiar with maximising small outdoor areas. By focusing on vertical elements Ishihara has developed a niche for transforming limited yet often extremely expensive land into luscious intimate edens with tall liner plants and characteristic foliage covered walls.


As pictured above from left to right: The Manutti San Outdoor Sofa and Manutti San Outdoor Lounger

'No Wall, No War' his eleventh Gold medal creation for The Chelsea Flower Show exposes flourishing garden walls as a symbol of openness and peace amidst the world's current chaotic climate. Employing this simple technique will help to highlight a welcoming and tranquil setting within urban areas.

As successfully demonstrated by Manutti's styling, contrasting the neutrality of foliage with earthy decking and exotic sculptural furnishings such as the Manutti San Outdoor Sofa and Lounger can help to delineate and emphasise smaller social areas.
Chelsea always proves an inspiration to decorate your outdoor space, whatever size, whatever the weather.
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Vibrant Velvet

Monday, 22 May 2017

Firmly establishing textures as a big theme, Milan 2017 observed major brands celebrate the increasing popularity of Velvet. A classic go-to upholstery option, the plush and sensually soft quality of Velvet can ideally grace dining chairs and sofas alike for a sumptuous "sink- in" sensation.

Largely this year has seen Velvet used accordingly in on-trend colours such as deep blue and forest green to create a luxurious and decadent tone. The stunning Lovy Sofa from the new 2017 Bonaldo Collection illustrates the exciting possibilities of Velvet.  Pictured here in popular terracotta and pink hues to create an impressive centrepiece with a 1970's aura.


As pictured above : The Bonaldo Lovy Sofa - Coming Soon

Composed of highly defined shapes, the dramatic silhouette of the Lovy Sofa hints at the art deco influence we have seen exhibited across an array of new 2017 releases.

Velvet presents the ideal opportunity to add a modest punch of self-indulgence to your space or, alternatively, an overtly dramatic feel when embellished with stylish cascades of lighting and lavish accessories. Dive in.

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Black Lines

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Interior trends have seen a contradiction of patterns, textures and colours this year. As signalled throughout Milan 2017, the New Collection from Bontempi Casa manifests a shift towards the darker side, with heavy doses of black in the form of dramatic sensuous lines.

Successfully combining the stylised glamour of black with geometric trends, the stunning Bontempi Lexington Bookshelf showcases the decorative approach this bold hue will take on throughout the home. Almost reminiscent of drawings these fine, yet highly definitive lines become a conceptual centrepiece. Whilst firmly underlining Black as an accent, the option to include pops of colour in the form of hide-leather shelving emphasise its overtly minimalist beauty.


As Pictured above from Left to Right: The Bontempi Casa Millenium XXL Table and Lexington Bookcase- coming soon.

The graphically infused Bontempi Millenium XXL Dining Table demonstrates the expressive quality of black in varying textures. An alluring glossy base finish accentuates this captivating linear design whilst strongly alluding to the collections prevailing Art Deco style glamour. Despite its polarity, the rich walnut table top fosters Black as a sleek and favourable companion for diverse earthy trends. In contrast, prevailing floral prints and pastel hues can promote a softer edge when used alongside black as a decisively sophisticated backdrop.

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