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Seats That Have Your Back

Saturday, 12 June 2021

We can put a lot of pressure on our dining seating; it needs to hug us but not too tightly, support us but not too firmly, give us stability and structure without being uncomfortable — and it needs to suit our space visually too. There may be a lot we demand from our seating selections, but one thing remains a common wish amongst us all; we need our seats to have our backs, so to speak. 

With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected some of our top chairs that we believe will give you all the support, comfort, and style you need to make your space a place that everyone will feel relaxed and at home in.

Cattelan Italia Rhonda   Bontempi Casa Queen
Pictured above:  Rhonda by Cattelan Italia and Queen by Bontempi Casa

The Rhonda Chair by Cattelan Italia has an elegant curved frame that supports a plush padded seat complete with backrest and armrests that beckon you in with a stylised, relaxed appearance. The seat and frame are both available in a range of finishes so you can customise this to suit your needs. Similarly as elegant, the Queen Chair with Arms by Bontempi Casa is a great choice for those spaces that require a little glamour. Featuring a stylish upholstered seat with a ruched finish to the backrest and arms, and a frame in sleek metal or solid wood, this seat will compliment your space with ease. Or why not look at the Mood Upholstered Chair with Arms by Bontempi Casa to continue the theme in a more contemporary setting. The stitch-detailed upholstered seat is cradled in ergonomic Polypropylene, with a choice of metal frame, all of which come in a selection of styles and finishes. 

Connubia Tuka Chair   Cattelan Italia Bombe
Pictured above:  Tuka by Connubia Calligaris and Bombe by Cattelan Italia

If you are looking for designs a little more lighthearted, the Tuka Chair by Connubia Calligaris is a great choice. This contemporary design features a rounded upholstered seat and curved backrest which contrast against linear and geometric interiors and still give you all the function and comfort you expect. And if you want to really make a statement, then the Bombe Chair by Cattelan Italia comes strongly recommended. A smooth curved seat with wrap around arms and backrest are supported by a solid wood frame that fans out from the centre of the chair. Available a wide range of fabrics and finishes, this is a chair that will draw its own focus in a room. 

When you’re next selecting the seating for a space, why not consider what chairs have become and how pivotal they are to an experience. There are designs that give you everything you need — including style.

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50's Pop Chic

Sunday, 6 June 2021

The 1950’s were an age of home-improvements, with introductions to open plan living and a boom in functional appliances. Interiors saw some key signatures, from bubblegum colours, kitschy accessories, and checkerboard flooring, so it isn't surprising that with its bright colours, smooth curved lines, and whimsical patterns, this era is often referenced and recycled.

This year, the fifties trend is back with its own contemporary twist, with designers everywhere enjoying the contrast against contemporary minimalist spaces, with bold pops of art deco brilliance. We’ve carefully selected some of our top trend items.

Calligaris Fifties Bar Stool   Sits Alex Armchair
Pictured above:  Fifties Bar Stool by Calligaris and Alex Armchair by Sits

The Calligaris Fifties Bar Stool is a classic and chic design, featuring the smooth curved lines that are reminiscent of the fifties era, and an upholstered seat and backrest which come in a variety of fabrics and colours to really make your bar area pop. 

Extending this trend into your living areas, the Alex Family or the Hugo Sofa both by Sits both feature luxuriously padded seats and cushions, frames that extend upwards to really allow you to sink into the designs, and are both available in a selection of vibrant colours and fabrics with size and corner options for the Hugo.

Sits Hugo Sofa   Calligaris Made Sideboard
Pictured above:  Hugo Sofa by Sits and Made 2 Door Sideboard by Calligaris

Or why not explore adding pops of colour around the room with your units, take the Connubia Calligaris Made 2 Door Sideboard or the Connubia Calligaris Made TV Unit with their bold and stylish designs. Both designs feature 2 door compartment fronts that are lacquered in a range of colours such as matt orange or sage that will really make your room pop while you introduce this exciting nostalgic trend. 

The fifties was all about colour and contrast, and we can see a lot of exciting design innovations taking place this year as a result; so be bold, be inventive, and embrace this trending era. 

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Simple Tricks to Brighten Your Space

Sunday, 30 May 2021

With summer now upon us, many of us are embracing the lighter and brighter longer days, and it seems only fitting that we bring this into our home spaces too. You don’t have to rush out and install skylights and bay windows — there are some simple changes you can make to let your interiors soak up the sunshine. 

The simplest of tricks is white paint, and whilst this seems a bit of a given, it’s a trick that most people forget. White reflects all wavelengths of light, meaning it will bounce light around more than any other colour. If you didn’t want to repaint your entire room, perhaps consider painting walls opposite windows to really capture as much light as possible.

Calligaris Viewpoints Mirror   Cattelan Italia Wish Magnum Mirror
Pictured above:  Viewpoints by Calligaris and Wish Magnum by Cattelan Italia

You can explore introducing blinds instead of curtains, or bring out more metallic and crystal home accessories — as all these items can cast light around a room long enough for you to soak it up. 

Another clever way of bouncing light around the room is strategic usage of mirrors. Similarly to the white paint trick, mirrors will reflect the light around your space, so if you place them directly opposite windows and openings that let light in, you are expanding your space quite noticeably.

Calligaris Lune Mirror   Bontempi Casa Renoir Mirror
Pictured above:  Lune by Calligaris and Renoir by Bontempi Casa

There are many different shapes and sizes of mirrors that all provide you with different opportunities to open up your space. Take the Viewpoints Mirror by Calligaris; its duo angles allow you to reflect light in different ways and it can be hung portrait or landscape, giving you the freedom to really utilise this in the best way for your space. Or for a well-rounded light well, take a look at the Wish Magnum Mirror by Cattelan Italia or the Lune Mirror by Calligaris, both spherical shaped designs will cast light evenly around your room and break up some of the linear lines you may have. Alternatively the Renoir Mirror by Bontempi Casa adds a naturalistic feel with its choice of subtly irregular shapes, and is ideal for slightly smaller spaces.

There are lots of simple methods you can incorporate ,so have a play with light in your own spaces; you’ll be surprised at what you can do with a few simple considerations.

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Extending Your Home Outdoors

Saturday, 22 May 2021

As the sun considers coming out, and with more of us turning to our outdoor spaces to provide us with the social settings we've missed for so long, it’s a good time to examine whether your outside areas will provide you with what you'll need throughout the summer season. 

From entertaining guests to relaxing on your own, you’ll want to bring the comfort of the inside to the outside; and we’ve the innovations and designs for you to do just that. 

Cane-line Drop Kitchen   Cane-line Drop Kitchen Bar Unit
Pictured above:  Drop Kitchen and Drop Kitchen Bar Unit by Cane-line

If you’re having friends and family over, you may want to take the cooking outside, and the Cane-Line Drop Kitchen and Drop Kitchen Unit give you simple kitchen functionality, along with the style to compliment your outdoor space. These contemporary designs feature cupboards, towel rails, ceramic or stainless steel worktops, an optional sink and removable trash bins, allowing you the freedom to prepare and store what you need.

For a space where you can prepare drinks and chat freely with your guests, the Cane-line Drop Bar Unit is a great solution. Based on a Drop Kitchen, it features a simple teak slatted bar where they can sit and enjoy their drinks. This design really will give you the bar experience in your own garden. 

Cane-line Peacock Wing Highback Sofa   Cane-line Lagoon Outdoor Shower
Pictured above:  Peacock Wing Highback Sofa and Lagoon Outdoor Shower by Cane-line

For long chats with a friend, the Peacock Wing Highback Sofa is just the right shape — enveloping with its raised curved sides. Or choose a corner sofa; the angles can be used to zone your garden areas. Your seating areas can benefit from inside comforts too, and one of the simplest ways to achieve this is with a rug, allowing you to bring a soft underfoot experience. The Cane-line Defined Round Rug is UV-fading-resistant, adds a pop of colour, and can easily be cleaned with a soft brush or hosed down.

For those close to the sea or a pool, should you find yourself keen to rinse off, the Cane-line Lagoon Outdoor Shower brings you the comfort of an indoor shower — with detachable handheld showerhead, hot and cold functions, and an optional teak footbed — not to mention the experience of enjoying your shower in the freedom of the outdoors. 

So whether sunning yourself with a good book, or entertaining guests — review your outdoor spaces and bring the inside out. 

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