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Colours of The Year

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Colour is such a powerful thing, resonating with each of us in different ways, but every year, colour artists and experts reveal key colours that they feel best encapsulate the current period. Colours can reflect trends in pop culture, fashion, technology, and of course, interiors. Here are just a few of this year’s.

Farrow and Ball Babouche 223   

Babouche no. 223 by Farrow and Ball

This zingy Morrocan-slipper inspired yellow is both relaxing and refreshing, allowing for vibrant moments or sunny contentment. This shade pairs brilliantly with warm metallics and crisp whites which allow the colour to breathe and pull focus. 

Pantone Veri Peri   

Very Peri by Pantone

This unique new violet-periwinkle shade from Pantone inspires curiosity and creativity. The colour is set to impart imagination and hope, and allows for playfully unexpected colour combinations. Teaming with lush green tones will bring a refreshing natural look to your space, while muted shades like terracotta bring balance.

Dulux Bright Skies   

Bright Skies by Dulux

A cool and airy shade continuing the trend of bringing the outside in that we’ve seen growing over the last few years, this time looking upwards for inspiration. The fresh blue colour signifies stability and calm, and adds a sense of peace. This can be paired with earthy neutrals for a relaxed look, or introduce muted pastel tones for a truly cloud-like feel. 

Benjamin Moore October Mist   

October Mist 1495 by Benjamin Moore

Another nod to nature in this sage-like botanical green, which offers comforting warmth in a gentle muted shade. Contrast with dark woods, deeper greens and terracottas for a relaxed lived-in feel, or complement with cool greys and navy for a fresh and orderly space.

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Curl Up and Get Cosy with an Armchair

Saturday, 8 January 2022

As winter is now upon us, and the days are getting colder, there’s nothing many of us look forward to more than cosying up in our favourite armchair with a good book, a warm blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa. The comfort level of an armchair can make or break this experience, so it’s important to seek designs that give you enough support and cushioning for true relaxation. 

Sits Oliver Armchair   Bontempi Casa Long Island Armchair
Pictured above:  Oliver by Sits and Long Island by Bontempi Casa 

The Oliver Armchair by Sits has a welcoming shape with a simple and retro metal frame. The wide seat allows you to curl up with ease and the cushioned arms offer just as much support as the backrest. The sleek Long Island Armchair Wood Legs by Bontempi gives you a sense of being cocooned with its high back and deep rounded armrests, with a stylish angled wood base.

Sits Softbird Armchair   Porada Softbay Armchair
Pictured above: Softbird by Sits and Softbay by Porada

For a modern twist, the Stefani Armchair by Sits has an inviting scoop seat complete with a rounded back and curved arms, and comes with either fixed wood legs or with a chrome swivel base and reclining backrest. The Softbird Armchair by Sits also features a swivel base, but the upholstered seat is padded for extra cushioning and its bold contemporary shape resembles the open wings of a bird. 

Exploring more statement design, the Softbay Armchair by Porada takes centre stage. With its stylised curved lines complemented by shaped canaletto walnut feet, this design takes comfort and elegance and roots them deeply into your space. 

So whether you’re reading an intense novel or flipping through shopping pages on your tablet, make sure your seating is warm, cosy, comfortable and inviting — you’ll be thankful that you did.

New Year's Resolutions, Not Just For New Years

Saturday, 1 January 2022

We often see the start of a new year as a great opportunity to set new goals, and inspire a ‘new year, new me’ attitude — but the truth is, many of us repeatedly make lists of plans that we don't see to fruition. So how can we make some resolutions that will last and that we will stick to? 

Here are some great tips to make sure your New Year's Resolutions aren’t just for new years.

   Notepad reads 'new year's resolutions'

  • Be specific about your goals - don’t make vague statements like ‘I’m going to move to the coast’, instead, break this down into achievable targets such as ‘I’ll research suitable coastal towns’, this way you’re a lot more likely to stay focused on the task at hand. 
  • Don’t try to commit to too much - focus on one thing at a time. This helps you to ensure you are going to achieve your goal instead of trying to achieve too many resolutions all at once. Change takes time and requires dedication so you need to ensure you aren’t overwhelming yourself.
  • Make a plan - schedule out some time to make a robust plan of how to achieve your resolution. This could be a list of milestones, or a brainstorm map of ideas, but it will help you to visualise ways of making ideas come to life. 
  • Get support - tell others about your resolution and get their help, it’s much easier to stay focused and embed a change in your life when those around you are there to help ensure you stay focused and on track. 
  • Review, review, review - it’s tempting to stay so focused that you don’t take the time to reflect upon how you’re doing and the progress you’re making, but this is vital to your success. Celebrate when you have achieved even just small steps towards your goal and you're less likely to feel disheartened if the overall journey takes longer than you anticipated.
  • If it takes months, so be it; Sometimes the longer you take to embed a change, the more likely the change is to stick with you. 

So don’t let this New Year to go by with another set of forgotten resolutions; be focused, make your goals achievable, and bring your resolutions into reality. 

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Suspension Clusters

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Lighting is commonly a focal point in our interiors, and it’s not surprising considering it's responsible for brightening up our homes. An enjoyable lighting trend sees designs that are art sculptures in their own right, allowing the designs to become the highlight of a room; and suspension clusters have become a great way to showcase this.

We’ve selected some of our top suspension cluster designs to bring this highlight into your own home.

Foscarini Rituals Suspension Cluster   Cattelan Italia Cloudine Suspension Light
Pictured above: Rituals by Foscarini and Cloudine by Cattelan Italia

The Rituals Suspension Cluster by Foscarini features some striking hand-blown glass pendants that diffuse a soft white glow and have a unique striped effect resembling the washi paper used in oriental lanterns. For a stylish look, the Cloudine Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia is an intricate design consisting of a cluster of either Iride Glass or Fume Smoke Glass diffusers that look like glistening floating bubbles. 

Cattelan Italia Melody Suspension Cluster   Bontempi Casa Spark Suspension Cluster
Pictured above: Melody by Cattelan Italia and Spark by Bontempi Casa

If you are looking for a contemporary look, the Melody Suspension Cluster by Catellan Italia features a collection of varying shaped Fume Smoke Glass diffusers available with a black chrome ceiling plate. Or the Spark Suspension Cluster by Bontempi Casa which is made up of ‘flattened’ round borosilicate glass lamps elegantly suspended at the end of a brass stem. 

Cattelan Italia Magellano Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Magellano Suspension Light
Pictured above: Magellano by Cattelan Italia

For a sleek and contemporary statement, then the Magellano Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia features two stylish organic ‘halo’ inspired shapes made of embossed lacquered steel and lit by internal LED strips. 

Why not introduce a statement lighting design to your interiors for that little bit of extra style. 

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