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Outdoor Dining Tables

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Cane-line Pure Table

Cane-line Pure Table£970.00   £825.00

Cane-line Flex Table

Cane-line Flex Table£2,175.00   £1,849.00

Cane-line Copenhagen Table

Cane-line Copenhagen Table£985.00   £838.00

Cane-line Copenhagen Teak Extending Table

Cane-line Copenhagen Teak Extending Table£2,205.00   £1,875.00

Cane-line Core Table

Cane-line Core Table£1,810.00   £1,539.00

Cane-line Area Table

Cane-line Area Table£860.00   £731.00

Cane-line Share Table

Cane-line Share Table£1,355.00   £1,152.00

Cane-line Edge Table

Cane-line Edge Table£4,330.00   £3,681.00

Cane-line Lansing Round Table

Cane-line Lansing Round Table£1,045.00   £889.00

Cane-line Avenue Table

Cane-line Avenue Table£810.00   £689.00

Cane-line Lansing Table

Cane-line Lansing Table£1,855.00   £1,577.00

Bontempi Casa Sander Outdoor Table

Bontempi Casa Sander Outdoor Table£1,791.00   £1,523.00

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items