The Balance of Three

Friday, 22 October 2021

Arranging items asymmetrically can be often be more visually appealing and create more harmony than strict, hard-to-maintain symmetry — and adding various levels of height can help to create a sense of balance. For an easy update why not harness the all-powerful ‘balance of three’ with these selections of striking side tables. 

Porada Ekero Side Table   Cattelan Italia Sting Side Table
Pictured above: Ekero by Porada and Sting by Cattelan Italia

The Ekero Side Table by Porada has a unique bottle shaped base that supports a rounded edge table top made from canaletto walnut with a lipped edge. The top and base come in a selection of shapes and finishes allowing you to mix and match with ease. 

Continuing the cylindrical aesthetic, the Sting Side Table by Cattelan Italia features a stylish round ceramic top, an offset base, and a sleek double stem. Available in a range of sizes so the tables can be arranged together in sets for unique compositions. 

Cattelan Italia Benny Keramik Coffee Table   Cattelan Italia Spillo side tables
Pictured above: Benny Keramik and Spillo by Cattelan Italia

For a bolder statement, the Benny Keramik Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia has a low profile complete with a rounded square ceramic top supported by a lacquered steel frame with raised edges and overlapping sleigh-style legs. This design is available in a range of square sizes allowing you to style individually or group together as a set. 

If a classic nest is more what you are looking for, then the Spillo Trio Tables by Cattelan Italia bring a minimalist twist to this aesthetic. Made from lacquered steel, the design uses the traditional nest format to sit together neatly, whilst showcasing tapered angular legs, cylindrical brass feet, and brushed metal table tops. 

These occasional tables provide great functionality; when gathered together they'll look great while taking up a small amount of space, and they can expand out to create larger surface areas according to your needs. 

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New Calligaris and Connubia Collections

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Renowned brand Calligaris continue to experiment with new materials, finishes, and designs, and their latest collection showcases the innovation and stylish aesthetic that has become their signature. Younger sibling Connubia add a touch of playfulness with pastel colours and unexpected shapes. Here are a few of our favourites.

Calligaris Universal Sideboard   Connubia Calligaris Ens Desk
Pictured above: Universal Sideboard by Calligaris and Ens Desk by Connubia

The Universal range of sideboards from Calligaris allow you to customise almost all of the elements, from the tops, legs, and doors, making your very own unique design to suit your aesthetic and interior needs. To simplify the choosing process we’ve separated the range into the Stripe Sideboard which has a patterned ‘Ebony’ veneer or textured walnut striped doors, the Inlay Sideboard with ornate inlayed veneer doors in herringbone or square patterns, and the Universal Sideboard featuring a simple lacquered wood.  

Connubia's Ens Desk starts with a simple base and lets you add colourful storage pieces — hooking them on to the back, side and front — to create a unique workspace bespoke to your needs. 

Calligaris Oleandro Bar Stool Wood Legs   Connubia Calligaris-Tuka Chair Wood Legs
Pictured above: Oleandro Bar Stool Wood Legs by Calligaris and Tuka Chair Wood Legs by Connubia

The Calligaris Oleandro Bar Stool with Wood Legs adds instant style with its solid wood frame, upholstered seat, and curved backrest. The footrest features a chrome insert for durability, and the entire stool is available in a selection of different finishes. Connubia's Tuka Chair and Tuka Chair Wood Legs both bring out bold design possibilities. Featuring a statement C shaped back and seat moulded in sleek recycled polypropylene material, all supported by slender lacquered metal or wood legs. The metal-legged chairs are available in stacking and non stacking styles, and all can be customised in a range of finishes. 

Connubia Calligaris Peeno Round Table   Calligaris Abrey Table
Pictured above: Peeno Round Table by Connubia and Abrey Table by Calligaris 

Tables in the collections span playfulness and practicality. The Peeno Round Table by Connubia has a striking wood frame made up of four round-ended angular legs supported by two V-shaped structures. The frame is complimented by a circular transparent glass top that allows the frame to become the focal point of the entire design. Calligaris' Abrey Table is a contemporary take on a classic staple, resulting in a fresh but warm look. The simple ash wood base features  up-to-date tapered legs with a cross bar detail, and supports a statement ceramic top — in a selection of fixed and extendable sizes. 

Light Up Your Garden

Saturday, 2 October 2021

For gathering round with hot chocolates in winter or outdoor dining in summer time, your outdoor space in the evenings can be an extension of the light and warmth of your home. From the soft gentle glow of a lamp, to the flickering of a fire, outdoor lighting is essential in providing you with the best possible experience whilst watching the stars come out.  There are a wide range of lighting options available, so we’ve carefully hand picked some popular designs to transform the ambience with ease.

Foscarini Solar Light   Gregg Outdoor Light by Foscarini
Pictured above: Solar and Gregg by Foscarini

The Solar Outdoor Light by Foscarini is an innovative design, featuring a luminous hemispherical body which can be stood upright or angled depending on its chosen function. To continue the soft lighting trend, the Gregg Outdoor Light by Foscarini is a durable moulded polythene shell available in various sizes giving your outdoor space a gentle and magical glow wherever you decide to place them. 

Cri Cri Light by Foscarini   Foscarini Uto Light
Pictured above: CriCri and Uto by Foscarini

If you’re looking for something more flexible for casual use, the Cri Cri Outdoor Light by Foscarini features a fold flat design and a convenient rechargeable battery for ease on the go or to be introduced as and when you decide. An integrated hook allows you to choose whether you hang the lamp or simply let it stand alone, allowing you complete lighting freedom.  

A great way of extending your dining or kitchen aesthetic into your outdoor areas is with matching overhead lighting. Take the Uto Outdoor Suspension Light or the Aplomb Outdoor Suspension Light by Foscarini for two very different looks that play with elongated cone shapes. Uto emits a warm other-wordly glow, while Aplomb generates a soft diffusion of downward light. These will function well above outdoor eating areas, or wherever you wish to highlight a certain object.

So whether you’re lighting up a garden path or shining a spotlight on your outdoor dining table, consider all your options and brighten up your outside space. 

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Extending Tables to Get Your Guests Talking

Friday, 24 September 2021

As autumn and winter start to draw in, we find ourselves moving inside for our festivities, and no doubt the dining room will start to play an important role in your upcoming hosting engagements. A dining table shouldn't be a challenge when it comes to accommodating extra guests; this is where the extending table comes into its own. And it needn't be purely practical; we’ve selected some out-of-the-ordinary designs to 'break the ice' and get the conversation started at dinner.

Cattelan Italia Tyron Table   Connubia Calligaris Hey Gio! Table
Pictured above: Tyron by Cattelan Italia and Hey Gio! by Connubia Calligaris 

The Tyron Table by Cattelan Italia makes a bold statement with an X-shaped sculptural base and sleek ceramic top, it’s sure to showcase a daring design aesthetic. Or the Hey Gio! Table by Connubia Calligaris with its retro flair; it features a tapered wide stem base which supports a table top in a choice of ceramic or melamine finishes. The butterfly extension matches the base in colour, not the top — making for an unexpected twist on opening. 

Bontempi Casa Bridge Table   Bontempi Casa Bridge Table
Pictured above: Bridge by Bontempi Casa

The Bridge Table by Bontempi Casa brings a lighter look with a subtly bridge-inspired metal base and decorative details in your chosen contrast finish. Extending tops complete the look in glass or marble-ceramic.

Calligaris Sunshine Table   Bontempi Casa Delta Table
Pictured above: Sunshine by Calligaris and Delta by Bontempi Casa

The ceramic top of the Sunshine Table by Calligaris is supported by a unique frame of contrasting curved and 'L' shaped elements. And to combine contemporary aesthetic with a bolder design feel, the Delta family by Bontempi Casa feature a contemporary angular frame that elegantly intertwines and overlaps creating a diamond shape, which can then be finished with contrasting decorative details. An extending table top can be selected in glass, ceramic or wood versions. 

All these designs come with extending options allowing you the freedom to have space when you want it, and then house guests comfortably when the occasion arises. 

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