Beautiful Storage Solutions for Refills

Thursday, 24 September 2020

With the UK becoming more environmentally conscious, we’ve seen lots of great refill centres open up, where one can take one's own containers along and fill up on those all important cereals, nuts, pasta and spices. With this growing solution to reducing single use plastics, we feel it’s only right to complement your staples with beautiful in-home displays; so we’ve brought you some stylish tips and ideas.

Storage jars  
A collection of filled jars

Clip top Kilner jars provide a tight rubber seal that will keep dry food fresh, and they look timeless to boot. Harts of Stur stock a good selection of sizes along with replacement rubber seals, should you need them. Or why not find smaller sized bottles for your favourite herbs and spices and take over your spice rack - just don’t forget to label them. 

Storing cookies in a large glass jar can make a tempting display - simply lay them in a circle atop one another like bricks until they reach the lid. They may look so good you'll feel guilty eating them, but Wares of Knutsford's Vintage Style Storage Jar will add a touch of art deco style whether full or empty. Apothecary jars like these are a great solution for a variety of foods - place several varying-sized jars together and fill them with oranges, lemons, and limes to add pops of colour into your kitchen.

For a more contemporary look there are a great selection of straight-sided bamboo topped jars around - like these from Eden & Willow, in mix and match sizes. And don't forget to look out for what's almost empty in your fridge - repurposed jars make adequate storage for a range of goods. Often the lids are interchangeable - so a classic chequered lid from a jam jar can add a pleasing finish to a large pickle jar, for instance.

Less aesthetic but super-practical, dispensers with flip top lids are a great idea for larger refills - you can pick up cereal dispensers like these by Oxo Good Grips, available at Lakeland, to make light work of breakfast time while keeping the contents fresh.

The opportunities are endless, so don’t let your refills sit in the cupboard - show them off!

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Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Eco friendly fireplaces have been growing in popularity, and have suddenly become the hottest interior trend. With conventional fireplaces and log burners requiring a lot of maintenance and contributing to CO2 emissions, more environmentally friendly alternatives were introduced to the market a few years ago and are now growing in popularity. The alternatives offer simple installations, often just requiring a power outlet, and without any smoke or soot. Some operate using bioethanol which is a clean eco-friendly fuel from fermented vegetable oils, is seen as a sustainable and renewable fuel source, and won't be affected by the ban of log burning stoves in London next year. Other options are purely electric and create an illusion of flames.

With this in mind, we’ve found some great options to compliment your existing decor and take advantage of this environmentally friendly direction.

Basket Freestanding Fire by Planika   
Pictured above:  Planika's freestanding ethanol fireplace

The Basket Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace by Planika is a contemporary option that easily fits into existing hearths and provides heat and comfort to any home. It does require a mains socket to run but no ventilation or chimney is required making it a very simple plug and play solution. In a similar fashion, the L-Fire Bio-Ethanol Insert by Planika is also plug and play and finds a route for those of you that still love flickering flames. This solves the issue when coal and wet wood will be banned for domestic sales next year, and really does give you all the functionality of a fireplace without any of the smoke or soot.

ACR NEO3C stove   
Pictured above: ACR's NEO3C electric stove

If you want to go for more of a wood burner aesthetic, try the Stow Black by Imagin Fires. This freestanding bio-ethanol stove can easily be moved around the home giving you lots of flexibility on placement, and again produces no smoke or soot so doesn’t require any ventilation or chimney. The flames are protected by 6mm of safety glass and the unit can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For an electric option, why not try the Optimyst by Dimplex which uses ultrasonic technology and harnesses water mist to create a realistic flame and smoke effect. Or the NEO3C by ACR which has a flame effect visible from the front and sides of the unit, with various flame settings for the ultimate fireplace experience. 

So don’t just join the trend, but join the movement to reduce CO2 emissions and make your home a cleaner and more eco-friendly version of itself.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting a Rug

Monday, 24 August 2020

From bold statements to complimentary accompaniments, rugs (if you choose to have them) really are a pivotal part of any room, but what size do you go for? What material should you select? We’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide to help you make the right decision for any room in your home.

Calligaris Luso Rug   Calligaris Collage Rug
Pictured above: Luso and Collage Rugs by Calligaris

1. Get out your tape measures
Measuring is vital when selecting a rug as you want it to fit within the space you have, but you don’t want it so small that it appears to be ‘floating’ in the room. Consider what furniture you have around it and as a rule of thumb, aim for there to be least 1 or 2 pieces of furniture which sit on top of the rug. For example, the Luso Rug by Calligaris or even the Jut Rug by Calligaris could easily have an armchair and coffee table situated on them with plenty of space to still see the pattern. If you’re struggling to visualise it in the room, take some sheets of newspaper or wrapping paper and piece them together, laying them out on your floor so you can really get a feel for what the rug could look like once in situ. 

2. Consider the Shape
Not all rugs are rectangular, and sometimes if you have a round piece of furniture, then a round rug will look best - so take your time to figure out the layout of your room and what shape would compliment (or contrast if that’s what you’re going for) best. Or why not try letting the rug do the moving so to speak; the Collage Rug by Calligaris offers criss-cross lines in multiple directions meaning it can compliment a variety of opposing angles in a room. 

Cattelan Italia Mapoon Rug   Fabula Living Balder Rug
Pictured above: Mapoon Rug by Cattelan Italia and Balder Rug by  Fabula Living

3. Style is Everything
Decide whether you want to make a statement, or blend in, with your rug. There are such a wide variety of colours, styles, and patterns to choose from, so consider your swatches and photos and pick out the style that gives your room the boost or the blend it needs.

4. Practicality
ou'll need to think about the material and composition of the rug too. If its in an area such as the hallway, then it may get a lot more footfall than a rug in your bedroom, so select a more durable material for these areas as they will wear better and last longer. Likewise, you want to go for comfort in those less travelled areas. Take the Mapoon Rug by Cattelan Italia; its made of cotton and chenille so works well for a bedroom or living room.

5. Maintenance
For the ultimate rug care, maintain a no shoes policy, vacuum or beat regularly as appropriate, rotate your rug (if possible) so the furniture does not impress the rug for too long and of course, have some underlay under the rug to help keep its bounce and vibrancy. You could also consider a reversible rug like the Balder Rug by Fabula - it offers great diversity and better durability as you can flip it over when your room needs a refresh.

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Serve Up Summer - Dining Alfresco

Sunday, 16 August 2020

With Summer still in session, there’s still time to enjoy your outdoor spaces and really make the most of the weather, and we think one of the best ways to enjoy this time of year is with a little alfresco dining. 

Eating outside brings family and friends together and can really improve your mood, with research showing it improves concentration and can reduce stress - so you should be looking at your outdoor spaces to provide just as much functionality and style as your indoor eating spaces. 

Cane-line Endless Table   Cane-line Joy Table
Pictured above: Endless Table and Joy Round Table, both by Cane-line 

The Aspect Table by Cane-line offers a sleek and stylish space for large groups to get together. The ceramic top is finished in black fossil, giving it a contemporary edge, and will contrast against fresh watermelon and leafy salads, making them really ‘pop’ on the table. Ceramic tops can also be left outdoors year round, making them a great choice for durability, though we do recommend putting a cover over during the winter months for longevity and ease of cleaning in the Spring.

If you want to opt for a more classic and rustic look, the Endless Table by Cane-line will give you what you’re looking for. Featuring a slatted table top and squared legs, it's 'classic' done in a new and stylish way, and will effortlessly compliment your outdoor areas. Rustic home-made chips, creamy slaws and BBQ burgers will really take centre stage on this table.

Or why not go for something that will really bring the family closer together? The Joy Round Table by Cane-line features an elegant ceramic or laminate top, with a metal frame and tapered legs. Its round design provides an excellent space for you to converse with those around you with ease, works great for serving those big bowls of pasta that you can all enjoy. 

No matter what you decide to do with your outdoor spaces, make sure you take our advice and soak up those rays while they're here.

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