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Energise The Home For Summer

Sunday, 16 June 2019

The longest day of the year - 21 June - officially marks the end of spring. As we transition into one of the most spirited seasons, it offers the opportunity to turn a little attention to the home by introducing necessary changes that accommodate our personal needs and help fortify our experience of summer.

A hotter climate and extra hours in the day offer an abundance of time and renewed energy where we are encouraged to truly celebrate life. In Chinese medicine, summer is directly associated with fire and focused on the mind, and the warmness connected to this element highlights the heart, human relationships and an awareness of tending to our own inner fire. 


As Pictured Above: The Cane-Line Amaze Teak Chair from Lime

Generate connection and nurture your relationships by creating space at home that is comfortable and inviting. Increased daylight hours and balmy temperatures can be made more enjoyable with outdoor sofas, furniture and accessories. Introducing such traditional furnishing elements will construct an outdoor extension of your living space, a social area that can be used to entertain friends and welcome quality time with those you love most.

Use summer to learn the art of balance and understand your body. Excitement, excess heat and dehydration makes us more susceptible to restlessness, agitation, anxiety and insomnia. Drinking more water, consuming less sugar and cleansing your kitchen fridge by introducing cooling fruits and vegetables is the first step to strengthening your immune system for this heightened season and optimising your health.

Consider the impact summer has on your sleeping pattern too. To avoid muggy sleepless nights, circulate air in your bedroom and try switching your sheets to linen ones. Excellent at regulating temperature, this valued environmentally friendly fabric will breathe cool during summer, promoting a consistent and healthy sleeping pattern no matter how high the temperatures soar.

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Outdoor Furniture Home From Home

Thursday, 13 June 2019

As these warm months approach, it’s time to take the inside out and create an outside living area for you, your friends and family to enjoy. And there are so many ways to achieve the perfect summer outdoor living space to give comfort, versatility and style.

If you’re hosting a barbecue or drinks party, then a laid-back seating area is the perfect way to relax. Invest in some comfortable outdoor sofas, chairs and side tables - ideal for unwinding.

Cane-line-Breeze-2-Seater-Sofa     Foscarini-Solar-Outdoor-Light

As Pictured Above (from left to right): Cane-line Breeze 2 Seater Sofa and Lounge Chair and Foscarini Solar Outdoor Light

If you’re more likely to host evening dinner parties, consider an outdoor dining table and chairs to accommodate this. Where possible, place it close to the house to make setting up easier or invest in a storage unit to keep your tableware to hand.

If your garden has a patio or decking, adorn it with sleek in-vogue pieces. Stylish contemporary garden furniture is the easiest way to completely transform your space while creating a modern feel. In choosing simple items, you can mix up the look depending on the occasion or season. Add outdoor lighting for mood and accessorise with cushions, throws and potted plants in practical planters.

With the help of quality design, making your outside space become part of your home couldn’t be easier and provides the perfect area to entertain and take time out from your busy life. So kick back and enjoy the summer breeze.

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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Friday, 7 June 2019

‘Soft and relaxed’ is the in thing, according to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. The overwhelming trend at the 2019 show was to use native plants that grow wild in the UK. So many of the gardens were woodland inspired and featured lush, naturalistically styled under-planting, such as Foxglove and Cow Parsley.

With this wild plant trend, the prevalent colour this year was green, mostly from the dominance of lush foliage, but also from green flowers such as euphorbias. Garden Designer Kate Gould's Greenfingers Charity Garden even showcased green wall tiles, to great effect.


Chelsea-2019-Greenfingers-Charity-Garden     Chelsea-2019-Paul-Hervey-Brookes-Garden

As Pictured Above (from left to right): The Greenfingers Charity Garden and Paul Hervey Brookes'  Art of Viking Garden


As ever, trees were the essential garden feature, but this year saw an abundance of large trees, often as selections of familiar species, collectively providing a sense of enclosure and calm.

Although lush foliage was a take-home planting trend, flowers were everywhere; but unlike the bold double flowers of the past, this year they were like jewels sparkling in the greenery, such as the mix of ragged robin and borage. And in support of the bee, there were bee-friendly flowers too.

Many of the gardens included geums. These easily grown perennials have often been seen at the show, but there seemed to be more than ever – partly due to an increase in new varieties - and these plants fit well into 2019 trends. Buildings were understated and tended to be simple and open to the elements, unlike the elaborate studios, pavilions, and garden rooms featured in previous years.

Garden designer Chris Beardshaw made a noble attempt to minimise the environmental impact of a Chelsea plot by carrying out groundworks for his Morgan Stanley Garden using an electric excavator instead of a diesel engine and growing plants in recyclable taupe pots.

For those looking for a new, inexpensive and attractive way of dividing up your space, inspiration came from Paul Hervey-Brookes’ Art of Viking Garden making a wall from logs, providing a home for bugs too - keeping everyone happy!

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Milan 2019: The Importance of Design

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

From 9–14 April, Milan’s annual furniture fair, Salone Del Mobile hosted its 58th year showcasing the industry’s most highly anticipated design exhibitions. As established, current and future trends were heavily featured with a strong focus this year on millennial movements and technology.

Providing a visionary exploration of the future home, renowned tech company Samsung presented the 24 Hour Kitchen as an eye-catching installation that reflected on this room as the hub of the home. Visitors were inspired with technologically advanced appliances and layouts that can encourage a new, healthier chapter in our lives.


As Pictured Above: Google ‘A Space For Being’ – ‘Vital’ Room

Google furthered this by presenting scientific proof that design at home is important for our wellbeing. Featuring three rooms with subtly contrasting interiors, A Space For Being demonstrated how light, sound, scent and texture can elicit varying psychological reactions.

The first room, ‘Essential’ imposed a ‘womb-like space’ with warm earthy tones, soft furnishings and lighting. ‘Vital’, a second playfully led room embraced vibrant colour and sharp lighting with interactive artwork, while a more minimalist third room called ‘Transformative’ featured refined wood, leather and muted tones.

Personal wristbands monitored sensory triggers and bodily reactions of visitors such as heart rate, skin temperature and motion to determine where they felt most at ease.

As opposed to collecting data, Google’s personalised reports provided the knowledge and awareness that within the everyday living and dining spaces we occupy we consciously have the ability to create an environment that suits our individual needs.

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