Update Your Home Working Space

Saturday, 27 June 2020

In a post pandemic world, it isn't going to be uncommon for people to continue working from home, but a makeshift desk space on your kitchen table can only sustain a productive mindset for so long. Even if you already have a home office setup, now could be a great time to refresh and consider new options; giving you a positive outlook towards your new working environment. 

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you'll want this piece to be both functional and comfortable. Take the Wolf Desk by Cattelan Italia; it’s slender base and top frame which is available in a variety of ceramic or wood finishes, makes for a stylish addition to your home office space. 

Calligaris Match Desk   Bontempi Casa Vanity Ceramic Desk
Pictured above: Match by Calligaris and Vanity  Ceramic by Bontempi Casa

The Match Desk by Calligaris offers a more classic design, but has the contemporary addition of a raised shelf in the centre, giving you all the functionality and organisation you need.

If space is less abundant, why not look at the Taylor Desk by Bontempi Casa which boasts a sleek lacquered metal frame and a luxurious top complete with a hide leather finish available in various colours. 

For the more adventurous, the Secret Desk by Bontempi Casa has angular sides which clearly set out your working area, and houses three storage compartments at the back of the desktop. You can also add a slimline drawer under the desktop as an extra, which all adds to drama of the piece. We also love the Vanity Ceramic Desk by Bontempi Casa as it displays all the elegance of a vanity table, whilst offering the functionality of a desk space. The desk is available in three styles which feature two adjustable mirrors, an adjustable mirror and a light, or a practical document holder offering a wide variety of uses.

So if working from home looks like it’s here to stay, why not treat yourself to a new working environment and start making your home space work for you.

Don’t Leave Your Bedroom Behind…

Friday, 19 June 2020

When we consider decorating, it’s always the communal rooms that get the preferential and priority treatment, often leaving more personal spaces such as the bedroom by the wayside.
It may seem easier to ‘make-do’, but the bedroom really is just as important as the rest of your home. Even though we spend most of our time in this room with our eyes closed, it shouldn’t be a space we ignore. The Better Sleep Council has reported that a relaxing and comforting environment where we sleep, will give us a better night's rest, which only has positive impacts on our health and overall wellbeing.

Lime Label Bedroom - Insert Bed   Cattelan Italia Ludovic Bed

Pictured above: Insert Bed by Lime Label and Ludovic Bed by Cattelan Italia

So let’s start with the key feature of any bedroom, the bed. It needs not just to look good, but to function for you too. You want a bed that you can effortlessly sink into, and that you know will stand the test of time. Take the Flow Bed or the Insert Bed by Lime Label, both of which offer a simple yet elegant curved design and can easily compliment any bedroom decor. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, try a raised headboard; it’s an easy way to make the bed standout in the room and we think the Adam Bed or the Ludovic Bed by Cattelan Italia are perfect for this.

Let’s also not forget the surrounding furniture, as it can really add to the overall look and feel of your room. Take the Boston Bedside Table by Calligaris - its understated design makes it a striking contrast piece next to your bed, and the drawers can fit all your bedside needs from books and magazines to night creams. Consider also a beautiful dressing table - it’s one piece of bedroom furniture that is sometimes left out entirely, yet it can be the most useful piece you’ll have in the room.

Cattelan Italia Dyno Dressing Table   Porada Micol Dressing Table

Pictured above: Dyno Dressing Table by Cattelan Italia and Micol Dressing Table by Porada

When combined with the Dyno Chest of Drawers, the Dyno Dressing Table by Cattelan Italia makes a brilliantly functional place to organise personal effects, with all the space you could need. For a smaller room or if you're seeking something a touch more unusual in design, try the Micol Dressing Table by Porada. Its solid wood curves conceal built-in drawers which perfectly hide away a multitude of items, meaning you can keep your surface area clear and free-from clutter, achieving a minimalist feel with a stylish aesthetic. 

Whatever your design choices, make sure your bedroom is as considered as the rest of the home; you’ll quickly realise the benefits of a bedroom you want to relax in.

Storage Solutions for a Minimalist Interior

Saturday, 30 May 2020

A minimalist interior is simplicity and serenity at its finest and there is no denying the allure of a bright, white airy room. Successfully maintaining an uncluttered scheme can be a struggle though; more often than not, it seems to descend upon us, building up until there are piles of letters, stacks of books and unattractive wires surrounding us. But by being clever with a few simple storage solutions, you needn't discard all worldly goods to create a streamlined space.  

Cattelan Italia Futura Cupboard   Bontempi Casa Madison Superior
Pictured above: Futura Storage Cupboard by Cattelan Italia and Madison Superior Cabinet by Bontempi Casa

For instance, the Futura Storage Cupboard by Cattelan Italia is the ideal space to store additional glassware and crockery in a dining room. Its contemporary lacquered finish is complemented with metal feet for a modern appeal. Or if you’re looking for a cocktail cabinet for glassware, wine bottles, spirits and mixers, try the Madison Superior Cabinet by Bontempi Casa. The striking design features numerous compartments that will impress guests when entertaining, and allow you to hide the clutter away when not in use.  

Pacini Cappellini Ghost TV Unit   Pacini Cappellini Welcome Cupboard
Pictured above: Ghost TV Unit and Welcome Mirrored Cupboard by Pacini Cappellini

Alternatively, one way of keeping your home looking streamlined is by making the most of the space behind your furniture and investing in multifunctional pieces. Designs such as the Ghost TV Unit or the Welcome Mirrored Cupboard, both by Pacini Cappellini, feature ingenious hidden storage solutions that catch one unaware but keep your space looking sleek and stylish. 

Cattelan Italia Yoyo   
Pictured above: Yoyo Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia

If you know you’re prone to leaving items lying around in the living room, but want to make sure you still have easy access to it when needed, then Cattelan Italia’s Yoyo Coffee Table is the ideal solution. It’s two tiered disc-shaped design features a swivelling top, allowing you to store items in between, but keeps them out of sight when they’re not in use.

Any of these stylish designs would help keep items out of sight and mind but within easy reach when needed - the only tough decision is, which one will you choose?

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Paint the Town Green with Eco-Friendly Finishes

Saturday, 23 May 2020

The importance of taking care of our planet is greater than ever before, which is why many of us are more considerate when making purchases nowadays. And when it comes to your home that doesn’t just mean energy-saving lightbulbs, smart meters and solar panels - it can also mean considering your interior wall finishes.

Eco-friendly paint is growing in popularity and there are many varieties available on the market, but when it comes to choosing, how do you know whether you’ve made the most informative choice? Start by looking at the ingredients. To put your mind at ease, each brand should offer details of what actually goes into each tin. This may be displayed on the paint pot, provided on the website or should be available upon request from the company. 

Farrow and Ball   Earthborn Hobgoblin
Pictured above: Farrow & Ball were one of the first companies to change its environmental practices. Earthborn's pots feature a full list of ingredients.

Next it’s worth doing some homework on the manufacturer and taking into consideration their carbon footprint and sustainability. If the way the paint or packaging is manufactured has a detrimental impact on the environment, then it may not be the right choice for you. Brands such as Farrow & Ball aim to reduce the environmental impact of day-to-day operations with responsible practices without compromising on quality and they were the first in the industry to move to an entirely water-based range. Little Greene also actively source from suppliers who can match their commitment to local industries and their recyclable paint tins are made using over 50 per cent recycled steel with sustainably-sourced labels.

Finally, as eco-friendly paints are made using only natural ingredients as opposed to traditional ones that contain plastic, they should be breathable and VOC (volatile organic compound) levels should comply with government regulations. Unlike traditional paints, a breathable one will prevent the air from becoming trapped and as a result will reduce the chance of mould developing, while a low VOC level paint will not contain as many chemicals or gases that wreak havoc on your health. It is worth noting though, that VOC is an issue constantly under discussion, as a low-level VOC paint may only just meet government regulations, whereas levels could be much lower. Due to the use of sustainable vegetable oils, Little Greene’s water-based paint has an extremely low level of VOC and Earthborn's products are also free from oils and acrylics with a full list of ingredients clearly listed on its pots.

Little Greene Scree and Slaked Lime   Earthborn bedroom in Hobby Wood
Pictured above: 'Scree' and 'Slaked Lime' from Little Greene and 'Hobby Wood' from Earthborn

The good news is, long gone are the days when decorating was only carried out in the summer when one could throw open all the windows. And this once niche market is slowly becoming a more common choice with a vast selection of environmentally-friendly paints available, both online and in the large DIY shops. All that’s left to decide is which colour to choose – maybe it’s time to go green?

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