Design Ideas for Smaller Terraces

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Smaller terraces and patios may require more thought than a larger garden, but a little care and attention can transform even the tiniest of spaces into an outdoor haven, providing you with a little bit of respite where you can escape and unwind. It often comes down to the small details and how you use every inch of space to its full potential - taking care still to avoid over-cluttering.

Think about multi-functional furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors, as this will help save on storage space in the winter months. Danish brand Cane-line offers a great selection of furniture that can be used both inside and out, making sure you get the full use of your purchase all year round. Or keep some oversized floor cushions stored away in an outdoor container that you can scatter on the ground for additional seating for the children.

Cane-line Chill Out Coffee Table   Wonderwall Vertical Planting Kit by Crocus

Pictured above: Cane-line's Chill Out Coffee Table with Moments Corner Sofa, and Crocus'  Wonderwall Vertical Planting Starter Kit 

Even in a small outdoor space, you can still enjoy alfresco dining. Invest in expandable dining tables such as the Copenhagen Teak by Cane-line - simply open up the collapsable ends when guests come over and place them back down for a space-saving solution once they're gone. Or embrace innovative designs with multifunctional features such as the Chill Out coffee table with a height-adjustable table top, transforming it from a coffee table into a sofa work zone or dining surface in an instant.

Corner seating such as the Horizon Corner Sofa will also make the most of space in a small garden. Place it at the edge of a courtyard garden to keep all your seating confined to one area, with plenty of room for family and friends to relax. Add an outdoor rug to help zone the space, clearly defining the purpose of each area.

Build raised flower beds surrounded by thick walls that can double up as additional seating for when guests come over. Keep some cushions to hand that you can easily pop on top for comfort and plant flowers and shrubs of varying heights for a layered effect that will draw the eye up, creating the illusion of extra height and space.

And if you don’t have the space for flower beds but want to introduce greenery alongside seating, consider creating a living wall by fitting a horizontal fence panel on the side of a fence or wall. The Wonderwall Vertical Planting Starter Kit by Crocus is ideal if you’re a green-fingered novice. Or place a planter under a window alongside hanging baskets and potted plants that can easily be moved if you need to add additional seating when entertaining.

Contemporary Chaise Longues

Friday, 27 March 2020

Long thought of as a stylish boudoir chair for bedroom seating, the modern chaise longue was invented in France during the 16th century as a way to recline without retiring to the bedroom. With rare and expensive materials used in their construction, in time it would become a symbol of high status. Today, one needn't be limited to the living or bedroom, with designs ready to look just as good in an office or study. Here at Lime we offer some contemporary takes on the classic style to help bring luxury into your space.

Cattelan Italia Donovan Chaise   Sits Jenny Chaise Longue

Pictured above: Donovan by Cattelan Italia , and Jenny by Sits

If traditional comfort is what you seek, consider the Sits' Jenny. Jenny is an stylish and welcoming chaise longue with a plump seat, softly curved lines and shaped wood legs, immediately at ease in the modern home.

For wow factor, Cattelan Italia's Donovan chaise longue is a stunning contemporary piece featuring a curved upholstered seat in synthetic or real leathers, on a subtly sculptural angular steel frame.
Their Casanova is an elegant swivel based chaise longue with accented curves to fit the contours of the body and a striking adjustable metal base, and again is upholstered in a choice of synthetic or real leathers.

Whether your space is modern and minimalist, or contemporary and cosy, these chaise longues are certain to be a great fit.

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Houseplants For Wellness

Saturday, 29 February 2020

As we come into this spring time filled with budding plants and colourful daffodils, why not fill your house with greenery. Houseplants not only look good but they also do good. Research suggests that the greatest benefits of indoor plants are through wellbeing and productivity improvement.

In the late 1980s NASA's Clean Air Study found that a number of air purifying plants can detoxify a space from the airborne toxins, dust and germs that can be found in a variety of household products, materials and furniture. The idea still grips imaginations today, and while the quantities required for impact in the home environment may be uncertain, an indoor garden can be a refuge from the outside world - for many people it is a source of great joy. 

Colour wheel Patch Plants Devil's Ivy

Pictured above: Snake Plant and Devil's Ivy both at Patch Plants

Not sure where to start? Selecting your plants needn't be rocket science. At Patch Plants you can check a variety of helpful filters to work out which plants will be right for your lifestyle, and have them delivered to your door. Bloombox Club offer a monthly subscription service, with a different surprise plant sent every month. And Hortology make it easy hone in on a look or style with categories like 'Cool & Trendy', 'Tropical' and 'Elegant'.

Whether you live in a large or small space, introducing plants into your home could brighten your outlook and overall happiness. Looking after a living plant and helping it to thrive gives us purpose and rewards us with soothing green organic presence to enjoy. They literally and figuratively add life to a room.

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Choosing Colours To Affect Your Mood

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Colour psychology is commonly used in branding and marketing yet it’s also a powerful interior design tool that arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. Different shades create various emotions so, when debating on which hues to choose for your home it’s key to think about the kind of atmosphere you want to emit and how you can do this effectively.

For example, blue is seen to have a calming and focusing effect in a room, however certain tones can also feel cold so ensure balance with warm hues. A blue with a touch of green or violet can add a subtle warmth.

Colour wheel Living room with yellow accents 

Pictured above: Colour Wheel and Image of a Yellow Accented Living Area

White is seen to be tranquilising, and with its capacity to reflect light it can add a sense of space, so for those with smaller rooms, white walls can be perfect. Or try a pastel grey for a softer look while still catching light, effortlessly stylish when accented with other colours such as soft oranges, pinks or green.

Green can calm, reduce anxiety and suggest reassurance - easily introduced to a space with houseplants, or great in a snug or lounge space with deep forest green walls. Red emits passion, energy and excitement. These emotions can be quite tiring when in use all day, so consider red in moderation, as pops of colour or for a social area that less time is spent in.

Whatever you choose, for best impact, consider ways to apply colour to maximise your space. Darker colours on a ceiling - even just a shade or two darker than the walls - can been used to draw a room closer, while lighter colours give a sense of upward movement and height. A bold statement colour on the ceiling is an up-to-the-minute alternative to a feature wall. And the trend for painting ceilings, walls and woodwork to match looks like it is here to stay, as a failsafe way to give a sense of completion while tricking the eye to perceive seamless, limitless space. 

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