A Table for Sunday Lunch

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Many of us have missed the joy of hosting and entertaining our friends and families over the last few years, so unsurprisingly there has been an increase in demand for larger and more functional dining room tables that allow us to really bring the whole family together. We have carefully curated some of our top tables to bring you all the space you need, without compromising on style. 

Bontempi Casa Artistico Table   Cruz Table by Bontempi Casa
Pictured above:  Artistico and Cruz by Bontempi Casa

The Artistico Table by Bontempi Casa is a striking design featuring a curved and entwined metal base with a glass, ceramic, or marble top. This comes in a range of sizes including extendable options for up to 290cm in length. Continuing the extending feature is the Cruz Extending Table by Bontempi Casa with its angular tapered legs and a top available in a wide range of materials and finishes. Again this design can extend up to 290cm, but it is also available in an XXL version — which comes with three complementing extension leaves for even more space. 

Bontempi Casa Bridge Wood Table   Butterfly Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia
Pictured above: Bridge Wood Table by Bontempi Casa and Butterfly Keramik by Cattelan Italia

The more traditional Bridge Wood Table by Bontempi Casa comes in a size up to 300cm in length and features a statement wood table top and a metal base with decorative details. Or for the truly daring in design, the bold Butterfly Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia features a show stopping infinity loop sculptural base that supports a marble ceramic top, all available in a selection of finishes and in various sizes up to 300cm in length. 

So whether you are preparing for a big event, or simply want to be prepared for the whole family to come together, these larger than life dining tables will make sure you're always ready for those filled-with-life situations. 

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Copper Hues

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Warm tones have taken control and replaced some of the colder steely colour palettes we’ve seen trend in recent years. 2022 has seen a new trend, with the rise in copper hues. These tones with their red and gold inflections, are here to enrich and saturate our homes with warmth. 

Introducing these coppers into our interiors has never been easier as so many on-trend designs feature them in both bold and subtle ways — so we’ve pulled together some of our standouts to let you bring the warmth of this look into your own spaces.

Calligaris Oleandro Bar Stool   Jack Armchair by Sits
Pictured above: Oleandro Bar Stool by Calligaris and Jack Armchair by Sits

Explore the Oleandro Bar Stool by Calligaris with its elegant and stylish metal frame complete with cross supports and curved back detail available in a wide range of fabric finishes including the deep Tobacco in Softer faux leather, or the vivid Brick Red in Venice velvet. 

The Jack Armchair by Sits has a relaxed shape and distinctive angular solid wood frame which supports a plush seat and backrest. These can come in rich tones like Cognac in Touch leather to really showcase that warmth. Similarly, the Carmen Chair by Calligaris also stands out in Cognac in Softer faux leather, allowing the envelope chair design to really take centre stage. 

Calligaris Carmen Chair   Connubia Rosie Soft Chair
Pictured above:  Carmen Chair by Calligaris and Rosie Soft Chair by Connubia Calligaris

For a twist of glamour then look no further than the Rosie Soft Chair by Connubia Calligaris. Complete with a deep rounded seat and backrest with ruched detailing, this design comes in a selection of finishes such as Saffron Yellow in Mat velvet, and can be combined with a Painted Brass leg to really accentuate the warm tones.

Calligaris Abrey Wood Table   Calligaris Ebony Veneer close-up
Pictured above:  Abrey Wood Table by Calligaris 

Either of those designs will compliment a wide range of dining tables, but to continue the trend with a subtle nod the Abrey Wood Table by Calligaris is a sleek and understated option, which features a warm hue running through the tabletop when selected in their 'Ebony' finish. 

So bring earthy warmth to your space this season with some brilliantly vibrant and vivid copper hues. 

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Decluttering; the new Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Many of us spent time over the last few years re-organising our spaces and clearing out the clutter that we don’t need, but now that life as we know it has resumed to as much normality as is possible, we may find ourselves amassing clutter once again. 

With this in mind, we’ve seen some brilliant decluttering tips that we’re bringing to you so that you can bring this new way of spring cleaning to your own home — and ready it for those all important summer socials. 

'Keep things simple'. 8953965 image by Brett Jordan on Pexels   

  • Make a Plan - You need to ensure that you don’t try to tackle too much at once, so sit down, make a list of all the areas that need attention and then break it down into the week. So for example: Monday — Bathroom, Tuesday — Kitchen, and so on…
  • Tick Things Off - Break down your plan even further into more manageable tasks such as ‘Clear Bathroom Organiser’ and then ‘Clear Bathroom Cupboards’ and tick these tasks off as you go along; you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you tick things off and it will keep you motivated on the larger tasks. 
  • Declutter, don’t Tidy - Decluttering means being smart about what we need and what we don’t, so don’t simply move things from one cupboard to another — really ask yourself if the item has a purpose and will it get used, and then decide whether to keep it or not. If you were to keep everything then you may as well just do a big tidy up and be done with it! This instead is to help clear your space and mind. 
  • Decide What Goes Where - Anything being kept goes straight to its 'home'. Your unwanted items don’t just need to go to landfill; you may no longer need an item but that doesn’t mean noone will. We recommend having a ‘charity shop’ box for items to go to charity, ‘items to sell’ for items that could be in demand and then the rest can be disposed of responsibly. 
  • Take Photos - We highly recommend that once your space is decluttered you take photos of everywhere in its best form. You can then look back at them when things start getting cluttered again and it will help motivate you to keep it clear.

So get those rubber gloves on, label some boxes, and instead of just cleaning this spring, declutter; you'll be glad you did.

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Simplify Your Bedside

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Clutter has been proven to make us restless and agitated, so the last place you need things to accumulate is on your bedside table as it will likely contribute to a poor nights sleep. Many of us struggle to keep these spaces clear though, as they can be a tempting resting spot for a great many items that we may wish to have at hand in the morning or before bed. 

We’ve carefully selected some thoughtful bedside table designs that should allow you to still keep those items close by, but hidden away to where they won’t become a distraction.

Cattelan Italia Dante Bedside Table   Baby Bedside Table by Porada
Pictured above:  Dante by Cattelan Italia and Baby by Porada

The Dante Bedside Table by Cattelan Italia is a contemporary and stylish design featuring a graphite embossed lacquered steel base and a lacquered wood shelf-style top complete with a hide-away sliding door in a contrast finish, allowing you to cover some of your bedside possessions yet access them with ease.

The Baby Bedside Table by Porada has an understated approach with a 'hidden' drawer that sits flush to the table top. This feels reminiscent of a more traditional format bedside table design yet its simple wood finish and contrasting lacquered metal frame bring it a light contemporary style. 

Night Collection Tailor Bedside Table   Nigel Bedside Table by Cattelan Italia
Pictured above: Tailor from Lime's Night Collection and Nigel by Cattelan Italia

For storage space in a practical-yet-minimal design, the Tailor Bedside Table is customisable with extra touches of a tray top or an open section that's perfect for books. The push-and-pull drawer design allows you to keep possessions clutter free and tucked away, looking and feeling like a calm bedside space. 

To remove unwanted clutter from your bedside with a stylish twist, consider the Nigel Bedside Table by Cattelan Italia. This compact cylindrical silhouette in white polyurethane with a tempered glass top is complemented by a simple drawer and an open storage space for propping up books or tablets.

So when you’re next selecting your bedside table options, consider how few of your possessions really need to be housed there; a simple change in design and function can help transform your space — and may even afford you a better night's sleep.

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