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1925: Art Deco is Born

Friday, 29 March 2019

The year 1925 saw the First Motel open in California, the Chrysler Corporation founded and the invention of the Scotch Tape. But 1925 was a hugely significant year in Art Deco History. Many international exhibitions helped promote Art Deco, but none was more important than the Paris Exhibition of 1925.

Officially entitled the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, it was dedicated to the display of modern decorative arts, from which Art Deco got its name. Thousands of designers exhibited from all over Europe and beyond. With over 16 million visitors, it marked the high point of the first phase of Art Deco.

The Exhibition’s aim was to establish the pre-eminence of French taste and luxury goods. French displays dominated the exhibition and Paris itself was put on show as the most fashionable of cities. The pavilions of major manufacturers, department stores and designers, together with avenues of boutiques, enticed visitors to the fairground by day. By night, its monumental gates, bridges and fountains were a blaze of light. The Eiffel Tower bore the Citroën logo.

The Hôtel d'un Collectionneur was the most ambitious project by an individual designer and the most acclaimed display in the exhibition. It housed a suite of elegant rooms conceived by the leading French furniture maker, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann. Pierre Patout designed the pavilion, with a vast oval room – the Grand Salon, as its focal point. Ruhlmann brought together many leading artists and designers to decorate the Salon, including Jean Dunand, Jean Dupas, Antoine Bourdelle and Edgar Brandt.


As pictured above: The Grand Salon

Its sumptuous decoration, rich use of colour and elegant modernisation of traditional forms and techniques have led many critics to consider the Grand Salon the greatest achievement of French Art Deco. Several works from the interior, notably the 'Donkey and Hedgehog' cabinet and Jean Dupas' painting Les Perruches, have become Art Deco icons.

The First Interiors Designers
Many of the Art Deco furniture makers were more than just cabinet makers. They designed entire interiors for their wealthy clients. Some were also architects and built houses with the interiors already thought out and furnished. 

A few British designers were influenced by the high-end Art Deco style such as the Epstein Brothers and Ray Hille who worked with walnut and veneers, but it was only in the Thirties when mass production techniques and cheaper materials became available that Art Deco became a style for the middle classes instead of just the aristocracy and the fabulously wealthy.

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Choosing The Right Pillow

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Our mattress tends to be a key focus when investing in a good nights' sleep. Yet the choice of pillow and the frequency at which it is replaced can be equally important when promoting maximum sleep quality.

General recommendations suggest that pillows should be replenished every 18 months. Considering that consistent nightly usage creates the perfect environment for mites and bacteria, this years' spring clean ritual can be the perfect time to purge your pillows. To promote a good nights' sleep, research and replace with a compatible design that suits your sleeping habits and maintains supportive quality.


As pictured above: The Calligaris Amadeus bed from Lime Modern Living

A malleable favourite, down-style pillows feature goose or duck fibres for a soft, luxurious and lightweight place to rest your head. Suited to stomach sleepers and those who move frequently, this supple preference is easier to re-shape throughout the night with a natural contouring element. Softer than duck, Soak & Sleep offer a Goose-filled construction in a range of firmness options to support both head and neck with a high feather count that aids in maintaining plumpness.

Typically lasting up to three years, Memory Foam pillows have become a cost-efficient alternative. Focusing on spinal support, this variation is firm with the ability to mould the shape of your head. Heavier yet more comfortable than go-to cotton fill pillows, Eve has created a supportive balance described as ‘not too hard, or too sinky’ with added air hole technology that resists memory foams tendency to absorb heat.

Offering the fluffy essence of feather down, Microfiber pillows provide the added non-allergenic benefits of man-made fibres. Filled with over a billion varying-sized fibres ‘The Pillow’ from Caspar respond to movement with a smooth ‘liquid-like feel’. Adaptable and machine washable, this promises to accommodate all sleep positions with optimal neck support and spinal alignment regardless of your personal sleeping habits.

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Get Spring Ready at Home

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Winter is finally coming to an end, signalling the beginning of a new season and newfound energy in the home. Strongly representing reawakening, Spring is a naturally cleansing time of year that particularly encourages movement and renewal.

The visual spectacle of flowers blooming colour and dormant trees blossoming projects a sense of expansion and vibrant growth. Chinese 5-element theory directly correlates Spring with wood; this down-to-earth association reflects our creative pursuit to boost energy levels by throwing out the old.


As pictured above: The Cane-Line Sense sofa and On the Move side table from Lime

At home, emotionally and physically engage in the annual ritual of a spring clean by taking time to rid areas of built-up dirt and purge unwanted items. Following the naturally withdrawn period of winter, this seasonal tradition can be an intuitive activity that promotes restoration and self-actualisation by cleansing our physical space to make way for positive actions.

Take advantage of the outdoors and observe the changes that come with daylight savings. Using this fresh mindset welcome new habits into the home by clearing out idle lofts or garages to create positive space for a home gym or meditation spot. Saving time and money, discard unused gym memberships for on-trend fitness apps that offer convenient, on-demand home workouts.

Live with the lush green hues of Spring by clearing your kitchen cupboards of stagnant sugars in favour of seasonally focused vegetables. At this time of year, encouraging a healthy diet will support the internal cleansing of the liver and gall bladder to fully prepare you for the excitement of the summer ahead.

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The Future Wellness Kitchen

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Our food habits affect not only our health but the planet too. Last month the Eat-Lancet commission released a report outlining strategies that focused on achieving a sustainable food system across the globe that would transform diets, aiming to improve people’s health and reducing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment by 2050.

With food set to become a defining matter of our time, kitchen trends are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of those eager to embrace the benefits of a plant-based diet. Identified by the Global Wellness Summit in 2018, the Wellness Kitchen presents future design concepts that we can adopt in order to help feed the mind and soul.


As pictured above: The Calligaris Duca Table and Basil Chair From Lime Modern Living

Be Open

Leaning towards minimalism, kitchen cabinets are being replaced with stylish open shelving to accommodate food displays and apply the simple logic that what we can see we will eat. As guidelines suggest, Europeans should eat 77 per cent less red meat and 15 times more nuts and seeds, storing large jars aligned and loaded with legumes and seeds will act as a simple visual reminder to incorporate these into your diet.

Make it Clear

Purchasing a fridge with transparent doors can encourage replenishment of colourful fruit and vegetables while keeping food waste to a minimum. For those conscious and proud of the food they eat, by combining modern technology with methods of open display the LG Instaview further signals a shift toward food being displayed like art in the kitchen.

Work Together

Education is essential, such changes should certainly not spell deprivation. Considering open floorplans that accommodate many will encourage social interactions, recipe ideas and experimentation with food for emphasis on a diet that is abundant yet healthy, flavourable and enjoyable. 

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