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Your Guide to Lighting

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lighting technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years. Due to major inefficiency, many governments are phasing out traditional incandescent bulbs, banning both manufacturing and sales. Consumers must now opt for more energy efficient forms including Halogen, CFL (Compact Fluorescent) and LED (Light Emitting Diode).

An improved form of traditional incandescent lighting, Halogen bulbs are considered slightly more efficient therefore remain widely available for purchase, but a significant amount of the electricity used to power Halogen filament technology is converted to heat rather than light resulting in a lot of wasted energy.

As Pictured Above: The Buds Table Lamp from Foscarini

Simple and cheap to manufacture, a Halogen bulb has a typical lifespan of only 750-1000 hours; however, A CFL bulb is 67-80% more efficient at converting electricity into visible light by energising a combination of argon gas and mercury vapour with an electric current, creating UV light energy that is then converted to visible light when absorbed by the phosphor coating of the CFL bulb.

Although expensive to produce and necessary to dispose of properly due to non-eco-friendly chemicals, CFL bulbs can last up to 10,000 hours making it a cost-effective light source in terms of output and long-term savings.

LED technology is widely considered the most energy-efficient and economical light source by far, using roughly 90% less energy than a Halogen bulb. Despite the high initial cost, LED is unaffected by frequent operation and has a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.

Executed by an electric current passing through a semiconductor, this can be easily controlled to offer a variety of LED colour temperatures ranging from a soft warm white to a crisp bright daylight, providing a highly energy efficient lighting solution for any room of the house.


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The Best Thing on Four Legs

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Accommodating extra family and friends around the dinner table at Christmas can be a perplexing task. Extending tables with hardwearing ceramic tops present the perfect balance of flexibility and durability when entertaining larger volumes of guests.

Merging ease of use with style, the Connubia Calligaris Eminence Table and Calligaris Omnia Table showcase modernised extension mechanisms in the form of a swift push-pull system with coordinating ceramic extensions. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, both designs allow the legs to follow the length of the table when extended; a convenient feature that maximises space and ensures that everyone is seated comfortably.

As Picture Above: The Calligaris Omnia Extendable Table

With finishes ranging from rustic stone to glamorous Golden Onyx marble, a ceramic table top will act as an impressive backdrop for festive inspired table displays whilst enriching commonplace interior settings. Pair with classic wood frames or sleek metal variations such as the Bontempi Casa Cruz Extendable Table where stylish angular legs give an architectural feel, strongly reinforced by a range of incredibly durable Super Ceramic tops.  

The unique combination of ceramic bonded to glass makes tables such as the Bontempi Casa Pascal Extendable Table and Calligaris Duca Ceramic Table ultra heat and scratch proof, with high resistance to chemical and oils. Designed to withstand everyday usage, deceptively smaller tables can be quickly transformed to host up to 12 people with delicious hot dishes served directly onto the tabletop straight from the oven. 


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Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween is approaching, and whilst many of us may not be fond of customary decorations there are a range of alternative and stylish ways to decorate the home.

Get creative by exchanging traditional orange pumpkins for striking painted variations. Using metallic finishes including gold, silver, and bronze will generate an unconventional and subtly glamorous celebration of it's seasonally plump and organic form. Display in tumbling compositions both indoors and outdoors or as a unique table decoration for dinner parties. Both will stand out as a stylish feature that can work beyond Halloween into future Autumn festivities.


As pictured above from left to right: Diesel Foscarini Rock Suspension Light and  White Noise Suspension Light.

Further this with centrepieces and arrangements with Autumn inspired foliage such as twigs and branches. Bringing the outdoors indoors, is perfect for creating connotations with an underlying dramatic dark forest feel. Certain scents including cinnamon, orange, and spices can be the ultimate indicator of a season change. By introducing these to the home it will naturally enliven the senses and heighten the introduction of rich outdoor elements.

Finally, relish the opportunity to introduce on-trend black accent into your space. Cutting-edge brand Diesel Foscarini showcase doses in the form of modern shapes and sensuous suspended black lines, with designs such as the Rock and White Noise Suspension Lights you can accelerate a stylised shift to the darker side that will last all year round.


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Back To Sleep

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Classified as less than 7 hours a night, research has recently suggested that western society is 'chronically sleep deprived.' Concerns that sleep deprivation is being overlooked as a public health problem have been highlighted due to it's a powerful link to Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, obesity and mental health issues.

Maintaining the recommended 8-9 hours a night can have a profound impact on our happiness and wellness, more so than a significant pay rise according to The National Centre for Social Research. Confirming that money cannot buy a good nights sleep, this does establish the importance of cultivating healthy bedtime routines and environments. 

As Pictured Above: The Bonaldo Blanket Bed

Promoting warmth, softness and a sense of protection, the Blanket Bed from Bonaldo aesthetically translates the cognitive association we should all have with our bed and its surroundings. When investing in a new bed, the required size, height, and mattress firmness can dramatically differ from person to person so be sure to carefully reassess both your physical and spatial needs.

Ergonomics suggest couples sleep better in a bigger bed, larger than a standard double size decreases the risk of disturbing each other's sleep. A high bed will sit comfortably in larger rooms with higher ceilings, otherwise, consider a low variation to create a minimalist feel that is both relaxed and grounded.  

Cushions and bedding are a key addition to enhance your comfort but do not miss the opportunity to get creative with these. Incorporating soft textures and calming hues can only help furthermore to create the optimal sleeping space for health and happiness.   

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