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Joyful Japanese Trends

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Organisation has gone mainstream. Following the success of her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo is continuing to influence millions of people across the globe through the well-received Netflix series, Tidying up With Marie Kondo.

By categorising belongings, Kondo's KonMari method encourages homeowners to establish items that ‘spark joy’ in order to determine what should be preserved. This innate organisational approach deeply rooted in Kondo’s homeland, coincides with a Japanese undercurrent that is running throughout interior trends, encouraging an era of consciousness and self-optimisation at home that can benefit our overall energy.


As pictured above: The Lime Living Wall System 009 from Lime Modern Living

Rejecting useless decor and excess clutter, Wall Systems from Lime showcase inner storage with a Japanese philosophy that favours beauty and simplicity through a cultivation of minimal lines. Continue to create a sense of satisfaction and clarity with furnishings that sit low to the ground, this evokes ‘Seiza’ - the formal Japanese sitting tradition observed throughout Tea Ceremonies as a method that encourages the connection of people to the earth.

Obsessing over the details can prompt a less is more look with a peaceful design aesthetic. For a soft visual impact, the texture of organic wood against a subdued colour palette will embrace the on-trend Wabi Sabi concept of celebrating the imperfections of materials in their rawest form.

A simple yet strong presence, tall, sleek and elegant botanicals are perfect for occupying freed-up space in a minimalist setting, while adding a soothing, naturally Zen finishing touch.

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The Modern Nursery

Saturday, 26 January 2019

New year, new beginnings! For expectant parents excitedly anticipating a new arrival in 2019, now is the time to start exploring original nursery trends that are pushing classic baby blue and pink into the back seat.  

Taking the time to consider an interior plan will encourage you to cultivate a nursery that is designed to tie into the contemporary home and grow with your child. Mature, modern trends are easily adaptable spaces that will save time, stress and money over the coming years as they can be transformed to suit your new life and impending toddlers needs.

Calligaris-Gava-Rug   Cane-Line-Climb-Ladder

As pictured above from left to right: The Calligaris Gava Rug and Cane-Line Climb Ladder from Lime

Replacing over-the-top frills for grounding elements and gender-neutral décor creates a relaxed space for both baby and parent. Introduced as a statement feeding chair, the Cane-Line Curve Lounge Chair features a rattan frame that will complement minimalist cots and add a Bohemian southwestern scheme. Provide plenty of extra hanging space and storage by adding the coordinating rattan Climb Ladder and Sweep Basket.

A wallpapered statement wall can be a practical and creative way to build a theme. Animals ignite a child’s imagination in the early years, choosing mature wallpaper prints inspired by nature such as botanicals, woodland or florals provide an exciting visionary source to work with alongside sophisticated framed photos and illustrations.

Signifying relaxation and renewal, Spiced Honey and Sage tones harmoniously connect to the needs of a newborn. Try such on-trend hues with bold patterned rugs or accessories that add monochromatic accent to coax a contemporary yet comforting sanctuary where your baby can rest in peace.

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The Terrazzo Trend

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Once a trend in the seventies, Terrazzo is experiencing a revival. Shifting away from its association with public spaces, ultra-modern Terrazzo options introduce decorative surfaces that have been reformed with a sophisticated element to suit the contemporary home.

Deriving from mosaic art, Terrazzo counters traditional decorative patterns to create a unique surface that exposes marble chips, quartz and other fine elements. Bonded to a single cement bed, this creative process can produce varying colours and unique ornate features.


As pictured above: Terrazzo surface

Currently an interesting alternative to granite and concrete options, terrazzo can be utilised in practical kitchens and bathroom spaces. On traditional countertops or floors, the stone base of this finish maintains traditional neutrality, while adding a dazzling eye-catching effect with an intriguing on-trend artisan appeal.

Introduce the speckled texture of Terrazzo to everyday objects around the home. For Art Deco inspiration, the Alan Giles Fragment Collection by Bonaldo celebrates the beautiful pops of colour variations that this classic craftsmanship has to offer on a conventional coffee tabletop surface.

Easy and cost-effective, contemporary wallpaper trends inspired by Terrazzo provide a simple alternative. Accentuate the quirky and graphic essence of this finish with a range of options from Graham & Brown, which can be used to create a feature wall that complements your desired colour palette.

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Dulux Colour of the Year: 2019

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

As we shift towards 2019 Dulux recently announced Spiced Honey as its colour of the year. Following the cocooning influence of 2018’s Heart Wood, this warming and inviting hue is a positive selection that reflects transformation and awakening.

Described as a ‘warm amber tone’, Dulux believes the versatility of Spiced Honey can be ‘both calming and nourishing or stimulating and energising, depending on the palettes and light surrounding it’. Following a period of retreat, going forward, this shade signals a universal desire for positive action, optimism and purpose.


As pictured above: Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 - Spiced Honey

By inviting tones of amber and rich caramel into a living room setting, Dulux warmly demonstrates the soothing qualities of Spiced Honey when applied to walls. A cool and earthy grey sofa creates a timeless setting, while a linear black accent piece, such as the Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini brings an intentionally graphic edge.

Providing balance in the bedroom, an energising yet zesty aura reinforces enough positivity in the morning to get you out of bed, while soothing hints of ochre encourage rest and reflection to promote a good nights’ sleep. Introduce a contrast of pure white elements such as the Drift Bed in soft leather texture to harmonise the scheme even more.

Get tactile with textiles to truly spice up this shade - leather and velvet cushions or throws in muted pastel tones will help to spatially inject the dimension and versatility this colour is set to inspire.

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