Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Sunday, 7 August 2022

We’ve seen in recent years a rise in outdoor dining, and with it, many of us have taken our culinary skills into the open spaces of our gardens. The biggest trend to come out of this is pizza ovens, with their producing freshly baked pizza, looking stylish, and creating a great talking point. 

We’ve had a look around for some reputable designs that'll look fantastic while cooking delicious tasting pizzas.

Gozney Core PIzza Oven    Igneus Classico Pizza Oven
Pictured above: Core by Gozney and Classico by Igneus

The Gozney Core is a customisable restaurant grade wood-fired oven that comes in parts and allows you to build the oven into any design you wish. Available in 4 different sizes, can be assembled in hours, and best of all, once it’s up and running, you can cook a pizza in just 60 seconds — surely outdoor dining at its finest. 

The Igneus Classico Pizza Oven adds a bold pop of colour to any outside space with its stainless steel shell available in a wide selection of colourways. This oven is completely portable and cooks two pizzas in around 90 seconds so not only does it add some zest to your outside area, but it’s super fast and convenient too. 

Ooni Karu Pizza Oven   Morso Forno Pizza Oven
Pictured above: Karu by Ooni and Forno by Morsø

Also portable, the Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is a durable oven that cooks 16” pizzas in 60 seconds and comes complete with a digital thermometer. The oven also has foldable legs for convenient storage, tucking away when you’re not using it. Or take the stylish Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven made of double-coated cast iron in a horizontal egg shape that neatly delivers all the pizza wood-firing you need. 

Fuego Black Mosaic Pizza Oven   Fuego Stone 90 Pizza Oven
Pictured above: Wood fired ovens by Fuego

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking to explore something more custom then we simply love these Fuego Wood Fired Ovens. These Spanish fire clay ovens are all made by hand and bespoke to your specifications meaning they can craft the ultimate design all the way you want it. 

So transfer your culinary prowess to the garden and install a luxury wood fired oven into your outdoor space; it makes entertaining an absolute breeze.

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Stunning Storage

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Storage is the largest battle for any interior as it's perfectly natural not to want every possession on display, but so many storage options will compromise on the aesthetic of our spaces. We’ve found some artful sideboard designs by Cattelan Italia that stand alone as bold interior statements, all whilst doubling up as spacious storage for all your hidden gems. 

Cattelan Italia Royalton Sideboard   Cattelan Italia Lavander Sideboard
Pictured above: Royalton and Lavander

The Royalton Sideboard is regal in inspiration and features striking patterned polyurethane front doors available in 2 or 3 door options. If patterns are what you’re looking for, the Lavander Sideboard will deliver in a stylish and contemporary way. Featuring doors in brushed bronze or brushed grey lacquered wood with an undulating lavender-inspired embossed pattern that resembles an elegant weave. The design can come in optional high or low styles, and the storage compartments featuring glass shelves and can include optional graphite wood drawers in each section for added functionality. 

Cattelan Italia Chelsea Sideboard   Cattelan Italia Kayak Sideboard
Pictured above: Chelsea and Kayak

For a simple yet effective approach, the Chelsea Sideboard is a stunning contemporary design featuring an eight-sided lacquered wood frame with a complimentary glass top and internal transparent clear glass shelves, all available in a choice of finishes. Or the Kayak Sideboard which stands out with its multifaceted doors and frame in a selection of finishes. The interior storage compartments come with clear glass shelves and can include optional internal drawers if required. 

Cattelan Italia Focus Crystalart Sideboard   Cattelan Italia Carnaby Sideboard
Pictured above: Focus CrystalArt and  Carnaby

To really explore the potential for bold and artistic storage designs then consider the Focus CrystalArt Sideboard or the Carnaby Sideboard, both of which offer a small slice of art installation whilst cleverly hiding themselves as storage solutions. The Focus CrystalArt Sideboard is a unique design featuring a choice of decorative CrystalArt glass doors with a lacquered wood frame, and comes as either 2 or 3 door options. The Carnaby Sideboard features a distinctive detailing on the mirrored glass door fronts with vertical lines for a strikingly bold aesthetic. Both of these designs come with clear glass shelves and optional drawers in each compartment. 

So turn your storage solutions into the highlight and utilise a much needed room requirement to extend your design needs without losing all the space you need for your homely possessions.  

New Sits Sofa Collection

Saturday, 16 July 2022

Contemporary sofa manufacturer Sits have released some exciting new designs that sit at the forefront of modern lounge comfort. Here we have selected some additions to the collection which ooze style and lend an exciting new meaning to modular. As always, availability in a huge array of unique fabrics, colours and finishes means endless looks for any one item. 

Sits Edda Sofa   Sits Edda Sofa
Pictured above: Edda Sofa

The Edda Sofa is completely customisable, from the layout configuration right through to whether to include armrests or not, providing you great flexibility to present this design any way you want to suit your interior. The bold square lines and deep seats provide a contemporary aesthetic and the entire unit is available in straight or corner styles, and a multitude of fabrics and finishes. 

Sits Paul Sofa   Sits Paul Sofa
Pictured above:  Paul Sofa

Similarly, the Paul Sofa is sleek and contemporary, with its clean lines, angled backrest, and broad armrests for comfort, this design takes the 'ordinary' and makes it extraordinary. Available in a wide selection of fabrics and finishes. 

Sits Britt Sofa   Sits Britt Sofa
Pictured above: Britt Sofa

If you like understated yet punchy designs then the Britt Sofa delivers. Featuring a low-rise back, slim armrests and cushioned backrest pillows, this relaxed design offers effortless design prowess. For even more of a statement, you can add optional flange-edged scatter cushions in a selection of sizes.

Colin Sofa Bed   Colin Sofa Bed
Pictured above: Colin Sofa Bed

The minimalist-inspired Colin Sofa Bed offers slim rectangular armrests that follow a wraparound back with welcoming cushions and discreet wood feet, all whilst disguising the functionality of turning into a bed for those occasions when you need more sleeping space. 

Sits Vera Armchair   Sits Uma Armchair
Pictured above: Uma Armchair

Lastly, new armchairs have cleverly delivered modern twists on a timeless blueprint. The Vera and Teddy Armchairs both offer confident takes on simple design, featuring high armrests that rise to meet a wraparound backrest, and broad seats showcasing soft square lines. For a more retro stamp, the Uma Armchair is characterised by a boldly rounded shape and an oversized seat cushion — it also has the option of a swivelling base. 

So explore the latest designs from a brand that can turn the contemporary seat into new timeless classics to be appreciated for many years to come — and extend your interiors up into very comfortable new heights. 

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Multiple Pendant Lights

Monday, 20 June 2022

Overhead lighting has become more than just a way to light up a space; it is now being used to draw the focus upwards and to utilise the entire room. Pendant lighting is a great way of drawing the gaze of the room whilst also allowing a style-signature to sit within the rest of the space, and this can be enhanced even further when you solidify the statement with multiple pendants.

Here we have selected our top lighting solutions that all have multiple pendant options, allowing you to create a lighting installation that could be mistaken for art.

Bontempi Casa Blow Suspension Light   Bontempi Casa Blow Suspension Light
Pictured above: Blow by Bontempi Casa

Take the Blow Suspension Light by Bontempi Casa it’s delicate borosilicate glass pendant complete with opaque binder glass diffuser references the act of the glass being blown and forms a bubble of glass that gives the illusion of floating. Available in various sizes allowing you to really customise a setup that best elevates your space.

Cattelan Italia Melody Suspension Cluster   Cattelan Italia Melody Suspension Cluster
Pictured above:  Melody by Cattelan Italia 

Similarly, the Melody Suspension Cluster by Cattelan Italia feature a variety of shaped Fume Smoke Glass diffusers that when clustered together can create a bold and unique installation.

Foscarini Aplomb Suspension Light   Foscarini Aplomb Suspension Light
Pictured above: Aplomb by Foscarini

For those contemporary spaces that need a little uniform, the Aplomb Suspension Light by Foscarini is a design worth looking at. The inverted cone shape is made of concrete giving it that raw texture and feel, which works great as both a contrasting industrial element and as a complementary pairing. Available in several colour options allowing great customisation of your cluster for added design suitability. 

Cattelan Italia Bamboo Suspension LIght   Cattelan Italia Bamboo Suspension LIght
Pictured above: Bamboo by Cattelan Italia

Another great contemporary solution is the Bamboo Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia with an opulent LED light split into two halves of smoked and satin white glass, all encased in a burnished steel frame. This design when clustered together can create a real statement within a space whilst also casting a lot of light. 

Foscarini Tress Stilo Suspension LIght   Foscarini Tress Stilo Suspension LIght
Pictured above: Tress Stilo by Foscarini


Lastly, if you’re looking for a design a little bolder, then the retro Tress Stilo Suspension Light by Foscarini is a great choice. Featuring a woven composite material diffuser in black or white lacquered fibreglass finishes. The length of these pendants allow for a dramatic draw of the eye and cast light in interesting ways around the room due to their unique pattern.

So if height in your space is something you want to utilise, then adding a multiple pendant lighting design is not just a ‘bright idea’ — but a stylish one too. 

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