Colourful Mix & Match Finishes

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Gone are the days when interiors had to be muted and tonal to stay stylish; for many years now designers have turned to brighter and bolder colour palettes to fearlessly create masterful spaces. An easy fix is to add a splash of colour onto a wall or ceiling, whether that be carried throughout an entire space or kept to a feature — but to truly explore the subtle science of colour, why not try to mix and match?

Connubia Yo! Chairs and Stools   Bontempi Casa Polo Chair Wood Legs
Pictured above: Yo! by Connubia Calligaris and Polo by Bontempi Casa

You can use contrasting colours, or play with similar tones, using great designs to draw the colour play into the entire space. Try a mix of contemporary Vela Chairs by Calligaris, or the retro Yo! family by Connubia Calligaris with mix and matched legs and seats, to really bring a bold pop of "wow" to the room. If you like this concept, you can explore further with contrast seats and seat backs on the Bontempi Casa Polo range of chairs and stools — from the simple Polo Chair and Bar Stool, to the bold Polo Spider Leg and Polo Wood Leg Chairs, you can really introduce colour the way you want to with these stylish designs. 

Bontempi Casa Cosmopolitan Sideboard   Bontempi Casa Lexington Bookcase
Pictured above: Cosmopolitan Sideboard and Lexington Bookcase by Bontempi Casa

For adding blocks of colour, the Bontempi Casa Cosmopolitan Sideboard family gives you the design power to combine a range of finishes on cupboard fronts, tops, even the grooves and joints of the units; meaning you can truly dazzle in your choices. The designs come in a range of sizes — something to fit every space. 

Continuing the theme of contrasting colour against the wall, the Lexington Bookcase by Bontempi Casa makes a geometric statement with its frame, whilst adding pops of colour with the additional shelving pieces. The bookcase can be customised with as few or as many as you want, adding an exciting element to the space with dimensional colour-play. 

With so many ways of delivering colour into your space, you’ll easily find new and innovative ways to bring this trend to life.  

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Showstopping Ceramics

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Ceramic is an innovative material that allows us to truly combine practicality and design. This hardwearing material enables fluid shapes and beautiful patterns to be used, yet maintains its structure and resists scratches — adding durability to many designs. We’ve curated some showstopping ceramic tables to give you a bold and stylish dining space. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   Cattelan Italia Arenal Keramik
Pictured above: Butterfly Table and Arenal Keramik by Cattelan Italia

Take the Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia with its infinity loop ‘butterfly’ base made of either titanium or bronze lacquered steel — this stunning design will get everyone talking. Or the Skorpio Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia; with a geometric sculptural metal base and ceramic top in a host of finishes, this contemporary design is becoming a classic.

Cattelan Italia Makalu Keramik   Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table
Pictured above: Makalu Keramik and Skorpio Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia

The Millennium Table by Bontempi Casa is a striking design with an angled metal frame base in a choice of colours that intertwines and overlaps to create a truly unique shape, and supports a ceramic top in a variety of extending and non extending styles. 

Bontempi Casa MIllennium Table   Bontempi Casa Glossy Grey White Ceramic Marble top
Pictured above: Millennium Table and Glossy Grey White Ceramic Marble by Bontempi Casa

For an understated look, the Universe Table by Bontempi Casa features a lacquered metal frame made up of supporting ‘H’ shaped sections, complete with decorative details in contrasting metals. Again the base supports a luxurious top available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Bontempi Casa Glossy Noir Desir Ceramic Marble top   Bontempi Casa Universe Table
Pictured above: Glossy Noir Desir Ceramic Marble and Universe Table by Bontempi Casa

So take a daring step into the world of modern design and give your space a ceramic statement, knowing it can withstand the realities of every day dining. 

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Carver Chairs

Thursday, 9 September 2021

We’ve come to know the carver chair simply as a dining chair with arms, often found at the end of a table where the head of the household would sit — and traditionally, carve meat. We’ve seen them gain a lot of popularity in recent years with more of us turning to a more comfortable and relaxed experience when dining. The addition of arms provides a place to lean — and a little extra something to push against when getting up!

Cattelan Italia Rhonda Chair   Cattelan Italia Zuleika Chair
Pictured above: Rhonda and Zuleika by Cattelan Italia

We like the bold update given to the style in the Rhonda Chair by Cattelan Italia. Its luxurious padded leather seat and stylish metal frame gently curve around to truly hug the sitter. Or for subtle elegance, why not explore the Zuleika Chair by Cattelan Italia, with a curved back that slopes effortlessly into the armrests and envelops the seat. 

Porada Evelin Chair   Bontempi Casa Margot Chair
Pictured above: Evelin by Porada and Margot by Bontempi Casa

For a take on this timeless design that's more traditional in appearance, the Evelin Chair by Porada adds a stylish twist, with solid ash frame, padded seat and rounded backrest. The thick frame design takes a maximalist approach to a simple concept. Or the Margot Chair Wood Legs by Bontempi Casa mixes the welcome of a fully upholstered seat and armrests with a simple-but-bold wood frame. 

Carver Chairs have made their permanent mark in our interior arsenal, and we don’t think that will change anytime soon.

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Outdoor Coffee Tables

Saturday, 28 August 2021

As more of us explore the outdoors and find new ways of hosting and relaxing, it’s not surprising that there has been a high demand for functional outdoor furniture, and that includes coffee tables. Outdoor designs need to be weather resistant and treated to ensure they will not endure any damage outside — but still look good! So we’ve hand picked our top designs in this category.

Cane-line Twist Coffee Table   Cane-line Level Teak Coffee Table
Pictured above: Twist and Level by Cane-line

The Twist Rectangular Coffee Table by Cane-line is a sleek design that features a lightweight frame, and central crossbar support, in lava grey marine-grade powder coated aluminium. The ceramic tabletop is smooth yet hard wearing, and the roomy rectangular form extends the practicality. The Level Teak Coffee Table by Cane-line takes a minimalist aluminium frame, and then introduces two levels of slatted hardwood teak, perfect for a more natural finish. This design is available in either a rectangular or square shape. 

Cane-line Royal Coffee Table   Cane-line Nest Coffee Table
Pictured above: Royal and Nest by Cane-line

To really embrace a more natural finish why not consider the Royal Coffee Table by Cane-line. It's made from a weather-friendly hardwood teak and features three broad slats. This rustic homely design allows you to bring the warmth of the inside, into the natural beauty of the outside. If that sounds like a concept you want to embrace, the Nest Coffee Table by Cane-line is a design that breathes the outside. With its basket weave rattan-inspired design in highly durable materials it really encapsulates the spirit of the great outdoors. Complete with or without a fixed safety glass top, giving you freedom over how you want to utilise the surface. 

So sit back, relax, and bring the comfort and convenience of a coffee table into your outdoor space.

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