Velvet Dining Chairs

Friday, 14 February 2020

Looking to introduce a little more luxury into your home? A simple yet effective start is through the introduction of velvet dining chairs into your dining space. 

Calligaris' Love Chair, pictured below in brick red, oozes luxury with its quilted texture, velvet material and golden legs. The cushioned seat is not only visually stunning but comfortable too. Pair with an equally bold table such as the Calligaris Stellar Ceramic Table.

The Calligaris Inès Chair is a more retro yet still luxurious chair with a curved upholstered seat and backrest pad on an elegant slim metal frame. Again why not match an accent colour such as forest green a perfect alternative to neutral colours, with a gold frame for a bold look.

Calligaris Love Dining Chair      Bontempi Casa Sveva Chair

Pictured above: Calligaris' Love Chair and Bontempi Casa's Sveva Chair.

Bontempi Casa's Sveva Chair is a sophisticated design featuring a stylish tailored seat. The unique upholstery is available in a range of fabric or leather choices, with an optional contrasting V-shaped insert on either side. With wooden legs, this chair is perfect for a a neutral colour scheme.

An alternative to velvet, for those who favour a little more practicality, Bontempi Casa offers a waterproof Nabuk. It has a similar look and feel but can withstand a lot more, for instance spilled drinks from little ones or party guests. Their Nubia Chair wears it well, with a contemporary high back shape fully upholstered from top to toe.

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Layered Coffee Tables

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Over the past couple years there has been a growth in interest in interior design and stylised living rooms. From this it seems many have awakened to the idea that when it comes to coffee tables, two is almost always better than one.

Layered coffee tables are perfect for the sort of person who grows easily bored with their interiors. If you’re someone who moves the sofa from the window to the opposite wall around every three months, then you’re really going to enjoy this concept. Group differently sized tables together to cleverly create one layered coffee table, or move them apart and use some of the pieces as end tables. The formula is entirely up to you. Here at Lime Modern Living we have plenty of options for you to create your own perfect coffee table collection.

Calligaris Tweet Coffee Table Cattelan Italia Billy Keramik Coffee Tables

Pictured above: Calligaris' Tweet and Cattelan Italia's Billy Keramik

The Calligaris Tweet is available in multiple finishes, heights and shapes perfect for creating a layered coffee table collection. This coffee table also comes in a conjoined version, so if time or creativity isn’t your strong suit, there's a pre-made layered-look ready for you.

The Bontempi Casa Hip Hop coffee table is perfect for the most sophisticated, with its clean sharp edges and angular legs this oozes with modernity. This table has a glass top and would look perfect juxtaposed with another table with a matt finish.

The Cattelan Italia Billy Keramik table is arguably the most perfect table for layering. Available in various heights and sizes, and also in a set of three, this table is designed to be layered. Pictured here is the Keramik version, but this table is also available in wood and gloss, purchase one of each for a varied look.

If space is limited, without room for a coffee table collection, the Cattelan Italia Sting side table is most likely the best option for you. Available in various heights and sizes and finishes for the perfect custom look, Sting looks great clustered together along the edge of a sofa.

Along with varied heights, why not mix up the finishes of the tables - this will allow you to pick up multiple accent colours in the interior, tying the room together nicely.

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Ochre and Plaster

Thursday, 2 January 2020

An easy route to a calm living space is to surround ourselves with neutral tones, a mixture of greys and whites filled with texture and a pop of green in the form of a plant or two. But a fresh year can call for a fresh look, and a simple way to build on an existing neutral palette is to add warm pastels like Ochre and Plaster.

As an ancient organic pigment Ochre was used widely in prehistoric art, like the famous Palaeolithic cave murals found in France’s Vézère Valley.  

Decorated Caves of the Vezere Valley - Image copyright Unesco - CC Attribution 3   Calligaris Vela Chair, Hole Rug and Balance Table

Pictured above: Paleolithic paintings, Vézère Valley, France and Vela Chair by Calligaris

Ochre is great for conveying a sense of warmth and intimacy, so is an ideal option for welcoming guests. Combine this cosy, earthy tone with neutrals to create that so-wished-for serene space. Add the yellow-pink hues of plaster, and the two complement each other perfectly. Mix with darker greys to add depth or white to add light into your space.

An example of the latter is the colour scheme featured in the Calligaris Vela Chair room setting. Featuring the Vela in Matt pale pink, the Hole Rug and an optic white Balance Table. The subtle zesty highlights of ochre on the rug, combined with the vases and artwork, add a refreshing tone to the space. This compliments the pink chairs perfectly and the white table adds light to the room, keeping it welcoming.

For a more bold option perhaps add the Sits Karin Sofa in Mustard Bellis with the Calligaris Flag Throw as an accent.

As we move on from Christmas, a time filled with bright reds, greens and golds, it’s nice to create a warm yet tranquil space to come home to.

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Sunday, 22 December 2019

Perhaps due to the influx of social media influencers sharing their living spaces online, people are starting to consider the decoration of their homes with more detail. Home furnishings; floor coverings such as carpets and rugs; and home textiles such as curtains, cushion covers, beds, and other floor coverings, elevate the aesthetic appeal. This has caused a surge of new decorative interior trends such as marble prints, terrazzo and foliage. Brands here at Lime Modern Living have kept up perfectly with these, with new collections and inspiring prints.

Cattelan Italia's Makalu Ceramic is a stunning alternative to marble, featuring rich gold, black and white tones to create luxurious aesthetic. Featured here on the Skorpio Keramik table, with its complex and elegant base, these two together create the perfect conversation piece for any dining space.

Cattelan Italia Convivium Extending Console Table   Cattelan Italia Atlantis Table with CrystalArt top

Pictured above: Skorpio Keramik Table in Makalu Ceramic and Atlantis Table in CrystalArt, by Cattelan Italia

Their CrystalArt is a beautiful geode-inspired design. The water marbled effect on this glass table top has a natural elegance reminiscent of fine artist Olafur Eliasson's Glacial Currents series. Featured on the Atlantis table, the bevelled CrystalArt glass top is complimented by a striking angular feature-base for added style.

Calligaris Terrazzo Rug   Calligaris Fifties Bench in Leaves print velvet

Pictured above: Terrazzo Rug and Inès Chair by Calligaris

Tuning in to a growing desire for a more nature-based aesthetic, the tropical trend is here to stay. Calligaris' Inès chair with a velvet tropical print, oozes modern style, with a combination of lush foliage and muted pink for playful but easy appeal. Their Terrazzo rug confidently nods to another growing trend, with lighthearted reference to terrazzo's origins as a hard flooring material. Its warm browns and greys will add interest and comfort to any space.

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