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Festive Interiors: More Style, Less Stress

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

For some, Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year. If you have not already started giving your home a festive overhaul there is still plenty of to make your space a cut above the rest without the added stress.

The prospect of a traditional Christmas tree can often be messy and time-consuming.  Companies like Balsam Hill present a faux alternative, specifically designed to replicate the ‘lifelike foliage’ of a real tree. Created from the moulds of live tree cuttings, the renowned BH Nordmann Fir features a rich conical silhouette that perfectly imitates one of Europe’s finest evergreens. Opting for a LED pre-lit version will instantly inject a warm, festive ambience whilst relieving the frustration of unravelling last years lights.

As Pictured :  The Cattelan Italia  Atollo  Suspension Light

Resist the temptation to overload your tree, high-quality baubles and a focused colour scheme is often enough to tailor a visually impactive design. Shift away from customary red and green in celebration of this year's metallic trends. Statement copper and brass tones will promote a rustic charm when paired with lush green foliage whilst gold hues will induce a hint of decadence.

The Conran Shops’ exclusive Metallica Collection presents lustrous, handcrafted spheres destined to add depth and sparkle. Equally stylish ornamental inspired pieces from Selfridges present a contrast of textures and shapes that will add character when positioned sporadically. An enticing range of scented baubles in Orange, Christmas Liquor and Gingerbread are perfectly evocative of the festive season, and a unique way to elevate the senses.

Finally, once your Christmas shopping is complete do not hesitate to wrap and ribbon your gifts in coordinating tones finished with string and complementing festive greenery.

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The Power Of Pink

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Looking ahead, Dulux recently declared 'Heart Wood' as the Colour of 2018, suggesting the soothing popularity of Pink will continue to encapsulate the mood of the moment with a duskier and earthy feel. 

Described as a 'warm neutral with a hint of heather,' Dulux believe this calming colour 'sits somewhere between a smokey taupe and a dusky mauve.' Shifting away from powder pink tones, this muted variation still reflects a universal desire for safety and solace in the home during our uncertain times.  

As Pictured Above: The Bonaldo Frame Sideboard, Origami Table and  Bahia Chair

Applied boldly to walls, Bonaldo demonstrate how the neutral tonality of Mauve manifests a cocooning and tranquillizing space. Coordinating with natural elements such as warm walnut or oak wood finishes as seen in the Bonaldo Frame Sideboard.

A versatile alternative to powder pink, this mature palette unites effortlessly with other rich on-trend colours and textures. For a hint of decadence choose to accessorise with sapphire blues and emerald greens, or use alongside warming cocoa browns in the form of sumptuous leather or velvet upholstery.

Alternatively, soften structural shapes with pink by accentuating the Zen concept of symmetry and balance in Japanese inspired designs like the Bonaldo Origami Table

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Autumn Home Essentials

Monday, 18 September 2017

Autumn is fast approaching and focus is shifting towards everyday essentials that will serve our living spaces throughout the colder months ahead. Fuse a range of fundamental interior elements with current trends for the perfect Autumn / Winter space.

Statement lighting

As the evenings draw in, additional lighting is often essential, striking lights such as the Calligaris Code Wave Floor Lamp presenting an ironic interpretation of the traditional lamp, its oversize presence introduces an eye catching feature with the ability to impact the entire feel of a room. When opting for sizable lighting, switch to LED, awareness of the energy saving benefits can result in big savings on your bills over the winter months.

As Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Calligaris Coffee Table, Pixie Rug, Leaf Sofa and Atollo Coffee Table.  Contemporary meets mid-century.

Soft Sofas

Exchanging long summer evenings for cosy nights in can be an enticing transition with the right sofa. Rounded and comforting shapes are set to continue informing current trends well into 2018. Introduced as part of their Milan 2017 Collection, the soft Calligaris Leaf Sofa features subtle high sloping armrests to enhance its relaxed, indulgent appeal. Plush emerald green tones are a favoured finish when partnered alongside glamorous brass accent as seen in the Atollo Coffee Table from Calligaris.  

Textured Rugs

For hard floors or larger rooms, a rug can instantly pull a space together and create a warm intimate ambience. Alongside its comforting quality, a striking patterned variation such as the Calligaris Code Pixie Rug can be used to create texture and tone. Available in red or green, a distinctly modern feel with strong geometric detailing and a two-tone colour palette that will add depth to flat and neutral living areas. 

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Lagom Lifestyle

Monday, 11 September 2017

'Just Right; not too little, not too much.' A simple translation of 'Lagom' the Scandinavian buzzword of the moment.

Considering its minimalist nuances, this basic principle of balance can be easily applied to interior design by adopting a mindful approach to quality over quantity and opposing unnecessary fussy or elaborate design. Although this may be typical of the quintessential Scandinavian aesthetic, Lagom itself is considered more of a lifestyle philosophy amongst the Swedes with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and simplicity.

Renowned Swedish brand IKEA began touching on its essence in 2014 with 'Live Lagom,' a project designed to help people live more sustainably, with the notion of only taking from the planet what they need.


As Pictured Above: The Calligaris Kork Collection as featured in our showroom, made from natural, renewable and eco-friendly Cork.

Advocating various energy saving methods, the project recommends switching to LED bulbs which can last up to 25 years longer than conventional lighting and use up to 85% less energy. Translating minimalism to economic living can also include monitoring food wastage by batch cooking food for freezing or even placing a timer in the bathroom to restrict time spent in the shower and water usage.

Frequently voted as one of the happiest countries in the world, Lagom may be a Swedish concept worth adopting.

Life's influences act as a subtle reminder of how implementing small everyday changes in the home can have a bigger impact on our overall well-being and quality of life. Integrating these healthy habits will not only help to minimise our energy outgoings by up to 50% but also maximise our time through a more or balanced, organised self.

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