Statement Headboards

Sunday, 28 March 2021

We spend a lot of time finding both a bed and a mattress that will ensure our sleep is as comfortable as it can be, but what many of us don’t realise is that our headboards can be equally as important — they've become quite a pivotal part of our bedroom. 

We can rest up against them whilst we’re watching TV, reading a book, or treating ourselves to breakfast in bed; while in the night they reduce drafts, and protect our heads from any unexpected bumps should we toss and turn.  

So taking all that into account, it’s important to consider what we need from our headboard, and of course what will compliment our decor. 

Cattelan Italia Ayrton bed   Porada Aida Headboard
Pictured above:  Ayrton Bed by Cattelan Italia and Aida Headboard by Porada

Take the Aida Headboard by Porada, it’s stylish design features tailored vertical piping with contrasting Canaletto Walnut base and end profiles. It also comes in various sizes, one which comfortably runs parallel to the size of the bed, and another which wraps around the bed and extends out to also engulf two bedroom side tables, really allowing the headboard to become a strong focal point in the room. 

For something equally as elegant yet a little less bold, the Ayrton Bed by Cattelan Italia features a curved quilted headboard in a selection of fabrics and leathers. Or why not explore the bohemian chic undertones of the Marlon Bed by Cattelan Italia with it’s ruched upholstered headboard and wood-finish frame. The headboard appears to drape behind the frame, giving it a very relaxed and sophisticated feel. 

Cattelan Italia Marlon bed   Cattelan Italia William Headboard
Pictured above:  Marlon Bed and William Headboard by Cattelan Italia

If you want to really make a statement, you might consider a headboard that extends high above the bed, utilising the height of the room while showcasing its detail and design. The William Headboard by Cattelan Italia comes in a range of synthetic or real leathers and features vertical and horizontal grid stitching details. This headboard really pops visually, with its grid pattern simple yet bold and striking, allowing it both to pull focus and compliment when needed. Equally, the Enya Capitone Headboard by Porada can draw your eye, with its diamond pattern and buttons to compliment, along with an elegant wood frame. This headboard takes a more traditional design but has magnified its details, bringing it into a contemporary era.

Whether you’re going for height and elegance, or simplicity and sophistication, ensure your headboard makes the statement you want it to. 

Contemporary Footstools

Sunday, 21 March 2021

We all enjoy putting our feet up and relaxing after a long day, so why not let's do it in style and pull those footstools into focus. We’ve curated some of our favourites to not only provide your room with some bold statement pieces, but to offer all the comfort you need when taking a load off. 

Porada Smile Pouf   Bontempi Casa Puffoso Pouf
Pictured above:  Smile by Porada and Puffoso by Bontempi Casa

The Smile Pouf by Porada features a cylinder shaped cushion that is wrapped inside a hoop frame made of solid ash. This innovative yet elegant footrest makes a bold statement, and will compliment interiors that are luxurious and design-led. 

The Puffoso Pouf by Bontempi Casa will appeal to those who seek a more understated approach to design. With its cylinder shaped cushion supported and overlapped by lacquered metal legs, it may be minimal in its approach, but it packs a mighty stylish punch. Available in a wide range of fabrics and finishes, this footrest is sure to elevate an interior.

Cattelan Italia Bob Pouf   Porada Alcide Pouf
Pictured above:  Bob by Cattelan Italia and Alcide by Porada

For those spaces that require more traditional designs, the Bob Pouf by Cattelan Italia or the Alcide Circle Pouf by Porada both offer luxurious fabric selections that highlight their quilted patterns and button detailing. These footstools offer great flexibility as they can be paired with sofas with ease, or work well as standalone pieces to really broadcast the elegance around your space. 

Whether you want some additional overflow seating, or you want to treat your feet to some added comfort, footstools have secured their place in our homes as very a contemporary design trend. 

Natural Fibre Rugs

Sunday, 14 March 2021

We’re all seeking new ways of reducing our carbon footprint, and for most of us that means making more conscious decisions in our clothing selections, produce, and even interiors. Natural elements in interiors have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, so it’s not surprising that natural fibre rugs have become something of a staple in many of our homes. 

Natural Fibre rugs are not just more eco friendly, but they are more hygienic; not to mention they feel great under your feet and will wear well. 

Fabula Felicia Rug   Fabula Gimle Rug
Pictured above:  Felicia and Gimle by Fabula

Take the Balder, Felicia or Gimle rugs by Fabula - all made from different combinations of either wool, cotton, or linen, and all offering stylish colourways or pattern selections to compliment their contemporary designs. The Balder and Felicia rugs also offer a trim which is a great way of neatly highlighting the edges, and allows you the freedom to integrate additional colours and lines into your space. 

Fabula Odin Rug   Fabula Gisli Rug
Pictured above:  Odin and Gisli by Fabula

If you prefer a flat woven fabric, then the Gisli and Odin rugs by Fabula are what you are looking for. Both feature bold yet stylish patterns and designs in a variety of colours, made by either hand looming or hand knotting combinations of wool, cotton, and linen which just adds to the overall texture and feel of the finished items. 

If anything, the natural fibres that make up these rugs provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and they give some peace of mind that you have made a more environmentally responsible decision. Have a look at your spaces, and if you’re entertaining installing a rug — why not select one made from natural fibres. 

Bringing Back Wingbacks

Friday, 5 March 2021

Chairs are a secure staple in the home, but with so many different designs and styles, we often see a rotation of trends; and the latest trend we’ve seen is the wingback chair. 

This traditional chair design — also known as the wing chair or fireside chair — normally features a high back with ‘wings’ that gently wrap around you. Originally designed in the 1600’s, they didn’t see a rise in popularity until the 1720’s, so it’s safe to say that this design is deep rooted in history. Nowadays, we’ve seen the design evolve into more contemporary and innovative shapes and styles, but all featuring the traditional enveloping feel. 

Calligaris Holly Armchair   Connubia Tuka Armchair
Pictured above:  Holly by Calligaris  and Tuka by Connubia Calligaris

Take the Holly Armchair by Calligaris or the Tuka Armchair by Connubia Calligaris — both have the signature wraparound wings from their backrests, but both feature lower backrests than their original inspirations. Their legs are cylindrical metal rods that give a sweeping retro nod to a contemporary style, and all parts are available in a vast array of fabrics and finishes. 

For the more sophisticated and decadent interior, the Long Island Armchair by Bontempi offers a soft padded seat with a high back and wings that gently descend down into armrests. Featuring either a static metal base or a rotating metal swivel base, this luxurious design is available in a range of fabrics and finishes which lends itself comfortably to various interiors. 

Bontempi Long Island Armchair   Porada Liala Armchair
Pictured above:  Long Island by Bontempi and Liala by Porada

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, the Liala Armchair by Porada has a solid Canaletto Walnut frame with maple wood edging details. This design also comes with either a relaxed low back or luxurious high back to suit your needs, both of which feature a top edge wing that drops vertically and then extends out into step shaped arms. Despite its traditional design, the Liala is available in a selection of fabrics and finishes meaning you can easily fit this into a whole host of spaces. 

So if you haven’t considered chairs for your next interior project, why not explore the wingback trend.

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