Sculptural Simple White Lamps

23 January 2024

Lighting has taken on new forms in recent years, at times moving away from colour to focus on shapes and silhouettes. With the addition of this trend, many lighting designs have become more like sculptures and works of art for our spaces, allowing for a visual appeal that contributes to the composition of a room whether on or off.

Here are some of our favourite sculptural, yet simple white lamps all from design house Foscarini that will bring this trend into your own space.    

Foscarini Kurage Table Lamp   Foscarini Gregg Table Lamp   
Pictured: Kurage and Gregg

The Kurage Table Lamp is an innovative design with a story of its own. Kurage is actually Japanese for Jellyfish and this design resembles its namesake well, being inspired by the rhythmic nature of this sea creature. Combining lightweight legs with a dome white natural-edge paper diffuser, allowing for a soft glow with a brilliantly authentic hand-crafted aesthetic. 

In comparison, the Gregg Table Lamp is an organic and free-flowing formed shape made of acid etched blown glass. The diffuser sits on top of a discreet coated metal base and can act brilliantly as a standalone centrepiece or cleverly incorporated into an already established collection of sculptures.

Foscarini Buds Table Lamp   Foscarini Rituals Table Lamp
Pictured: Buds and Rituals

More classic in aesthetic is the Buds Table Lamp which features a satin blown glass diffuser on top of a transparent acrylic base, its minimalist glow allowing you to create your very own art installation. 

Lastly are the Rituals Table Lamps, a collection of lightweight lantern-inspired designs featuring an engraved blown glass diffuser with a textured, 'pleated' surface, which stands on a three legged metal base. The variety of shapes available allows you to cluster them together for added flair.

Taking these lighting designs and working them into your spaces as installations in their own right allows you to enjoy both their function and their simple beauty; why not play with some new designs and see what works in your space. 


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