Cattelan Italia's Masterwood Dining Tables

29 February 2024

The Masterwood tables by Cattelan Italia are a perfect example of the brand’s insistence on taking contemporary furniture design that bit further. The unique wood top is an intriguing blend of quirk and craftsmanship, comprising strips of assorted lengths arranged diagonally, with distinctive cut-off corners and gracefully bevelled sides. Now with several varied base designs to choose from, each available in two sizes and two rich wood finishes, the Masterwood Tables offer a wealth of options to lift any space.

Cattelan Italia Masterwood Table Top   Cattelan Italia Tyron Masterwood Table   
Pictured: Tyron Masterwood Table 

Among the standout designs within the collection is the Tyron Masterwood table, which boasts clean lines and a sleek, minimalist silhouette. Perfect for modern dining rooms or stylish office spaces, the Tyron table exudes understated luxury.

Cattelan Italia Lancer Masterwood Table    
Pictured: Lancer Masterwood Table

For those with a penchant for statement pieces, the Lancer Masterwood table is sure to captivate. With its striking angular base and bold, geometric design, the Lancer table commands attention and adds a touch of drama to any room.

Cattelan Italia Skorpio Masterwood Table    Cattelan Italia Masterwood Table Top   
Pictured: Skorpio Masterwood Table

Meanwhile, the Skorpio Masterwood table embodies timeless style with its sculptural angles and refined detailing. Ideal for intimate dinners or grand gatherings, the Skorpio table effortlessly combines form and function to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Cattelan Italia Atrium Masterwood Table   
Pictured: Atrium Masterwood Table

Last but not least, the Atrium Masterwood table offers a contemporary twist on simple form. Featuring a distinctive pedestal base of dimpled mirrored glass, the Atrium table is bold and delightful, making it the perfect focal and talking point for a living or dining area.

With their impeccable craftsmanship and timeless appeal, these tables are sure to elevate any interior space to new heights of refinement. View the entire collection here.


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