Cattelan Italia Skorpio Masterwood Table

Canaletto Walnut
Burnt Oak
Graphite Lacquer Steel
Bronze Lacquer Steel
Titanium Lacquer Steel
Brushed Bronze Steel
Brushed Grey Lacquer Steel
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  • Black Lacquer SteelBlack Lacquered Steel
  • Graphite Lacquer SteelGraphite Lacquered Steel
  • Pearl Lacquer SteelPearl Lacquered Steel
  • Titanium Lacquer SteelTitanium Lacquered Steel
  • Bronze Lacquer SteelBronze Lacquered Steel
  • Brushed Bronze Lacquer SteelBrushed Bronze Lacquered Steel
  • Brushed Grey Lacquer SteelBrushed Grey Lacquered Steel
  • Brushed Oxybrass Lacquer SteelBrushed Oxybrass Lacquered Steel

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The Skorpio Masterwood Table is characterised by a sculptural frame of four conjoined angular sections spanning outwards and upwards to meet a contemporary top of diagonally-laid wood lengths, finished with angled edges and cutaway corners.

A variety of embossed and lacquered finishes can be selected for the frame, with a choice of woods and rounded rectangular sizes for the top. 

View the rest of the Skorpio family.

Cattelan Italia: A high-end designer Italian brand with a distinctive and unique collection of designs. Cattelan Italia seamlessly marries form and function within the entire product range creating timeless pieces with beautiful finishes.

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