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Creating the Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table

28 June 2022

Seeping in contemporary elegance and style, after only two years the Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia has become something of a signature design for the brand. The form showcases an infinity loop inspired base which harmoniously supports a large table top. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   
Pictured above: Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia

The process of creation of this design showcases the pure craftsmanship and skill that still exists within the interiors world today, and allows you to share this celebration of craft and design within your own home. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - steel base being moved through rollers   

The infinity loop base is made of steel which is carefully rolled out and manipulated into shape using large rollers.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - centre section being fused together   

The centre section is then fused together for added stability and the entire steel frame is set into shape.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - Base being polished by hand   

This is then subject to a series of etches and polishes that prepare the steel for the next stage. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table - Brushed base being hand finished   

The base is lacquered through embossing or airbrushing, allowing you to decide on the finish you prefer.

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   
Pictured above: Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia

Once these processes are completed, final touches by the way of protecting feet are added and of course the table top, in transparent glass or ceramic (in a multitude of designs) is then connected to the base frame. The refinement and overall skill involved with the making of this stunning design is a reminder of the passion that Cattelan Italia have for interiors and how they lend themselves to enhancing and adding to our own spaces and passions. You can watch Cattelan Italia's 'making of' video here.

Foscarini: Mouth Blown Glass

22 September 2017

A second instalment from the 'Foscarini Presents' short film collection beautifully demonstrates the unique process of mouth blown glass.

Articulating the distinctly personal touch behind stunning glass creations such as Chouchin, Tartan and Rituals, this behind the scenes footage firmly establishes Foscarini's standards in artistically driven lighting design.

With the days beginning to get shorter now is the ideal time of year to embrace new and creative possibilities to lighting around the home. Prepare to be inspired as Foscarini initiate a subtle reminder that art does not always have to be the type that hangs on walls.

Foscarini Presents: Mouth Blown Glass Process

Cattelan Italia Visit July 2017

10 July 2017

Our sales team spent two days visiting the Cattelan Italia Showroom in Vincenza, Italy. 

Joined by Paolo Cattelan himself, this was an excellent opportunity for us to view some exciting new pieces of the Milan 2017 Collection and develop our knowledge on new finishes that will soon be available across much-loved favourites such as the Skorpio, Spyder and Elliot Keramik tables.

The impressive and vast two storey showroom featured a range of dining tables, coffee tables and sideboards showcasing three new Ceramic finishes that Cattelan have added to their collection; Zinc Brown, Glossy Calacatta Gold and Matt Calacatta Gold each backed on 12mm of glass to help enrich both surface appearance and strength. We liked the way Cattelan have not attempted to imitate marble but rather created high-quality ceramic finishes that take on an appearance of their own.

cattelan italia 

As Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Cattelan Italia Ceramic Zinc Brown Finish and Spiral Coffee Table.

On the second day, we were given a factory tour where we gained further insight into Cattelan's unique production process. When sourcing materials and crafting products, Cattelan carry out almost every single stage of production by hand.  The detail and care taken to get each product right is exceptional. For exciting new additions such as the Dumbo Chair each sheet of leather is cut one piece at a time with all upholstery details carried out by a small team of just 4-5 seamstresses and their sewing machines.

Extending this approach to larger pieces such as the Spiral Coffee Table, we were also able to witness frames being welded by hand. These unique, first-hand demonstrations outlined the distinctively personal touch and outstanding attention to detail that goes into each and every product.

Calligaris Visit: Day Two

7 November 2016

In addition to mechanisms and forms, finish is key when considering a products usage. The end of our teams first day in Italy allowed them to visit the Connubia Calligaris showroom, it was here that Calligaris enthusiastically introduced Fenix, the latest addition to their line of materials.

Demonstrated on the Baron Counter Table they were able to assess exactly how durable and resistant this material is. Ideal for a communal everyday piece like the Baron, the team were amazed to witness how a simple scratch can be easily removed by placing a cloth and a cool iron over it for a few seconds.

Following a busy first day of product testing it was time to recharge over some authentic Italian food. The second and final day was spent exploring the largest of the two Calligaris factories, primarily a storage and packaging point for products which are waiting to be shipped around the world.


Pictured Above Left to Right:  Calligaris Match Coffee Tables and Eclisse Table Base ready for shipping

Introducing new designs is an exciting prospect for us at Lime, so the chance to witness the prototype room in this factory proved to be a highlight of the trip. As well as viewing products not yet in production, the team were excited to see a sneak peak of tests for a leather upholstered Basil Chair, currently available in polypropylene this is already a favourite for us at Lime so we are thrilled at the prospect of this contrasting finish making it into our showroom sometime next year.

On returning back to the UK we would like to give a special thanks to Eros, Vera, Marco, Mr. Calligaris and the rest of the Calligaris team in Italy for providing such an informative and enjoyable trip.

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