Round ‘em Up – Statement Rounded Armchairs that Wow

24 November 2023

When it comes to interior design, the right furniture pieces can make all the difference. Statement armchairs with rounded lines are not only functional but also serve as eye-catching focal points to transform a room's aesthetic. Stylish upholstery options allow you to personalise them to your design preferences.

   Bontempi Casa Kodi Armchair
Pictured: Kodi by Bontempi Casa

A modern masterpiece, the Kodi armchair by Bontempi Casa boasts a rounded and enveloping design that exudes comfort and elegance. This versatile style complements a wide range of interior themes, from contemporary to mid-century modern. It’s perfect for creating a cosy reading nook or a welcoming conversation area in your living space.

Sits Ross Armchair   Sits Elsa Armchair   
Pictured: Ross and Elsa by Sits

Or why not try the Ross armchair by Sits, which combines a striking rounded outline with comfort. With a deep, embracing seat, it’s ideal for lounging and unwinding. At 86cm high Ross's size makes it a great addition to smaller living spaces or as an accent piece in a larger room. 

The Elsa armchair, also by Sits, is a playful and charming choice. With its distinctive rounded form and retro curvy lines the Elsa can spark conversations and enhance the overall design scheme.

Porada Copine Bergere Wood Armchair   
Pictured: Copine Bergere Wood by Porada

Alternatively, the Copine Bergere Wood armchair by Porada is a luxurious choice. Its elongated curved backrest and solid wood accents provide an interesting yet timeless look. This armchair offers both practicality and design appeal, serving as a comfortable and stylish seat one could build a room around. 

Statement rounded armchairs not only offer comfort but can serve as design elements to elevate an interior. Their unique shapes and styles can inject personality and flair, making them instantly popular additions to your home.


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