Bontempi Casa Kodi Armchair

Bontempi Casa Kodi Armchair
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Bontempi Casa Kodi ArmchairBontempi Casa Kodi ArmchairBontempi Casa Kodi ArmchairBontempi Casa Kodi ArmchairBontempi Casa Kodi ArmchairBontempi Casa Kodi Armchair
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Bouquet TEBQ002
Nordic TENO014
Taylor TETA003
Diamond TEDI001
Soft TESO008
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Black Grosgrain
White Grosgrain
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Fabric Category A: Bouquet Velvet

100% Polyester Velour

  • TEBQ002 EcruTEBQ002 Ecru
  • TEBQ015 EucalyptusTEBQ015 Eucalyptus
  • TEBQ019 Dark GreyTEBQ019 Dark Grey
  • TEBQ001 VanillaTEBQ001 Vanilla
  • TEBQ004 ArganTEBQ004 Argan
  • TEBQ003 NutmegTEBQ003 Nutmeg
  • TEBQ005 ChestnutTEBQ005 Chestnut
  • TEBQ006 VetiverTEBQ006 Vetiver
  • TEBQ010 CraspediaTEBQ010 Craspedia
  • TEBQ009 PapayaTEBQ009 Papaya
  • TEBQ012 Poppy RedTEBQ012 Poppy Red
  • TEBQ011 PurpleTEBQ011 Purple
  • TEBQ013 AzaleaTEBQ013 Azalea
  • TEBQ008 PistachioTEBQ008 Pistachio
  • TEBQ007 PineTEBQ007 Pine
  • TEBQ014 TealTEBQ014 Teal
  • TEBQ016 Prussian BlueTEBQ016 Prussian Blue
  • TEBQ018 Light GreyTEBQ018 Light Grey
  • TEBQ020 AnthraciteTEBQ020 Anthracite
  • TEBQ021 Black Mulberry TEBQ021 Black Mulberry
  • TEBQ017 Blue PeacockTEBQ017 Blue Peacock

Fabric Category B: Nordic Nubuck

Contemporary nubuck-feel water resistant fabric. 100% Polyester

  • TENO001 StalactiteTENO001 Stalactite
  • TENO003 ChamoisTENO003 Chamois
  • TENO012 Tovel RedTENO012 Tovel Red
  • TENO002 Fallow DeerTENO002 Fallow Deer
  • TENO005 FjordTENO005 Fjord
  • TENO006 ReindeerTENO006 Reindeer
  • TENO007 Dark ChocolateTENO007 Dark Chocolate
  • TENO011 CurrantTENO011 Currant
  • TENO008 VerdigrisTENO008 Verdigris
  • TENO010 Moss TENO010 Moss
  • TENO014 NimbusTENO014 Nimbus
  • TENO009 Polar BlueTENO009 Polar Blue
  • TENO004 Arctic GreyTENO004 Arctic Grey
  • TENO013 GraniteTENO013 Granite
  • TENO015 CoalTENO015 Coal

Fabric Category B: Taylor

A flat weave linen-mix fabric of varied tones. 70% Polyester 30% Linen

  • TETA007 Grey MelangeTETA007 Grey Melange
  • TETA001 IvoryTETA001 Ivory
  • TETA002 HempTETA002 Hemp
  • TETA003 AlpacaTETA003 Alpaca
  • TETA004 DenimTETA004 Denim
  • TETA005 Dove GreyTETA005 Dove Grey
  • TETA006 Light GreyTETA006 Light Grey
  • TETA008 Brown Melange TETA008 Brown Melange

Fabric Category B: Pacific

A single-colour chenille with a slight sheen. 100% polyester

  • TEPA001 CoconutTEPA001 Coconut
  • TEPA002 SandTEPA002 Sand
  • TEPA003 Dove GreyTEPA003 Dove Grey
  • TEPA008 Blue MauiTEPA008 Blue Maui
  • TEPA009 Adriatic BlueTEPA009 Adriatic Blue
  • TEPA010 PalmaTEPA010 Palma
  • TEPA011 Star FruitTEPA011 Star Fruit
  • TEPA012 SalmonTEPA012 Salmon
  • TEPA013 DauphinTEPA013 Dauphin
  • TEPA014 Manta GreyTEPA014 Manta Grey
  • TEPA015 SharkTEPA015 Shark

Fabric Category C: Diamond

A fine chenille with a sheen. 100% polyester

  • TEDI022 DiamondTEDI022 Diamond
  • TEDI001 White PearlTEDI001 White Pearl
  • TEDI002 White SilkTEDI002 White Silk
  • TEDi005 TitaniumTEDI005 Titanium
  • TEDi006 AlabastroTEDI006 Alabastro
  • TEDI011 Gold BrassTEDI011 Gold Brass
  • TEDI019 Smoky QuartzTEDI019 Smoky Quartz
  • TEDI014 Ruby TEDI014 Ruby
  • TEDI012 BronzeTEDI012 Bronze
  • TEDI007 Pink GemTEDI007 Pink Gem
  • TEDI013 AmberTEDI013 Amber
  • TEDI016 Hematite TEDI016 Hematite
  • TEDI015 Rose QuartzTEDI015 Rose Quartz
  • TEDI008 SapphireTEDI008 Sapphire
  • TEDI018 Green JadeTEDI018 Green Jade
  • TEDI003 Blue OceanaTEDI003 Blue Oceana
  • TEDI009 TopazTEDI009 Topaz
  • TEDI017 Ash GreyTEDI017 Ash Grey
  • TEDI004 AquamarineTEDI004 Aquamarine
  • TEDI020 MineralTEDI020 Mineral
  • TEDI010 Grey SilverTEDI010 Grey Silver
  • TEDI024 ObsidianTEDI024 Obsidian
  • TEDI023 GraphiteTEDI023 Graphite
  • TEDI021 Shadow EarthTEDI021 Shadow Earth

Fabric Category C: Twist

A bold weave of mixed colours. 68% Polyacrylic 16% Polyester 16% Cotton

  • TETW001 White SilkTETW001 White Silk
  • TETW002 White TraniTETW002 White Trani
  • TETW007 Ivory GreyTETW007 Ivory Grey
  • TETW008 Ice GreyTETW008 Ice Grey
  • TETW009 Black SmokeTETW009 Black Smoke
  • TETW006 Water GreyTETW006 Water Grey
  • TETW005 Green BlueTETW005 Green Blue
  • TETW003 Petroleum CopperTETW003 Petroleum Copper
  • TETW004 Blue BlackTETW004 Blue Black

Fabric Category D: Boubble

A neat bouclé on visible warp threads. 100% Polyester

  • TEBB015 SnowTEBB015 Snow
  • TEBB016 FoamTEBB016 Foam
  • TEBB014 MercuryTEBB014 Mercury
  • TEBB013 PiombinoTEBB013 Piombino
  • TEBB012 JuniperTEBB012 Juniper
  • TEBB008 Dark GreenTEBB008 Dark Green
  • TEBB007 Green PepperTEBB007 Green Pepper
  • TEBB006 PebbleTEBB006 Pebble
  • TEBB005 SapphireTEBB005 Sapphire
  • TEBB004 CoconutTEBB004 Coconut
  • TEBB011 GarnetTEBB011 Garnet
  • TEBB010 Red PepperTEBB010 Red Pepper
  • TEBB009 MimosaTEBB009 Mimosa
  • TEBB002 SandTEBB002 Sand
  • TEBB001 CorianderTEBB001 Coriander
  • TEBB003 CuminTEBB003 Cumin

Fabric Category E: Soft

A rich boucle of slightly variegated tones. 45% Cotton 15% Wool 13% Acetate 19% Viscose 8% Nylon

  • TESO001 WaddingTESO001 Wadding
  • TESO002 PoplarTESO002 Poplar
  • TESO003 DonutTESO003 Donut
  • TESO004 CamelTESO004 Camel
  • TESO017 MilletTESO017 Millet
  • TESO005 ElkTESO005 Elk
  • TESO006 GojiTESO006 Goji
  • TESO007 PlumTESO007 Plum
  • TESO008 ForestTESO008 Forest
  • TESO009 FernTESO009 Fern
  • TESO010 MoleTESO010 Mole
  • TESO011 DenimTESO011 Denim
  • TESO012 Blue PeacockTESO012 Blue Peacock
  • TESO013 Light BlueTESO013 Light Blue
  • TESO014 CloudTESO014 Cloud
  • TESO015 Grey BritishTESO015 Grey British
  • TESO016 Ash GreyTESO016 Ash Grey

Leather: Pelle Royal

A lightly buffed natural grain European calf leather.

  • TerracottaTERY021 Terracotta
  • MilkTERY001 Milk
  • BeigeTERY003 Beige
  • IvoryTERY002 Ivory
  • CreteTERY005 Crete
  • BelugaTERY004 Beluga
  • MoleTERY007 Mole
  • MudTERY006 Mud
  • Locust BeansTERY009 Locust Beans
  • WoodTERY008 Wood
  • Black TERY011 Black
  • Dark ChocolateTERY010 Dark Chocolate
  • Fog GreyTERY013 Fog Grey
  • FrostTERY012 Frost
  • SageTERY015 Sage
  • Blue PeacockTERY014 Blue Peacock
  • MossTERY017 Moss
  • SeaweedTERY016 Seaweed
  • HoneyTERY019 Honey
  • PeachTERY018 Peach
  • AcaciaTERY022 Acacia
  • BiscuitTERY020 Biscuit
  • AmaranthTERY024 Amaranth
  • MahoganyTERY023 Mahogany
  • MocaccinoTERY026 Mocaccino
  • MustTERY025 Must

Leather: Pelle Premium

A lightly buffed natural grain European calf leather with a semi-matt finish.

  • Light GreyPR05 Light Grey
  • WhitePR01 White
  • BeigePR03 Beige
  • IvoryPR02 Ivory
  • Light GreenPR06 Light Green
  • SandPR04 Sand
  • GreyPR09 Grey
  • Ice PR08 Ice
  • BlackPR11 Black
  • AnthracitePR10 Anthracite
  • BluePR13 Blue
  • Air Force BluePR12 Air Force Blue
  • HazelnutPR15 Hazelnut
  • MudPR14 Mud
  • Dark BrownPR17 Dark Brown
  • ChocolatePR16 Chocolate
  • Dark GreenPR19 Dark Green
  • Olive GreenPR18 Olive Green
  • Red BrickPR25 Red Brick
  • YellowPR20 Yellow
  • Red PR21 Red
  • Burnt ClayPR26 Burnt Clay
  • AmaranthPR24 Amaranth
  • Oxide RedPR22 Oxide Red
  • Old RosePR07 Old Rose
  • Dark PinkPR23 Dark Pink

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The Kodi armchair by Bontempi Casa is characterised by its compact size and bold rounded retro-inspired shape with a stylised low back and armrests. The armchair is available in a wide selection of fabric and leathers from the collection with contrasting or matching piping along the seams for definition.
The Kodi can be customised with either a swivel-function base or discreet feet.
W: 85cm D: 91cm H: 70cm, Seat H: 42cm
Bontempi Casa Furniture: From our Italian Collection. Bontempi Casa is a world-renowned designer Italian brand. Elegant clean lines and timeless pieces are the signature of this high-end contemporary design house.
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