Whole Year Resolutions

19 January 2023

Year after year, we can find ourselves drawn to the pressure of making ‘new years resolutions’. But do any of us truly hand on heart feel that these plans always stick? When wrapped up in the festivities of New Years, starting something new feels very in keeping with the general mood, but it can be difficult to sustain one’s motivation once the year is no longer ‘new’, and not quite a completely blank slate.  

Here we’ve found some top tips on how we can set more practical resolutions that will change one’s year rather than fizzling out, and really help you to achieve those goals.

'resolutions' spelled out in scrabble characters   


  1. Be Honest - Don’t just say ‘I want to eat more healthily’ for example, be honest with yourself about why you want to do so. Once you identify the root reason for a change, then you can start to unravel what it would look like to achieve this goal and what it would mean to you and your life.
  2. Be Realistic - Break down your goal into achievable steps. So if your goal were to save for something, plan a realistic amount to save each month and review at set stages.
  3. Commit - Write down your goal, and place it somewhere prominent to be reminded of it every day. Each time you achieve a milestone, be sure you reward yourself and tick off your achievement, this will keep you motivated and driven towards the end goal. By breaking down the task, and by recognising when things are going well, you will naturally find yourself believing in your ability to succeed.
  4. Reflect and Revise - It’s important to reflect on your goal and review your progress, revising your plan if it feels it isn’t working how you thought it would. Don’t be disheartened if you need to adapt or change your plans slightly — if it means you will still stay motivated, the end goal has not disappeared. Keeping an open mind and looping back to being honest with oneself is the key. 

Setting resolutions isn’t something that only happens at new year, we can set one at anytime. So embrace your own power of desire and motivation, and set your own whole year resolutions today. 


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