Wavy Wood

12 February 2023

The natural curves of wood can add a unique dimension into your space. Smooth and gradual waves will still create a linear illusion, but they also give a raw, organic fingerprint too, allowing you to play with the juxtaposition of soft and firm edges. 

Here we’ve selected some of our top designs that feature wavy wood edges, bringing a little bit of nature indoors.

Bontempi Casa Millennium Wood Table    Bontempi Casa Millennium Wood Table
Pictured above: Millennium Wood Table by Bontempi Casa 

The Millennium Wood Table by Bontempi Casa features an angular metal frame that supports a large rectangular table top, with options including an innovative veneered wood top edged with a shaped edge strip, or a solid wood top with its original naturally wavy edge. 

Cattelan Italia Stratos Wood Table    Cattelan Italia Tyron Wood Table
Pictured above: Stratos Wood and Tyron Wood tables by Cattelan Italia

Also exploring veneered tops with shaped, 'irregular' edges, the Stratos Wood Table by Cattelan Italia features a striking embossed lacquered metal base, adding depth and drama to your room. Or why not explore the bold Tyron Wood Table by Cattelan Italia with its confident X shaped sculptural base. 

Cattelan Italia Gordon Deep Wood Table   Cattelan Italia Gordon Deep Wood Table
Pictured above: Gordon Deep Wood Table by Cattelan Italia 

Alternatively, you may be seeking the natural edged finish to give your space a more rustic and organic feel, if so, the Gordon Deep Wood Table by Cattelan Italia is an innovative design featuring a geometric rope-look sculptural base that supports a large solid table top, complete with wavy wood edges.

Cattelan Italia Terminal Wood Console Table   Rapa Nui Console Table
Pictured above: Terminal and Rapa Nui console tables by Cattelan Italia 

The Terminal Console Table by Cattelan Italia, like the Tyron Wood Table, features a striking X shaped base, and supports a wood table top that gently follows the organic waves and curves of the wood itself. Lastly, the Rapa Nui Console Table by Cattalan Italia harnesses the wavy wood edge table top, but is supported by two unique stone-shaped pillars in white or grey concrete, adding even more organic lustre to your space. 

However you decide to introduce wavy wood into your room, you will find it allows a multitude of introductions between organic and man made materials, that harmonise and add volume to your space


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