Vibrant Velvet

22 May 2017

Firmly establishing textures as a big theme, Milan 2017 observed major brands celebrate the increasing popularity of Velvet. A classic go-to upholstery option, the plush and sensually soft quality of Velvet can ideally grace dining chairs and sofas alike for a sumptuous "sink- in" sensation.

Largely this year has seen Velvet used accordingly in on-trend colours such as deep blue and forest green to create a luxurious and decadent tone. The stunning Lovy Sofa from the new 2017 Bonaldo Collection illustrates the exciting possibilities of Velvet.  Pictured here in popular terracotta and pink hues to create an impressive centrepiece with a 1970's aura.


As pictured above : The Bonaldo Lovy Sofa - Coming Soon

Composed of highly defined shapes, the dramatic silhouette of the Lovy Sofa hints at the art deco influence we have seen exhibited across an array of new 2017 releases.

Velvet presents the ideal opportunity to add a modest punch of self-indulgence to your space or, alternatively, an overtly dramatic feel when embellished with stylish cascades of lighting and lavish accessories. Dive in.


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