Vertical Repeats

10 October 2022

A vertical repeating pattern can draw your focus and give a space a simple focal point, giving you the freedom to then play off this and mirror the vertical lines elsewhere, bringing a simple harmony to your room. Vertical lines also create an elongated illusion, so are great for drawing height where perhaps this is limited or needs accentuating. 

We’ve carefully curated a selection of designs that we think not only represent this trend well, but are key pieces that will effortlessly elevate any space. 

Porada Gamen Room Divider   Cattelan Italia Stripes Mirror
Pictured above: Gamen by Porada  and Stripes by Cattelan Italia

The Gamen Room Divider by Porada features a gentle wave of vertical beams that separate a space and allows the sections of your space to talk to one another without compromising on embracing the entire visual of your room. Or if you need to create a larger space, the Stripes Mirror by Cattelan Italia is a three-dimensional striped mirror comprising of glass vertical bands at different levels to create depth and angles.

Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase   Calligaris Circles Shelving Unit
Pictured above: Charlotte by Bontempi Casa and Circles by Calligaris

Shelving is traditionally a way of introducing horizontal lines into a space, but the Charlotte Bookcase by Bontempi Casa delivers vertical lines too. Its contemporary design features an open lacquered metal frame available in wall mounted floor to ceiling or wall divider options. For an ad hoc shelving twist, the Circles Shelving Unit by Calligaris features four smooth circular shelves fixed at positions for a cascading effect and drawing the focus on the space above and below. 

Porada Drift Sideboard   Calligaris Universal Sideboard
Pictured above: Drift by Porada and Universal Stripe by Calligaris

For storage, there are some great examples of sideboards that will hide things away neatly while outwardly adding vertical lines to your aesthetic.  The  Drift Extending Sideboard by Porada in textured ash wood is a stylish design that's pleasingly versatile with an extending end section. The Universal Stripe Sideboard by Calligaris features a striking vertical patterned design in brushes of dark and light wood tones to create shade and depth. 

This exciting trend isn’t new, it’s simply been reimagined in ways that allow us to play with height, focus, and dimensions — this simple yet effective optical trick can change and shape your space to great effect. 


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