Upholstery Details

25 September 2022

From contrast piping, to flange edges, upholstery details are becoming all the more important in creating unexpected visual focus. In a world where attention to detail has become a key component in any space, it can be challenging finding designs that impact from both afar and up close. Here we’ve highlighted some subtle upholstery details on everyday sofa designs.

Sits Britt Sofa   Sits Britt Sofa
Pictured above: Britt Sofa by Sits 

The minimal Britt Sofa by Sits can be elevated with optional flange-edged scatter cushions that break up the conformity of the straight-lined frame and low slim cushion pads. 

Porada Kirk Sofa   Porada Kirk Sofa
Pictured above:  Kirk Sofa by Porada

Making a feature of straight lines, the Kirk Sofa by Porada features contrast piping along the sofa frame and armrests, working in harmony with a slender solid wood base to really accent and magnify the outlines of the design.

Sits Teddy Sofa   Sits Teddy Sofa
Pictured above: Teddy Sofa by Sits

For more tailored emphasis on lines and edges, why not opt for an inverted seam? Structured and stylish, the Teddy Sofa by Sits creates statement lines by using traditional twin seams on the seat and back cushion pads, and then echoing these on the armrests.

Sits Stella Sofa   Sits Stella Sofa
Pictured above: Stella by Sits

If opting for more relaxed lines and shapes, both the Stella Sofa and the Vidar Valance Sofa by Sits will give you comfortable tailoring highlighted by smart and chic inverted seams, in two very different styles. Stella's seams are kept to the cushioned arm and backrests for reserved detail, while Vidar's are repeated on multiple cushion-style layers for a stylised plump look. 

Sits Vidar Valance Sofa   Sits Vidar Valance Sofa
Pictured above: Vidar Valance by Sits

Both of these designs bring a more bohemian nod into your interior which contrasts brilliantly with the smart seam detailing. You can also explore definition and elevate upholstered seams with decorative blanket topstitches, and this is showcased to great effect on the Fellow Sofa by Porada

Porda Fellow Sofa   Porada Fellow Sofa
Pictured above: Fellow by Porada

The lines created here work together with a solid wood frame and legs to really draw one's eye around the whole design — and up close are just a joy to discover.

However you decide to introduce attention to detail, consider upholstery as a way to add that clever extra 'something'.


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