Unexpected Reflections

20 December 2022

Mirrors and metallic surfaces are a brilliant way of cleverly expanding a space through the illusion of reflection.  Reflective materials allow your space to play with light and if placed correctly can create harmonious sections and nooks to invite you in. This year's Cattelan Italia collection contained some particulary enjoyable reflective highlights.  

Cattelan Italia Cosmos Mirror   Cattelan Italia Lancer Moonglass Table
Pictured above: Cosmos Mirror and Lancer Moonglass Table

To make a statement with the obvious reflective choice of a mirror, why not explore one with a twist. The Cosmos Mirror by Cattelan Italia features a rounded decorative frame that captures reflections in a fluid and liquid-like way, forming almost freehand and natural shapes and silhouettes around the wall mirror, adding intriguing dimensions to the design's function. While a dining table may be a less traditional source of metallic shine, the Cattelan Italia Lancer Moonglass Table has the appearance of a river of molten metal, the dimpled underside of its burnt bronze cast glass top catching the light in unique ways every time. 

Cattelan Italia Atrium Wood table   Cattelan Italia Vivaldi Sideboard
Pictured above: Atrium Wood Table and Vivaldi Sideboard

The Cattelan Italia Atrium family explores a dimpled mirrored glass finish which adds an industrial echo to your space. Available in a range of designs from rectangular dining tables to consoles, this design takes all the contemporary elements we have come to appreciate from Cattelan Italia and adds in an artistic chromium flare. Similarly so, the Vivaldi Sideboard by Cattelan Italia explores the striking couture mirrored finish which ripples and reflects light around the room, casting interesting shapes and shadows and adding depth and texture.  

Cattelan Italia Coimbra Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Biarritz Suspension Light
Pictured above: Coimbra Suspension Light and Biarritz Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia

Turning our gaze towards our ceilings, lighting fixtures can be a great way to add unexpected reflections and enhance the light before it descends down and around our space. Take the Coimbra Suspension Lights by Cattelan Italia — this design features a flattened-bubble of suspended clear borosilicate glass complete with an inner shell in reflective metallic allowing for a stylish and sleek appearance. Or if you’re looking for something bold and artsy, then the Biarritz Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia will light your way. Featuring a distinctive design that plays with balance and harmony, these spherical and linear shapes all join to create a harmonious structure complemented by a metallic mirrored sphere which reflects the objects' viewpoints back out into the room. 

Giving your space the reflective treatment isn’t always about going with the obvious — it can mean identifying new ways to expand and surprise.


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