The Future Wellness Kitchen

28 February 2019

Our food habits affect not only our health but the planet too. Last month the Eat-Lancet commission released a report outlining strategies that focused on achieving a sustainable food system across the globe that would transform diets, aiming to improve people’s health and reducing the negative impact of agriculture on the environment by 2050.

With food set to become a defining matter of our time, kitchen trends are rapidly evolving to meet the needs of those eager to embrace the benefits of a plant-based diet. Identified by the Global Wellness Summit in 2018, the Wellness Kitchen presents future design concepts that we can adopt in order to help feed the mind and soul.


As pictured above: The Calligaris Duca Table and Basil Chair From Lime Modern Living

Be Open

Leaning towards minimalism, kitchen cabinets are being replaced with stylish open shelving to accommodate food displays and apply the simple logic that what we can see we will eat. As guidelines suggest, Europeans should eat 77 per cent less red meat and 15 times more nuts and seeds, storing large jars aligned and loaded with legumes and seeds will act as a simple visual reminder to incorporate these into your diet.

Make it Clear

Purchasing a fridge with transparent doors can encourage replenishment of colourful fruit and vegetables while keeping food waste to a minimum. For those conscious and proud of the food they eat, by combining modern technology with methods of open display the LG Instaview further signals a shift toward food being displayed like art in the kitchen.

Work Together

Education is essential, such changes should certainly not spell deprivation. Considering open floorplans that accommodate many will encourage social interactions, recipe ideas and experimentation with food for emphasis on a diet that is abundant yet healthy, flavourable and enjoyable. 


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