The Cycling Revolution

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Whether it’s to reduce carbon footprint, avoid potentially crowded public transport, or just for  soaking up the scenery, cycling really has risen in popularity this year. A lot can be said for swapping your horsepower for leg power — it’s better for the planet, great for your health, and allows you to roam off the beaten track —but there can be lots of things to consider before you buy, so we’ve sought out some hints and tips.

Connubia Baik Bike Hook   Connubia Baik Bike hook with bike
Pictured above:  Baik Bicycle Hook by Connubia

Are you cycling for leisure or sport?
There are a great many different styles of bicycle out there so it’s worth thinking about what you want it for, how it will be used, and your budget. You can opt for super lightweight frames that fold up for commuting, or better suspension and thicker tyres for more off road exploring.

Comfort is key
Make sure you play with the adjustment of your handlebars and seat to get it at the right height to suit you, this will make your riding experience much more enjoyable and ensure you don’t cause yourself any injuries. You should also consider your seat saddle, gel or not you’re going to need some padding on it if you’re anticipating a long ride.

Storage, storage, storage
eeping your bicycle safe is important as they can make easy targets for thieves. Make sure you invest in a good bike chain and lock for when out and about, and when your bike is at home, consider bringing it inside, perhaps in a garage or a locked shed. If you want to keep it tidy, consider wall storage —the BAIK Bicycle Hook by Connubia is an innovative and simple solution for a hallway space.

Plan your route
f you’re planning to head out and about on your bike, make sure you know where you’re going. If you'll cycle on roads then be sure to wear appropriate safety gear and observe the Highway Code at all times. Seeking more off-road routes? There are brilliant bike trails all around the country; have a look at the National Cycle Network for some ideas. 

Have fun!
to any great bike ride is to have fun, enjoy the scenery, the wind on your face, and getting your heart rate up — it’s all part of the experience. 


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