Stylish Trolley Bars

30 December 2016

As last minute preparations take place for the final weekend of the festive season a classic trolley bar can be your ideal companion when hosting quintessential cocktail or dinner parties.

Acting as a mobile bar or serving station the Cattelan Italia collection offers two favourable designs that will offer both style and enjoyment in the home all year round. A contemporary trolley bar The Brandy features striking oversize wheels with coordinating Canaletto Walnut shelves, focused on its mobile quality this striking addition will help you to serve up food and after dinner drinks to larger parties with ease.


As Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Cattelan Italia Brandy Trolley Bar and Mojito Trolley bar

Elaborate the Mojito Trolley Bar by opting for a display of limited edition bottles, this will add splashes of colour and a sense of intrigue to your bar selection alongside playful cocktail shakers and props such as decorative stirrers. Ideal for letting guests concoct their own mixes or perfect for showing off your own bartending skills.



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