Stylish Posable Lights

11 April 2020

Sometimes there’s little better than sitting in an armchair in the evening and reading a good book or watching a movie. A posable light balances practicality and style to provide light in a dark corner and adding an accent to the room. Here at Lime we have many contemporary and modern lights perfect for cosy evenings in.

The Foscarini Magneto floor lamp is a sleek minimal lamp featuring a unique spherical super magnet for height and angle adjustment. This combines a circular base and slim stand with a torch-like LED light source. Due to its slender design this lamp is a great accent for a room with a limited floor plan.

Foscarini Magneto Floor Lamp   Cattelan Italia Fisherman Wall Light

Pictured above: Magneto by Foscarini , and Fisherman by Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia's Stealth is an oversized floor lamp featuring a functional swivelling lampshade to create a unique diffusion of light. This overhead light is great for a low lying sofa with the need for a little more light and style.  Foscarini's Beep wall light is great for rooms that lack floor space. The pleasingly simple cup-like form carries a fully adjustable modern wall light that diffuses light through both a hole on the top and all around the circular base. 

For spaces that seek more drama, add the Cattelan Italia Fisherman light. This wall light features a stylish linear frame extending outwards to become an overhead LED light, and can be moved side to side to extend out into the room or push flat against a wall.


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