Statement Dining

19 March 2015

Statement Dining

The dining table is the pivotal point of the dining area, it's big, bold but doesn't have to be boring.  Cattelan Italia have a simply stunning range of contemporary dining tables that create bold and eye catching dining that really makes a statement. Sumptuous woods can bring a warmth to the room, with warm walnut enhancing gold and copper tones, deep burnt oak with warm brown tones and Heritage oak with a poetic mix of industrial and natural. Glass can bring brightness, allowing the light to pass through whilst also reflecting back out into the room. Sculpted bases create amazing silhouettes that move and metamorphose as you see them from different angles. The bases and tops are made from woods, metals and glass with options as diverse as from chrome to textured Lacquer, transparent glass to Lacquered woods and raw OPO industrial style metal to smooth natural wood.

contemporary dining tablecontemporary tablecattelan italia ikon

The Cattelan Italia Spyder Table has an amazing eight pronged cross design which is available in either  Stainless Steel, Lacquer or Wood. The Stainless Steel shines out for a real eye catching look, a Graphite lacquer is a more subtle statement and the wood looks beautifully geometric with the grain contrasted with the edges and angles. The top is available in Glass or wood, the glass has a sleek brightness, whilst the wood top has irregular feature edges which brings a fluidity to the geometric base. The Carioca table has a wooden base of sculpted circular Wood which support a clear Glass top. The base is available in single or double options dependant on  table size and is sculpted from Canaletto Walnut. The Ikon Table is an amazing turn around on the traditional glass table design, with the top in Wood and the base in Glass. The base is a two legs, each made of two sheets of clear Glass, connected by an Anthracite or Canaletto Walnut beam. The Wood top has an irregular edge which not only creates a fluidity but accentuates the structured legs. The Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table has a striking, geometric base which is available in Lacquered or Raw OPO Metal. The top is available in Glass or straight edged Wood, in either smooth Canaletto Walnut or Heritage Oak, with knots and natural features. The OPO metal is coated raw metal, complete with flowering and scratches and has a sumptuous, industrial decadence.

cattelan italiaCattelan Italia Dining Tablecattelan italia skorpio

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Lime Modern Living prides itself on a contemporary furniture collection that includes the very best in design and innovation to transform the home into a fresh space infused with creativity. 


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