Spring Traditions from Around the World

3 April 2021

We’ve seen the signs that Spring is upon us, with plants and flowers beginning to bud and bloom, and the sun peeking out to see us a little more. For some Spring truly begins with the mad dash to get all the chocolate eggs needed for those all important egg hunts — but we thought we would explore some other Spring traditions from around the world, for inspiration when bringing in the season of new beginnings.

Emerging Yellow Crocuses with Dew Drops   
Pictured above: Emerging Crocuses with Dew Drops

Starting off with the USA, and their shared love of eggs at Easter — they use them in their annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Believed to have started around 1814, this tradition takes place every year on Easter Monday and sees children gather on the White House lawn to roll eggs across the lawn with wooden spoons, competing to see who can cross the finish line first. It's a truly decadent and extravagant event featuring an Easter Bunny and colourful decorations. 

In Mexico, the tradition of Spring Equinox in Teotihuacán sees thousands of people all dressed in white gather at the enormous Teotihuacán pyramid, which is about 30 miles north of Mexico City. The gathering invites individuals to spend the morning walking up the 360 pyramid steps to get closer to the sun and the pyramid's portals of energy, as it is believed that this act will allow you to absorb and ‘soak up’ the energy you need for the year. 

Teotihuacán pyramid, Mexico.    
Pictured above:  Teotihuacán Pyramid, Mexico

Travelling over to Bosnia now, we have Cimburijada; which translates to ‘Festival of Scrambled Eggs’. This tradition is celebrated on the first day of Spring in the Bosnian town of Zenica where at the crack of dawn, people gather on the banks of the Bosna river to enjoy a communal meal of scrambled eggs together and delight in the day with music and drinks. 

For a colourful way of seeing the season in, you'll want to head to Northern India for Holi. This tradition is undoubtedly one of the most colourful festivals in the world, celebrated by Hindus across Northern India, it involves throwing coloured powder at one another, paying tribute to the many hues and tones of the Spring season along with the events of Hindu mythology. Lasting all day and night, this event is a truly unique way of ending the Winter season and embracing Spring.

Songkran Water Festival in Thailand    
Pictured above:  Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

The Songkran Water Festival in Thailand takes place shortly after the Spring equinox and is a truly unique and fun event. Festivities involve going to a Bhuddist monastery, visiting elders, and of course, throwing water. The northern capital of Chiang Mai is the setting for the event which lasts up to 6 days, and sees locals and tourists alike take to the streets equipped with canon-sized water guns, hoses, and buckets, ready to drench anyone in their path. The event is enjoyed by children and adults, who spend the days dancing and playing in the streets.

Finally, for the daredevils amongst you, and more local to the UK — why not try the Coopers Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake? The event, which is held on the second Bank Holiday weekend of the year, sees individuals from all over the world gather at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire. The gathering sees individuals throw themselves down a very steep hill, chasing after a rolled wheel of cheese. The first one to cross the finish line wins, but it isn't for the feint-hearted; bruises, broken-bones, bloodied knees are all common side effects of this 200 year old tradition, which is proudly upheld by locals and competitors alike. 


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