Spring Garden Tasks

22 May 2022

We’ve all got that spring feeling now that the days are turning warmer and the sun is out for a little longer, so it seems natural to turn to our outdoor areas and start preparing for al fresco entertaining and relaxing nights watching the sunset. 

Here we’ve gathered some top tips to help give your outdoor space a little lift, give it a fresh update and welcome the spring season in.

Gardening tools. Image by Gary Barnes on Pexels   Weeding in garden. Image by Couleur on Pixabay

Tidy up - the autumn and winter seasons can leave a large amount of leaves which need tidying up, so give your flower beds and borders a little refresh to make everything look a little more uniform and neat.

Weed — Unwanted self-sowing plants will have started to creep in now that the temperature is a little warmer, so now’s a good time to get on top of them.

Feed – Refresh any pots with a top layer of compost and fertiliser ready for summer growth!

Wash, wash, wash - If you’ve any greenhouses or fixtures in your garden, then it’s time to give these a good wash to make them all sparkly and new. While there, try giving those patios and decking a pressure wash to get rid of any moss or muddy build up. 

Curve Outdoor Lounge Chair by Cane-line   Gardening hose. Image by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Think seating - Any outdoor seating and tables left out over winter will probably need a clean down, and perhaps a rearrange. Consider how you tended to use them last year; could they be in a better spot?

Water, water, everywhere - You’ll need to start watering your plants more regularly from now until autumn; it’s a good time to consider savvy changes to make that watering easier come the height of summer. A longer hose? A rainwater butt?

So get outside, review your surroundings, and make a plan to give your outdoor space the spring clean it needs — preparing it for all those long summer days outside. 


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