Spotlight on Porada

12 September 2022

Making since 1948, Porada are a brand known for their unique production methods, taking contemporary processes and fusing them with traditional craftsmanship — allowing each design to receive the love and attention it deserves. Here we’ve hand-picked some of our favourites that highlight this sought-after signature. 

Porada Deck Side Table    Porada Deck Side Table
Pictured above: Deck Side Table

The Deck Side Table features smooth round lines contrasted with neat edges, curved, softly angled legs that support a simple table top — completed with a smooth curved lip. All in a canaletto walnut wood that can be stained or lacquered in colours as desired.

Porada Louis Armchair   Porada Louis Armchair
Pictured above:  Louis Armchair

The Louis Armchair and the Ella Chair both also feature the signature smooth curved frame in an elegant canaletto walnut wood finish. The gently curved, flowing frame supports a plush upholstered seat pad in a wide range of fabrics and finishes. 

Porada Serena Chair   Porada Serena Chair
Pictured above: Serena Chair

For a sophisticated exploration of line and form with a contrast of angles and curves, the Serena Chair sees firmly angled corners supporting a rounded upholstered seat pad and really accentuates the strength and stability of a handcrafted design, using beautifully grained ash wood in stains or coloured lacquers.

Porada Infinity Table   Porada Infinity Table
Pictured above: Infinity Table

Turning our attention to table designs, Porada spares no ingenuity here either. The Infinity Table features a continuous looping wood structure that softly holds up a 12mm thick round glass top. This wood can be smooth canaletto or grained ash, from the full range of Porada stains and lacquered colours. The entire design is then complemented by a chromed or lacquered base plate to echo the round lines of the top.

Porada Circe Table   Porada Circe Table
Pictured above: Circe Table

Similarly intricate is the Circe Table which gives your dining room a true craftsmanship touch. The rectangular glass top sits on two neatly angular stained canaletto walnut bases that marry geometric form with a gentle, nature-like finish. 

There are many more examples of the passion and artisanal handiwork Porada pour into their furniture, with no denying that they have cleverly carved out a signature style — one that will allow these timeless designs to stand on their own for many years to come. 


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