Solar Lanterns

17 August 2023

We are all becoming more environmentally conscious and looking for ways to introduce more ‘green-thinking’ concepts and designs into our interiors. With summer in full swing, we’re enjoying more time basking in our outdoor spaces, but as the sun does set later in the evening, many of us are looking for those perfect outdoor lighting solutions. Cue the flexibility and energy-saving logic of Solar Lanterns. 

Cane-line Lighthouse and Lightlux Solar Powered Lantern   Cane-line Lightlux Solar Powered Lantern
Pictured above: Lighthouse and LightLux 

A Solar Lantern offers the freedom to place and move it wherever and whenever you need it, and it charges throughout the day giving you a never ending power source that won’t need wires or plugs. There are some fantastic design options to choose from, like the contemporary Lighthouse Solar-Powered Lantern by Cane-line which features an angular carrying handle and four feet with the frame coming in either wood or coated aluminium finishes.

Or for a classic style option, explore the sleek Lightlux Solar-Powered Lantern by Cane-line which features an octagonal shape with glass panels supported by a lava grey powder-coated aluminium frame and teak wood details on its handle and lid. Available in a range of sizes to offer depth and dimension to your space and of course housing a LED bulb with a choice of settings including a timer function. 

Cane-line Illusion Hanging Lantern   Cane-line Illusion Lantern Family
Pictured above: Illusion family

If a soft aesthetic is what you are looking for, then explore the Illusion Range of Solar-Powered Lanterns by Cane-line featuring wicker patterns in durable Cane-line soft rope which are woven around marine-grade powder-coated aluminium frames for a modern fusion. 

Whatever your desired look and feel, exploring solar powered options can free you from from wires and complicated chargeable options; you’ll find you have a lot more design freedom after hours.


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