Simplify Life With Smart Tech

5 December 2019

With today’s lifestyle seemingly more and more demanding on our spare time, perhaps now is the age when technology truly will be called upon to make lives easier.

From increasingly familiar voice-controlled home hubs to simple lighting solutions, anything that can save us a few seconds here and there means we can devote our time and our focus to other things.

With a smart thermostat one can save money and reduce one’s impact on the environment, for instance the Nest Thermostat E will over time learn about your household’s routine and preferred heating schedule, adjusting its timings to keep you warm while reducing your energy bills.

Foscarini Spokes Suspension Light   Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer

Pictured above: The Spokes Suspension Light by Foscarini available at Lime Modern Living; and the Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung.

The elegant Foscarini Spokes Suspension Light with MyLight technology is a stylish and easy way to introduce controllable mood-lighting to any room. Simply control the integrated LED light with a touch of the app on your smartphone and see its elegant lines light up.

The Family Hub refrigerator from Samsung feels like the future is here, with a door-sized LED screen that lets you check inside, update family calendars and watch YouTube videos and more. Its internal camera can even display fridge contents on your phone while you’re at the supermarket.

And for a back to (almost) basics solution, smart plugs such as this Mini WiFi Smart Plug from D-Link offer a way to convert any existing appliance into smart tech. With your appliance plugged in to a socket via the smart plug you can turn it off and on from wherever you are - or set up automated schedules for maximum convenience.

Could you make your life simpler with smart tech?


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