Scandinavian Fusion

Monday, 11 July 2016

Brands fusing Scandinavian style alongside in-house aesthetic is a major trend right now. Focused on the functionality and simplicity of form, the Scandinavian trend emerged in the 1950's as part of the modernist movement and is widely favoured for its minimalist and pared back appeal.

A recent sneak peak of the upcoming Calligaris 2016 Collection is a great example of how Nordic style has been introduced through the use of light woods and rounded shapes. This method has previously been utilised by Calligaris with the Tweet Coffee Table, a design that features two conveniently adjoined tiers. The simplicity of its shaped and slender form is available in varying colour options which strongly characterises the colourful design of this brand.


Pictured Above Left to Right: The Tweet from Calligaris, The Contrast bed from Bonaldo and The Porada Cell

The Contrast bed from Bonaldo expands on the Scandinavian notion of functionality with a side table elegantly incorporated into its intentionally minimal frame. A bold oversized headboard highlights it's distinct clean lines whilst conserving the fun and contemporary appeal of Bonaldo through vibrant colour and a sleek metal finish frame.

Understated elegance, the Porada Cell embodies the versatility and detailed craftsmanship associated with Scandinavian design. From the bathroom to the bedroom the Cells sits seamlessly as a modern storage solution or side table. In addition to White, the Cell features various colour options or a warm Canaletto Walnut finish should you dare to challenge the monochromatic feel Scandanavian interiors typically conjure.


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