Rugs - Softening Space

23 July 2022

When we consider the main elements of our spaces, they're often made up of hard materials such as wood, metal, concrete, brick and so on. Softening up a space is key to ensuring you allow warmth and comfort to be invited in. One of the most successful ways to introduce some softness to your interior is to add fabrics, and we suggest you start from the floor up. Here we’ve selected some of our top rugs that we know will soften the edges of any harder spaces.

Calligaris Cementino Rug    Calligaris Luso Rug
Pictured above: Cementino and Luso by Calligaris 

The Cementino Rug by Calligaris is a plush polypropylene and polyester rug featuring a geometric pattern of mixed weaves in soft beiges and grey tones, creating an almost honeycomb effect. Available in a choice of sizes. Continuing the pattern aesthetic is the contemporary carved jacquard Luso Rug by Calligaris featuring raised chenille patterns of contrasting colour on a beige background. Both these rugs not only add a softness to your space but they also introduce some exciting new visual lines and patterns for you to bounce off. 

Fabula Fenris Rug   Fabula Gro Rug
Pictured above:  Fenris and Gro by Fabula

For a more understated look, the Fenris Rug by Fabula is a hand-woven reversible rug composed of New Zealand wool on cotton warp featuring a two-colour chevron pattern in a mix of yarns for added volume and texture. The Gro Rug by Fabula adds warmth and comfort without pulling focus. This hand-pile loom rug features a graphic repeat pattern with a dark border to each end.

Fabula Gjall Rug   Cattelan Italia Radja Rug
Pictured above: Gjall by Fabula and Radja by Cattelan Italia

If a more luxurious feel appeals to you, then the Gjall Rug by Fabula will offer you a deeply rich high-pile in soft viscose and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your space. The Radja Rug by Cattelan Italia will not only bring luxurious design, but it lends itself to a contemporary industrial look too. Featuring a textured pattern in neutral and turquoise colour, woven in chenille and cotton for a soft feeling underfoot. 

So add a touch of softness to your space and introduce a rug that brings you comfort, warmth and style from the floor up.


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