Rounding Out Your Edges in 2017

17 January 2017

Comfort and calm is the call for 2017. With the preceding year firmly behind us focus has shifted towards creating personal sanctuaries and places of refuge away from technological constraints and the chaos of the outside world.

Sharp edges and masculine lines are set to take a back seat in favour of a softer, more rounded approach to design. A strong inclination towards circular inspired furniture was apparent throughout the Calligaris 2016 Autumn Collection, with staple furnishings such as the enticing Sweet Sofa opposing sharp angular structures in favour of bulbous arms and sensitive padded dimensions.


As Pictured from Left to Right: The Calligaris Sweet Sofa, Tweet Coffee Table and Marocco Rug

The Calligaris collection continues to present a strong hint of 1970's trends where the emergence of ergonomic design and free flowing forms coincided. The cocooning comfort of the Igloo Dining Chair visibly injects a welcoming dynamic into any dining space, its deep rounded seat opposes smooth and sleek alternatives adding both depth and character to its surroundings.


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