Pretty in Plastic

7 August 2015

Candy colours and charming style.

With Ice Cream colours making their way from the catwalk and into home, kitchen and dining room decor is getting a sweet tooth. Pastel and candy shades are used to inject a sparkle of energy to classic, mono colour and materials such as plastic and polypropylene have a light and fun feel. Glossy, moulded plastics are great for contorting light reflection which exaggerates their shape and directs attention to these pieces. 

We have been looking for great pieces to add a little sweetness to a kitchen or dining room and we just love the Koziol collection at Their designs are fresh and individual, incorporating eye catching shape and style. The wonderful Koziol Betty cake stand is an unusual and enchanting take on a classic three tier stand. Each tier is shaped and can be moved independently. The Koziol Dome food cover comes in translucent colours and has a textured outer which sparkles in the light. The striking fluted shape adds to the light refraction, really pulling attention towards it. Lastly (as much as I could list the whole collection!) the Koziol Pip Wall Clock is a super sweet addition to the kitchen. This clock is available in a range of colours including Plum, Raspberry and Olive.


At Lime we have also picked out a selection of captivating additions, which bring a little whimsy to your room. Transparency in solid furniture such as chairs is fascinating, an illusion of a chair, with a bold, real presence. The iconic Calligaris Parisienne chair is a delightful take on a classic style, in translucent colours. The strong shape draws the eye and the translucency means it does not dominate the room. The Bonaldo Poly chair is another popular style, the prism shape has strong lines and bold form, again the transparency meaning they do not dominate the space they occupy. Lastly the Bonaldo Guiseppina is a slim, and almost ethereally sleek transparent chair. A whimsical take on a classic wooden design, this is simultaneously a stand out and understated look.

There are also some fun accessories from these designers which introduce a sweet, imaginative style. The Bonaldo Tree collection is available as a light or a coat stand, bringing the enchanted forest indoors. The Bonaldo Muffin is an aptly named collection of side table and lamps. With an oversized muffin case shape these can add a little sweetness to any room.


Based in Tunbridge Wells, Lime Modern Living prides itself on a contemporary collection that includes the very best in design and innovation to transform the home into a fresh space infused with creativity.



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