Pastel Colours

15 August 2022

Pastel colours are a rising trend, and for good reason. They allow you to play with tones and shades with ease, highlighting a bold bright colour and then scaling back with gradients of pastels around the space so you can carry through your colour scheme without overpowering.

Here we’ve selected some simple designs that are available in pastel colourways, giving you the freedom to bring this trend into your own space. 

Calligaris Basil Chair   Calligaris Liberty Chair with Arms
Pictured above: Basil and Liberty chairs by Calligaris 

The Basil Chair by Calligaris is a classic design with a twist, featuring a curved seat with a 'basil leaf' fold detailed back, and is available in a wide array of colourways including pale pink and hemp. The Liberty Chair With Arms by Calligaris is a sleek polypropylene dining chair that can be used indoor and out, is stackable and has a playful design along with pastel colour options.

Connubia Tuka Wood Chair   Connubia Ens Shelf
Pictured above:  Tuka Chair Wood Legs and Ens Shelf by Connubia Calligaris 

The last in the chair designs is the Tuka Chair Wood Legs by Connubia Calligaris — a fun statement piece with its C shaped seat and wood legs, with seat available in a choice of pastel and bold colours giving you the option to contrast or compliment as you see fit. 

To explore pastels in more unexpected design selections, why not experiment with the customisable Ens Shelf by Connubia Calligaris — a wood bracket supports a wide range of accessories and functional elements that come in a selection of pastel colours, allowing your shelf to really pop and standout against your wall. 

Bontempi Casa Esa Side Table   Connubia Trust Coffee Table
Pictured above: Esa Side Table by Bontempi Casa and Trust Coffee Table by Connubia Calligaris

Lastly, an occasional table is always an easy way to bring a trend to a living room. The Esa Side Table by Bontempi Casa features a geometric lacquered steel top framed by solid wood in a tripod design. Choose light blue or light green colourways for a fresh pastel look. The Trust Coffee Table by Connubia Calligaris features an oval shaped melamine top accented with a curved metal frame which comes in a selection of lacquers including a pastel thyme green.

However you decide to introduce this trend to your space, we recommend you play with tones and colour match to your space to really make the pastels 'sing' in the right way. The right colour combinations can really make a room, and create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. 


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