Organically-Shaped Lighting

26 November 2022

The rise of organic-inspired designs within interiors has given our spaces new and unique points of view. Unexpected forms can make for interesting talking points and divert the focal point of the room, all whilst adding an organic fluidity to our space.  

This trend has never been hotter than it is within home lighting. Here we’ve curated some of our favourite designs that we believe bring an organic flair to any space

Foscarini Lake Wall Light   Foscarini Nuee Suspension Light
Pictured above: Lake Wall Light and Nueé Suspension Light by Foscarini

The Lake Wall Light by Foscarini features a sinuous shape with a lipped edge that cleverly conceals its LED light source and cascades a soft glow across the glossy surface. Available in ivory for a cool casting, or red for a warm embrace — place the two next to one another for a contrasting impact. For a more sculpted look, the Nueé Suspension Light by Foscarini has an effortless cloud-like appearance made from shapeable bonded polyester fabric that seamlessly diffuses light.

Foscarini Gregg Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Velar Suspension Light
Pictured above: Gregg Suspension Light by Foscarini and Velar Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia

The Gregg Suspension Light by Foscarini is a rounded irregular shape appearing to float bubble-like in mid-air. The white blown-glass structure is supported by a metal suspension and diffuses a warm glow around your space. 

For a contemporary cluster, the Velar Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia is a geometric design reminiscent of wings, made from folded glass neatly concealing an LED strip in its fold. Grouping a few together brings to mind a flock of very abstract birds, in flight.

Cattelan Italia Nahun Suspension Light   Cattelan Italia Magellano Suspension Light
Pictured above: Nahun Suspension Light and Magellano Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia

For more linear fluid shapes the Nahun Suspension Light or the Magellano Suspension Light both by Cattelan Italia offer softly curved lacquered steel forms that seem to suspend unexpectedly in the air, casting light from cleverly placed LED strips. 

Whatever design best suits your space, these free-form and organic-inspired designs allow you to fuse your indoor space with the beauty of fluidity and surprise.


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