New Cattelan Italia Keramik

17 October 2015

Bring the latest Milan 2015 collections into your home. The Keramik collection by Cattelan Italia introduces four new finishes: Marmi Calcutta, Marmi Alabastro, Fokos Salt and Fokos Lead; ideal for anyone looking to add character to their dining room table.

The unique style of Keramik is a stunning example of the latest contemporary dining, offering a truly individual way to enjoy dining whilst still being practical and extremely hardwearing. Bold finishes are something we keep seeing this year and the use of marble tops throughout this collection is the perfect way to add a statement to an existing décor.

The Alabastro and Calcutta finishes offer classic design and add warmth to a room whilst the Fokos Salt and Fokos Lead finishes create a striking affect through the use of darker colours for anyone trying to create a more industrial dining space; these finishes will be a great addition!


The Keramik Collection features the Cattelan Italia Skorpio Keramik, Eliot, Giano and Elvis tables  which will bring interest and add a statement feature to your dining space. The Skorpio and Cattelan Italia Eliot are ideal for the more industrial look with their strikingly iconic metal bases. Whilst the Giano has a more organic form, its unique base complementing any of the four tops. The Elvis is a versatile table ideal for smaller spaces reflected by its pedi-stool base, adding a marble finish to this table would be the perfect addition to any small space whilst not overpowering it.

The Keramik Collection certainly incorporates Cattelan Italia’s ethos for beautiful finishes and striking designs.  


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