Mirror Mirror

Monday, 12 September 2016

Creative and decorative inspiration is revamping traditional notions of how mirrors should be used at home. An excellent component for enhancing light and creating the illusion of a bigger space, conventional silhouettes are being replaced with diverse shapes, sizes and compositions.

Juggling functionality Cattelan Italia have created Moment and Times, a collection of clocks infusing screen printed numerals with stainless steel hands and dial detail on a smoked mirrored face. This practical and visually engaging combination offers an impressive substitute for both mirror and clock.

                                          Pictured Above from Left to Right: Cattelan Italia Times Mirror, Hawaii Mirror and The Porada Triple Mirror

Oversize statement mirrors are essential to this trend, The Porada Triple Mirror lends inspiration from typical angled mirrors, composed of smaller mirrors intersected together to create one large display. The gaps between each section create a unique effect whilst the largely defined Canaletto Walnut frame alludes an artistic feel. Compositional structures act as another way in which to adorn walls with large displays, the beveled edged Hawaii Collection from Cattelan Italia is perfect example of how to create a unique arrangement by incorporating varying shapes and sizes.


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