Minimalism: Living Better With Less?

13 March 2017

Minimalism explores the concept in which the fewest and simplest elements in design are used to create maximum effect. Recently it has begun to manifest greater curiosity from those seeking an alternative lifestyle and a different philosophical perspective.

The recent popularity of ‘The Minimalists: A Documentary About The Important Things’ and social media, challenges nurturing the ‘urge to purge’ and clearly demonstrates the psychological benefits of minimal living.

The desire to maximise space and minimise possessions is greater than ever. The craving for a sense of clarity in our current social climate is heavily influencing interior trends, whilst living spaces are becoming significantly smaller due to financial restraints in urban areas.  Adopting a mindful approach to space and remaining conscious of our surroundings can offer a celebration of the objects we love and the value they bring into our lives.  By opting for the less is more philosophy, we focus on quality over quantity.


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