Luxury Eco Getaways

6 July 2022

Eco-consciousness has become much more than just a movement; it's part of our day-to-day. More of us are looking for ways we can enjoy life without having to compromise on our planet promises. Let's consider holidays; nowadays many luxury getaways not only deliver on sustainability, but will also inspire some new ways of eco-conscious living. Here are just a few that have piqued our interest. 

Jewting Surf, Sri Lanka - image shows pool at night with palm trees and sea   
Pictured above: Jewting Surf, Sri Lanka

Jewting Surf - Sri Lanka
Located on the eastern edge of this stunning teardrop island, Jewting Surf demonstrates just how simple and harmonious luxury and eco-tourism can be. The entire space features natural ventilation, harnessing the beauty of their climate to its full potential and minimising their carbon footprint, and is constructed of wood, palm leaves, and dried iluk grass so as to mirror the adjacent natural surroundings and not disturb the surrounding vegetation. Jewting is a jewel in the ecotourism sphere and one worth exploring. 

Soneva Kiri, Thailand - image shows aerial view   
Pictured above:  Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Soneva Kiri - Thailand
Creators of luxurious and sustainable resorts across the globe, Soneva is committed to crafting the best experiences in luxury and eco-tourism. Their Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand has specifically designed a Carbon Calculator to monitor the footprint of its operations. They are always considering new ways to be more environmentally conscious whilst combining their promise of luxury, as proven by the creation of their own organic garden which produces the freshest and most sumptuous of ingredients, all whilst minimising their carbon footprint by not importing produce over long distances. 

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador   
Pictured above: Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Mashpi Lodge - Ecuador
Bringing together the local community and environment to support a thriving getaway, Mashpi Lodge is the place to explore and discover the natural environment of Choco-Andean rainforest and its 400 species of bird, frogs, trees and endemic species. The construction of this resort was so carefully planned that not a single tree was removed, and the local residents of surrounding communities can be part of the shareholders scheme to help build a resort with sustainability at its core. 

Bambu Indah, Bali - Image shows 'Moonhouse'   
Pictured above: Bambu Indah, Bali

Bambu Indah - Bali
A jungle retreat with the luxury of a hotel service, Bambu Indah combines the vibrance and power of its natural jungle surroundings and fuses that with all the convenience of a hotel styled service complete with daily yoga classes and fine candlelit dining at the majestic Minang House which overlooks the river valley. The hand-carved teak houses and bamboo huts utilise the natural elements for their construction which is mirrored in the use of their naturally derived swimming pools. 

So we needn't compromise on our next getaway; we can combine luxury experiences with sustainable living while we're there.


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