Joyful Japanese Trends

14 February 2019

Organisation has gone mainstream. Following the success of her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo is continuing to influence millions of people across the globe through the well-received Netflix series, Tidying up With Marie Kondo.

By categorising belongings, Kondo's KonMari method encourages homeowners to establish items that ‘spark joy’ in order to determine what should be preserved. This innate organisational approach deeply rooted in Kondo’s homeland, coincides with a Japanese undercurrent that is running throughout interior trends, encouraging an era of consciousness and self-optimisation at home that can benefit our overall energy.


As pictured above: The Lime Living Wall System 009 from Lime Modern Living

Rejecting useless decor and excess clutter, Wall Systems from Lime showcase inner storage with a Japanese philosophy that favours beauty and simplicity through a cultivation of minimal lines. Continue to create a sense of satisfaction and clarity with furnishings that sit low to the ground, this evokes ‘Seiza’ - the formal Japanese sitting tradition observed throughout Tea Ceremonies as a method that encourages the connection of people to the earth.

Obsessing over the details can prompt a less is more look with a peaceful design aesthetic. For a soft visual impact, the texture of organic wood against a subdued colour palette will embrace the on-trend Wabi Sabi concept of celebrating the imperfections of materials in their rawest form.

A simple yet strong presence, tall, sleek and elegant botanicals are perfect for occupying freed-up space in a minimalist setting, while adding a soothing, naturally Zen finishing touch.


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