Indulge in these Top Hot Chocolates

9 February 2022

Hot chocolate is a drink that can feel like a comforting blanket of indulgence on a chilly day, to the young and old alike. Originally invented around 3000 years ago by the Mayans who drank it regularly, the hot chocolate has taken on many changes over the years, even being used medicinally to treat liver ailments, fever and stomach diseases.

Nowadays, a hot chocolate is somewhat of a treat, and one which we like to take our time over. So we’ve sought out some top hot chocolate selections for those with a sweet tooth.

Hot Chocolate with milk poured in   

Hotel Chocolat Milky Hot Chocolate is a family pleaser with its added milk lending a velvety texture and smooth creaminess. Served as chocolate flakes to melt into warmed milk, it’s fun to make too. 

Pump Street Drinking Chocolate is again made with chocolate flakes that melt away into hot milk, and this blend is made from 85% dark chocolate, harnessing notes of toffee, toasted walnut, and cocoa. This is one to keep for those special occasions when you want to simply sit back and enjoy. 

Chococo 70% Flaked Dark Chocolate is made by Dorset-based independent artisan chocolate brand Chococo and with a deep chocolatey flavour, this vegan friendly drink is sure to keep everyone wanting more — plus it comes in an easily recyclable cardboard package.

Bettys Hot Chocolate Caddy not only has an incredible flavour, but the aroma when you open the tin is divine. Famous Yorkshire-based Bettys cafes are known for their sweet treats, and this invention allows Venezuelan cocoa beans infused with Madagascan vanilla to do all the hard work. This chocolate even holds an Academy of Chocolate Gold Award for quality.

If all else fails and you can’t get your hands on any of these selections, why not experiment making your own hot chocolate creations? Warm up some milk (not letting it boil), and add your favourite chocolate treats. As a rule, dark chocolate works better as your milk will counteract any bitterness. Hotel Chocolat recommend a high cocoa content and a high cocoa butter content — as the cocoa butter adds a creamy texture. Grate, shave, or chop your chocolate as finely as you can before stirring into hot milk, tasting as you go. Finish off to drinking temperature with cream or cool milk.

Whipped Cream? Marshmallows? Chopped nuts? Sprinkles? Cinnamon? Even without any toppings — it’s easy to make, but very hard to beat a traditional hot chocolate.


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