How to Style Your Bedside Table

27 December 2023

The bedside table is a small yet essential piece of bedroom furniture that can have a big impact on your room’s overall aesthetics. How you style your bedside table can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of beauty and restfulness.

Cattelan Italia Julian Bedside Table   Porada Bayus Round Bedside Table
Pictured above: Julian by Cattelan Italia and Bayus Round by Porada

1. Choose the right table
The first step to a well-styled bedside table is selecting the right table itself. The Bayus Round by Porada and the Julian by Cattelan Italia are excellent choices if you appreciate Italian craftsmanship combined with unique up-to-the-minute shapes. 

2. Create a balanced look
Balance is key when it comes to interiors. Think about how much space you have and then start with a striking table lamp. Opt for a design that complements your overall bedroom décor but doesn’t take over the whole table.

Night Collection Curved Bedside Table   NIght Collection Symmetry Alta Open Bedside Table
Pictured above: Curved and Symmetry Alta Open by Night Collection

3. Personalise with décor items
Add a personal touch by incorporating decorative elements. A small potted plant or vase of fresh flowers can infuse life and colour into your space. The Curved bedside table from the Night Collection at Lime allows you to play with different decor styles, thanks to its soft lines and neutral tones.

4. Stay organised
Your bedside table also serves a practical purpose. Keep it organised by using a tray or small dish to corral items like your favourite books, reading glasses or a journal. The Night Collection's Symmetry Alta Open bedside table has a practical shelf for additional space.

Incorporating these tips into your bedside table styling will help to create a beautiful and functional bedroom space.


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