How to Choose a Rug

13 January 2023

Introducing a rug to your space is a great way of adding texture and warmth, and allows you to play with the dimensions and shapes in your room. Whilst the addition of a rug may seem like a simple move, you do need to consider what size, texture, shape, and depth will compliment your space, to ensure you are maximising its potential.

We’ve highlighted some simple rules to help you make the best rug selection to suit your needs. 

Fabula Humle Rug   Fabula Humle Rug
Pictured above: Humle by Fabula

Select the Size - Scale is everything so that's our first rule as a rug that’s too small in a larger space can actually make your room feel smaller. We recommend measuring your space and identifying a suitable rug size, the best way to do this is to consider the zone your rug will be covering. If it's in a living area then it needs to frame the coffee table well, and have enough space to put the front arms of your sofa or chairs on the rug itself so it brings the space together. Take the Humle Rug by Fabula, this hand woven rug is available in some great sizes that allow you to blanket the portion of space you need to without overdoing it.

For hallways, consider the shape and then ensure you leave at least 12 inches of flooring around the rug to make sure it enhances the space and doesn’t cover it entirely. For dining spaces, consider your dining room table — for spherical tables you will want to mirror this shape to extend the concept even further. Explore the Kimi Rug by Cattelan Italia with its velvet texture and pastel colourways pulled together in a classic rectangle or fully formed circular shape to help define those lines or curves in your room. 

Cattelan Italia Kimi Rug   Cattelan Italia Kimi Rug
Pictured above: Kimi by Cattelan Italia

Tones and Textures - A rug can be used to further contrast or compliment your existing design depending on what you want to do with it. Consider playing with tones or textures that can highlight your existing imprints. Consider your room being a sentence of words you have eloquently put together, with a rug being the underline on which the sentence sits. Take the Radja Rug by Cattelan Italia which features an industrial-style pattern in neutral and turquoise tones, perfect for bringing out more brassy sleek designs and linear finesse within your space. 

Cattelan Italia Radja   Cattelan Italia Radja
Pictured above: Radja by Cattelan Italia  

Practicality is Key - You can opt for the boldest and bravest designs, but ultimately functionality is important and with a rug you do need to consider comfort. It needs to feel right underfoot to make you feel at home. The Odin Rug by Fabula is a hand knotted rug made of New Zealand wool and linen on cotton warp for a soft and cushiony feel. Consider your comfort needs from a rug and test out with samples so you know what works well for you. 

Fabula Odin Rug   Fabula Odin Rug
Pictured above: Odin by Fabula

Working through these simple yet key steps will ensure that the rug you choose for your space does more than just provide you with some fabric underfoot. It will help shape your space, adding depth and texture to enhance your surroundings. 


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