Glorious Greens

15 March 2023

Green tones are making a rise in interiors this year and it’s no surprise that many designs have begun showcasing this invigorating colour; it can appear powerful and bold whilst also providing calming qualities. Introducing this into your own space can open up your interiors, and highlight their vibrance. As such, we've selected some designs that we believe showcase greens brilliantly. 

Calligaris Ines Chair Wood Legs   Connubia Tuka Chair Wood Legs
Pictured above: Ines Chair Wood Legs by Calligaris and Tuka Fabric Chair Wood Legs by Connubia Calligaris

The Ines Chair Wood Legs by Calligaris and the Tuka Fabric Chair Wood Legs by Connubia Calligaris both flourish in their deep emerald green finishes on their seats and backrests. Both designs contrast with solid wood frames that further enhance the rich jewel tones and help to bring the outdoors in. 

Cattelan Italia Tyron Table Kaindy Keramik   Cattelan Italia Tyron Table Kaindy Keramik
Pictured above: Tyron Table by Cattelan Italia

Also seen in current collections are table tops with a green nod to the beauty of nature. Explore the bold design aesthetic of Cattelan Italia's Kaindy ceramic design, seen here on the Tyron Table. It features earthy layers of warm greens rolling into one another through a fascinating granite pattern. 

Porada Berry Table   Porada Callisto Mix Coffee Table
Pictured above: Berry Table and Callisto Mix Coffee Table by Porada

The Berry Table by Porada and the Callisto Mix Coffee Table by Porada both utilise verdant Lapponia Green natural marble, featuring lush waves of dark and light leafy greens with no two pieces the same. 

Porada Jelly Side Table   Sits Vera Sofa
Pictured above: Jelly Side Table by Porada and Vera Sofa by Sits

Continuing the green in your living space, the Jelly Side Table by Porada features a bright and brilliant green cast glass table top that resembles an emerald jewel, adding a simple spherical design shape, but a bold and powerful tone for a striking statement. Lastly, of course you can also explore a plethora of greens on sofas and armchairs across the collection. The Sits Vera Sofa is seen in green Elyot fabric, ideal for introducing a gentle mid-green warmth to a room.


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