Glass Designs, Clearly Beautiful

30 June 2023

Glass, despite it's physical delicateness, has become a strong staple within our homes — adding dimension through the material's transparency and allowing for illusions that we wouldn’t be able to create without it. Many tables have truly unique legs or supporting structures that one would not fully enjoy through an opaque top; by utilising glass, we can appreciate the design in its entirety and from angles.

Porada Infinity Coffee Table   Porada Infinity Coffee Table
Pictured above: Infinity Coffee Table by Porada

The Infinity Coffee Table by Porada features a stunning swirling wood base structure that spirals up from a metal base ring and elevates up and around to support the circular glass table top. Available in a range of finishes to compliment your design needs.


Cattelan Italia Atari Coffee Table   Bontempi Casa Pagoda Coffee Table
Pictured above: Atari Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia and Pagoda Coffee Table by Bontempi Casa

The Atari Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia features a glass table top which allows you to gaze upon a unique wood criss cross base design. Comprising of eight wood legs that fan out to create a tipi-inspired shape, this base draws the eye and is a real talking point. The Pagoda Coffee Table by Bontempi Casa is a two tier glass design with opposing cut outs at the sides for easy accessibility to both levels. The upper tier comes in clear, smoked, or bronzed glass, whilst the lower tier comes in a contrasting glass, ceramic, or marble finish, allowing the depth of this design to shine through. 


Cattelan Italia Lancer Table   Cattelan Italia Lancer Table
Pictured above: Lancer Table by Cattelan Italia

If you are looking for more of an architectural look, the Lancer Table by Cattelan Italia features a bold sculptural base structure made up of four geometric shaped legs that intersect to create a statement focal point and support a sleek glass top.

Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table   Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table
Pictured above: Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italia

Similarly, the Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italia showcases an industrial-look lacquered metal base formed by four angular wing-like legs that meet in the centre, and their highest points support a pleasingly understated transparent glass top. 

We encourage you to play with new concepts and designs that allow you to take glass to its fullest potential — allowing those special design touches to shine through.


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