Future Trends: Escapism

3 October 2016

With 2017 fast approaching we are increasingly excited about interior trends to look forward to in the coming year.

Opposing open plan living and tiresome technology in favour of secluded relaxation spots, Escapism is a nourishing theme we are keen to embrace. The desire to create small nooks solely designed for relaxation is something that can be easily achieved without lengthy renovation.

Where space is abundant areas can be suitable sectioned off with the use of oversized bookcases. The Loft from Cattelan Italia is such an example which can be positioned centrally to create the illusion of a wall. Featuring a geometric maze of shelving for plentiful book storage, this is ideal for creating a dedicated reading spot devoid of digital distractions. Accentuate with decorative accessories to emphasise a relaxed theme.


Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Loft Bookcase from Cattelan Italia, Porada Cozy and Porada Opium Armchair

Room dividers provide a versatile and less committal solution to creating secluded spaces. The Stylish Porada Cozy is a unique feature composed of interlocked Canaletto Walnut C shapes. Designed to hang proudly on grey pewter ceiling hooks, once attached these can be locked or rotated depending on individual requirements. Create an intimate space tucked behind this impressive piece with oversize cushions and sumptuous seats such as the Porada Opium Armchair.


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