French Blue

18 October 2020

Many colour trends have come and gone recently — after the age of ‘Millennial Pink’, a brief flash of ‘Gen Z Yellow’; various Pantone Colours of the year including Ultra Violet, Living Coral, and this years Classic Blue — but a rising new colour trend has started to emerge.

Enter ‘French Blue’. Serving as a neutral with grey undertones, it is a fresh classic colour that works with every style. Whether you’re painting a whole room in it, or using it to compliment and accent, this classic colour will stand the test of time and look fresh for years to come.

Graham Brown Bluebird Matt Emulsion  Earthborn 'Bo Peep' Emulsion moodboard
Graham Brown 'Bluebird' Matt Emulsion, and Earthborn 'Bo Peep' Moodboard

The most popular way to utilise this colour at the moment is through the use of fabrics and textiles, allowing contrasting colours and tones to be used elsewhere, but there are also some great examples of how you can really utilise the colour on walls throughout the whole room. Cranberry Reds, Pale Yellows, Soft Greys and Creams all pair perfectly with this colour, and allow you to update the style in your room seasonally with ease, letting your space brighten up with cool yellows in summer, and then warm up and get cosy with deep reds in the winter — all without having to replace your base tone.

French Blue has been used for many years, and to see its revival into a mainstream trend showcases it as a truly timeless colour.


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