Foscarini: Art and Lighting Design Collide

5 January 2017

Lime Modern Living are excited to announce the addition of the contemporary lighting brand Foscarini to our product range.

Established in Venice in 1981, this award winning Italian brand have successfully crafted a cutting edge aesthetic through conceptually driven designs and experimentation of unconventional materials.

Outcomes derived both in-house and in collaboration with world-renowned designers have produced a unique collective where art and lighting design freely collide. The all encompassing fluid design of the Anisha Table Lamp demonstrates a mesmeric display both on and off, the intended focus on the absence of space is intensified by the incorporated lighting feature which acts to define this emptiness when illuminated.


Pictured from Left to Right: Foscarini Anisha Table Lamp and Aplomb Suspension Light

The Aplomb collection curiously celebrates the unconventional beauty of concrete, successfully redirecting our focus onto the highly textured allure of a typically rough and highly industrial medium. Available as a floor lamp, wall or suspension light this range offers a unique exploration into the creative possibilities that such unconventional materials can offer. Available in original grey, brown or a warm white, the Aplomb is the epitome of industrial trends we have seen dominate interior spaces.


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