Experimental Interiors: Print and Patterns

10 October 2016

Shifting away from neutral colours and single prints; future interiors are taking an experimental turn, favouring creative and eclectic fusions of contrasting colours and patterns.

Appealing directly to the dramatic nature of this theme, the innovative and vibrant Bonaldo have released a visually elaborate range as part of their 2016 collection.

Mixing bold colours with contrasting geometric prints the Doppler Sideboard creates the illusion of overlapping surfaces; an ambiguous design used to disguise a unique asymmetrical front opening. Available in two sizes the low version features fuchsia pink hues which Bonaldo have boldly demonstrated in juxtaposition with oxide red walls to create a dramatic space with a warm intensity. The monochromatic high version contains bursts of yellow that sit comfortably alongside mustard trends.


Pictured above from left to right: The Doppler Low Sideboard, Coffee Table and High Sideboard from Bonaldo

The Doppler Coffee Table will take centre stage in your living space. Available in four set pattern combinations it can be used to subtly introduce a provocative and texturising element to more neutral colour schemes such as greys and lilacs, the surface injects a creative feel without being overtly aggressive.


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