Divine Lighting

3 October 2022

The beauty and craft of glassblowing has recently been highlighted thanks to the success of popular glassblowing television shows and an ongoing trend in artisan skills. We’ve seen this magnification within interiors too, with lighting designs harnessing the trend and allowing new forms and shapes to take the lead. Here we’ve selected some of our favourite forms, all made from beautiful blown borosilicate glass. 

Bontempi Casa Spark Suspension Light   Bontempi Casa Blow Suspension Light
Pictured above: Spark and Blow by Bontempi Casa

The Spark Suspension Light by Bontempi Casa is a radiating design featuring 'flat' glass diffusers that extend from a central brass frame. This design highlights the delicacy of glass and just how well its spherical forms can replicate bubbles. Similarly, the Blow Suspension Light by Bontempi Casa features a glass pendant complete with an inner glass diffuser that sits slightly lower than the outer glass creating a truly unique form.

Cattelan Italia Coimbra Light   Cattelan Italia Baban Light
Pictured above:  Coimbra and Baban by Cattelan Italia 

Also playing with layered elements, the Coimbra Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia highlights a lacquered bell in a choice of metallic colour inside a smooth transparent glass outer.

In a highly decorative design, the Baban Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia features six stacked glass diffusers of mixed rounded shapes, showcasing clear, smoked, and orange glass. 

Cattelan Italia Circuit Light   Cattelan Italia Biarritz
Pictured above: Circuit and Biarritz by Cattelan Italia

Or take the Circuit Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia which features eight lampshades varying in size and glass, suspended on a titanium embossed lacquered steel frame, creating a unique and carefully balanced design. 

Bordering on an art installation, the stunning Biarritz Suspension Light by Cattelan Italia features a blend of glass spheres, cylinders, and rings, that all perfectly balance and hang to form a composition that creates a truly high end and bold aesthetic. 

Wherever lighting is considered within your space, don’t overlook the true beauty and design prowess that glass designs lend it — celebrate this material and its craftsmanship with some truly divine inspirations. 


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