Design for Wellbeing at Home

19 September 2022

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, places where we feel the most comfortable and can unwind from the stresses of the outside world. For many of us, creating those harmonious spaces is key, but some may struggle with where to start.  Introducing the wrong colours, lighting, or even accessories, can result in the energy of a space actually doing the opposite of what we want. Here we have highlighted some top tips on how to create a harmonious, relaxing space to help improve your wellbeing at home. 

Farrow & Ball 'Mizzle' Paint   Dr Vanjes Firenze Rosso Nobile Reed Diffuser
Pictured above:  'Mizzle' Paint by Farrow & Ball and Rosso Nobile Reed Diffuser by Dr Vranjes Firenze

  • Colour is Key - Selecting the right colours for your space is critical to how you feel within a room as colour gives off its own energy and adds a vibration to the room. For a truly harmonious and relaxing environment, selecting calming colours such as sage greens or dusty blues can work well — and keep accessories muted in pearly whites and soft beiges to ensure no colour clashing distracts from the zen you are sculpting. 
  • Extend your Space's Senses - Introducing senses into your space can help create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Luxury room diffusers such as Rosso Nobile by Dr Vranjes Firenze allow you to harness the power of scent to whisk your senses away from the outside world. Playing soothing music through a non-intrusive and natural speaker design such as the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay 49 will focus your mind on the here and now. 

Beoplay 49 Speaker by Bang & Olufsen   Foscarini Spokes Suspension Light
Pictured above:  Beoplay A9 Speaker by Bang & Olufsen and Spokes Suspension Light by Foscarini

  • No Bright Lights - We all know why office spaces tend to have lots of natural light or keep bright overhead lighting on all day — it helps keep us awake and engaged. At home when we want to rest, we need to turn down the lights and sink into the shadows a little. Having lighting that you’re able to dim allows you to control what mood you want to create, and ensuring it is placed strategically around the room so as not to flood your space with light will also allow you to create smooth curves and shapes with shadows — thus cocooning you even further into your safe haven. 

However you choose to dress your sanctuary space, make sure you can truly feel yourself letting go and unwinding; you’ll find you not only sleep better as a result, but you’ll be able to focus on more throughout the day too. 


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