Decluttering; the new Spring Cleaning

3 May 2022

Many of us spent time over the last few years re-organising our spaces and clearing out the clutter that we don’t need, but now that life as we know it has resumed to as much normality as is possible, we may find ourselves amassing clutter once again. 

With this in mind, we’ve seen some brilliant decluttering tips that we’re bringing to you so that you can bring this new way of spring cleaning to your own home — and ready it for those all important summer socials. 

'Keep things simple'. 8953965 image by Brett Jordan on Pexels   

  • Make a Plan - You need to ensure that you don’t try to tackle too much at once, so sit down, make a list of all the areas that need attention and then break it down into the week. So for example: Monday — Bathroom, Tuesday — Kitchen, and so on…
  • Tick Things Off - Break down your plan even further into more manageable tasks such as ‘Clear Bathroom Organiser’ and then ‘Clear Bathroom Cupboards’ and tick these tasks off as you go along; you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you tick things off and it will keep you motivated on the larger tasks. 
  • Declutter, don’t Tidy - Decluttering means being smart about what we need and what we don’t, so don’t simply move things from one cupboard to another — really ask yourself if the item has a purpose and will it get used, and then decide whether to keep it or not. If you were to keep everything then you may as well just do a big tidy up and be done with it! This instead is to help clear your space and mind. 
  • Decide What Goes Where - Anything being kept goes straight to its 'home'. Your unwanted items don’t just need to go to landfill; you may no longer need an item but that doesn’t mean noone will. We recommend having a ‘charity shop’ box for items to go to charity, ‘items to sell’ for items that could be in demand and then the rest can be disposed of responsibly. 
  • Take Photos - We highly recommend that once your space is decluttered you take photos of everywhere in its best form. You can then look back at them when things start getting cluttered again and it will help motivate you to keep it clear.

So get those rubber gloves on, label some boxes, and instead of just cleaning this spring, declutter; you'll be glad you did.


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